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Blizzard Employee
Update 1/24 - These migrations have completed. Thanks everyone.

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Update 1/21 - We've extended the availability of these transfers until Friday, January 24, at 10:00 a.m. PST. The announcement blog has been updated. Please be aware that early closure is still a possibility if the destination realms fill up.

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Update 1/21 - We monitored transfers throughout the weekend and have seen a healthy amount of characters being moved over to new destination realms. The announcement blog is also once again live. We're looking at the possibility of extending transfers due to the early technical issues, but are waiting to see tonight's peak concurrency before making that call.

- -

Update 1/16 - We've managed to resolve the "under maintenance" message for most, but are still investigating cases where it's still not available. Some people have found that this is a browser issue, and using a different browser or clearing browser cache (Ctrl+F5 for most browsers) may remove the message. Please also ensure you have character eligible to be transferred on the Source realms below.

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Update 1/15 - While Free Character Migrations opened this morning as planned, the page to initiate a transfer is currently and inexplicably inoperable, displaying a maintenance message. We're continuing to investigate the cause, but don't have a current estimate for when the FCMs will be available. We'll provide an update and re-post the announcement on the front page of the site once they are, though.

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We'll be offering Free Character Migrations next week for realms currently seeing high queue times at login. Those looking to avoid waiting to log in can take advantage of the free transfers to a set destination realm.

We're targeting the middle of next week for these Free Character Migrations to become available, and they'll remain open for approximately one week, or until a destination realm fills up. If you're looking to transfer with others we recommend setting up plans early to avoid any stragglers being left behind.

Source -> Destination

Area 52 --> Turalyon
Stormrage --> Turalyon

Tichondrius --> Blackrock
Illidan --> Blackrock

Bleeding Hollow --> Korgath
Darkspear --> Korgath
Edited by Bashiok on 1/24/2014 12:03 PM PST
100 Blood Elf Death Knight
If the forum complaints are any indication, this should be popular...
90 Gnome Warlock
Watch no one use them, then come back and whine about not getting them.
100 Night Elf Hunter
Great, Area 52...should be fun for us from Turalyon...not.
55 Dwarf Death Knight
Watch no one use them, then come back and whine about not getting them.

Think Positive!
90 Gnome Warlock
Watch no one use them, then come back and whine about not getting them.

Its what makes the world go round.
100 Human Warrior
Good riddance, excess Stormrage population.
90 Pandaren Rogue
Will migrations be limited to 1 character or are you able to move all your characters?
100 Troll Hunter
01/10/2014 05:33 PMPosted by Trixye
Watch no one use them, then come back and whine about not getting them.

Everyone's just hoping someone else will leave.
93 Worgen Warlock
no 1 from stormrage will xfer mark my words
8 Worgen Druid
I think it's be hilarious if you just merged Area 52 with Stormrage.
90 Human Death Knight
finally. no more 20 minute ques -_-
100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Brace yourselves, the transfer-ins are coming.

Just a note to the trolls from A52, you may not want to come over: Turalyon has a low tolerance for being total jerks. Everyone else, welcome to the show.
90 Troll Hunter
so why not have the options like the eu where there are multiple destinations to choose from?
90 Orc Warrior
Area 52 to Turalyon a Human Hero? No thanks.

Why not give us a choice? For example: Area 52 to Turalyon or Frostwolf.
55 Dwarf Death Knight
Will migrations be limited to 1 character or are you able to move all your characters?

You can move 1 or all; whatever you want. The transfers are free as long as you do it in the allotted time.
90 Gnome Warlock
no 1 from stormrage will xfer mark my words

Then they'll come to the forums complaining, about queues...
100 Night Elf Monk
These are great news for those facing long long queues. Even if they transfer their red headed steptoon, it's a start. One friend brings another etc. Hope it improves current situation.
93 Worgen Warlock
offer free guild xfer too!!!!!!!
90 Worgen Hunter
Everyone will be hoping everyone else goes, and no one will go...
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