What is Archangel for now?

1 Human Priest
I'm completely confused about what Blizzard's goal with this is. It's current incarnation has to be an oversight. Smite healing is dead so why would we smite while healing? I guess if the content is really easy, but then why on Earth do we need a terrible mana return mechanic and +15% healing for 18 seconds on easy content??? The whole disc tree makes no sense at all, the new things- evangelism, archangel, and atonement all make no sense at all except for maybe leveling or when you are overgeared running instances. How can we get excited about that?
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100 Dwarf Priest
It needs tweaking. The 15% mana return was a little too good, and myself and others were worried that disc (and holy) priests would become balanced around having to smite or suffer severe mana problems. But now that Blizzard seems to have stated it is strictly optional, it seems underwhelming. Which is a shame for something that Blizzard clearly put so much work into.
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It is for leveling. Maybe for pvp but that's a stretch (want to go offensive as a Priest in PVP? try Mana Burn). Also possibly for when you overgear your 5 mans and have nothing better to do.

The reason it isn't just a simple "your smites hit harder" talent is so that it is attractive to Shadow.
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You assume that Disc must use Evangelism-->Archangel to heal. The heals are balanced around shields, that's why they hit for less. You've succeeded in outlining why it is probably a bad idea to smite as disc for most progression fights nicely, though.
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you're not supposed to keep archangel up all the time or even on cooldown

this is a mana return mechanic, smite during low damage times or right after you throw a shield on the tank, if you get more than one then good for you pop angel, get some +healing and mana back

Attonement is only to there so you can keep healing while building stacks, it's not our main heal right now

The mechanic works like it should, it's a stretch to get 5 in a raid environment usually but any +mana is helpful and the +healing is nice as well.
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85 Human Priest
I've given up on the Smite spec. It looked attractive when it returned mana, but it seems to be pointless in it's current form.

I've been Disc. for years now but finally made the switch to Holy. I may switch back to non-Smite Disc. but for the moment at least Holy seems to make more sense.
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85 Goblin Rogue
Why aren't there threads like this for reflective shield? It's equally useless for raiding disc priest, and simply skipped. This talent is no different. Cute wings, but useless. and LOL at priests going holy because of 4.0, so the new talents aren't OMG AMAZING, what's there is still a VERY viable option that allows us to thrive at the same thing we thrived at prior to 4.0, preventing damage, removing diseases/magic effects and spot healing.

The 10sec damage reduction on barrier seems like an improvement, smiting to heal? that was gimmicky from the start anyway. No different then giving my rogue a dps boost if I bandaid someone mid raid.
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90 Tauren Druid
We don't comment on Reflective Shield because it's evolved into a PvP talent. We're all okay with damage not reflecting in PvE. Damage not passively reflecting =/= a talent that was overhyped, situational at best, and is now disappointing. I think we all expect to have to use it in Cat for the mana return, assuming mana is as tight as Blizz wants it to be, so it'd be nice if it wasn't such a PITA to weave in.

Me, I'm using it (for now) for the gloriously awesome wings that appear. They're beautiful.
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87 Blood Elf Priest
Wings are fun, Smiting multiple times to get them is pretty much impossible in any situation where the bonus healing throughput would be useful. The healing version simply doesn't work as it is constructed currently.
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85 Tauren Priest
Smite healing feels weak because it's a parallel to Heal. It's not supposed to substitute for all your healing spells. And, as Jajie mentioned, wings are fun. =P

Reflective Shield is a worthless talent at this point. Things die too fast while leveling for it to be of any value, and the amount of damage relative to total health will be so insignificant at 85 as to be comical. I wish they'd remove it so that the people who don't follow the forums/patches so much stop wasting points in it thinking it affects all their Shields. =[
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85 Human Priest
You don't have to use smite heals in Cata, but you will have to at least use Heal in Cata. The days of big shields and Fheals whenever you wanted them are over.

Cast smite when you would otherwise use 'heal' on someone in melee range, and pay attention to how long you have on your evang stacks. One thing noone is pointing out b.c of how fixated folks are on the mana nerf to AA - which frankly is part and parcel with regen nerfs to all healers - is the synergy potential with Prayer of Healing.

AA + PoH is now a guranteed 15% extra healing done with an additional 5% to DAs, as DA on POH is guaranteed as of patch day. If you time that right, that extra 20% output on that spell for 18 seconds can save deaths during periods of huge raid damage.

The fact that you get any mana back at all from a smite heal, while you get none back from a heal, will be very rewarding. This mechanic is already very powerful in certain wotlk fights, like PP or Sindy-HM. Both fights have downtime followed by huge bursts of damage and it can be highly beneficial to time your wings for the latter portion of the encounters.

Another thing to consider is how crappy the alternatives are to using the 5 points for atonement. There's a talent where your heal reduces the WS duration by like a second, which is virtually useless since shields won't absorb for much anymore. There's one where GHeal, which you'll only seldom use, lowers the CD on IFocus - hardly a gamechanger.

This mechanic raises the skill ceiling for Disc. So many of us enjoyed being an op faceroll class that could produce dominant output as long as we didn't die. I think that introducing this new somewhat complex mechanic is kindof like a glass of water landing on your face during a nap. We've had it too easy for too long.

But this mechanic produces results if you weave it in gradually or spam it during an encounter's downtime. And to answer the question in the subject line: AA introduces strategy to a spec that previously featured jamming one button!

Just use this magic macro, and you don't even have to change targets when you use this:
/cast [harm][target=targettarget,harm] smite

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85 Night Elf Priest
Just like Darkangel and Nyquil stated, this is a mechanic designed for mana back as well as having increased healing during that time. Everyone else seems to be missing this. Every boss fight in this game has some good 5 seconds where you are not needing to heal as much. This downtime is where this talent Evangelism+Archangel comes into play. For example, Sindragosa during P2 (Air phase), you should not even need to heal especially on heroic b/c no one is taking dmg. While watching the Ice Bombs and moving according, you could be smiting and getting mana back. It also gives you a boost in healing so when healing on Sindragosa picks up, it will be easier to manage in that time period of your Archangel.

If you are using smite to heal, then you are doing it wrong. Atonement is there for the sole purpose to provide heals while you are building evangelism.

Furthermore, why does everyone assume its only for disc? Yes, disc is the only specc that can use it at this 80, but at 85, this mechanic is huge for Shadow as increased dmg. Even Holy who's mana pool is much harder to manage should grab Evangelism+Archangel. Every priest should have Evangelism+Archangel. Also, at 85, don't assume your mana will be infinite, you will need these mana returns and this mechanic tests the healer for their mana returns.

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85 Draenei Shaman
It's to make you look awesome in boss kill screenshots.
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16 Gnome Warlock
It's really just a shadow priest talent, but there wasn't room in the shadow tree for it.
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85 Tauren Priest
Just like Darkangel and Nyquil stated, this is a mechanic designed for mana back as well as having increased healing during that time. Everyone else seems to be missing this.

If you are using smite to heal, then you are doing it wrong. Atonement is there for the sole purpose to provide heals while you are building evangelism.

From Ghostcrawler:
There is an optional Discipline build where you take Atonement/Archangel and you can use Smite on the tanked target, and have higher HPS than if you just chain Heal the tank. This isn’t always optimal, as Atonement heals the lowest health target (which could be a Rogue standing in a fire), but that’s not always such a bad thing in Cataclysm’s environment where the MT doesn’t have to be spam healed. That said, we think it is interesting gameplay unique to the Disc priest.

Looks like GC's "doing it wrong." =P
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85 Troll Priest
It's to make you look awesome in boss kill screenshots.

But you have to smite something to get it going. Have to hope there are critters running around.
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100 Night Elf Priest
If they buff Evangal to last 30 seconds per refresh I would then consider it. As of now I can not maintain 5 stacks if @%@# hits the fan making the 15pct bonus useless since I can't trigger it.

Lasting 30 seconds would allow an actual weave of the spell and I would take it instead of Reflective Shield.

For now, I will continue shield spam and heal with SoS to reduce WS on my target.
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the only possible use for archangel is raid healing, thats why it gives a substantial buff to healing output, 15%. thats a huge increase to use when needed. except you cant because when healing is required you cant smite 5 times. if you cast 5 smites you are rewarded 5% mana return...my racial is better than that and doesnt require me to spend mana to get some back. smiting for mana return is a HUGE waste.

I think leveling makes much more sense for the holy side of the talent, especially with the numbers as they currently are, as opposed to endgame PVE.

They needed a few leveling talents for healers so there's still healers queuing up for dungeons before level 40, and something for Shadow to spend points on in another tree that wasn't completely worthless.

Also, I was aware of the GC quote, but I have a feeling they weren't liking where people were going with disc. Some people saying you HAD to heal that way was not what they had in mind, and they couldn't figure out how to get the two sides to even out. So they nerfed it into a leveling talent and called it a day.
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