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86 Night Elf Priest
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In addition to posting a basic character biography here, Sentinels has Sentinelswiki (dot) net and WowRPfiction (dot) net. The Wiki is great for adding much more detailed background information on a character page, even making multiple pages to cross-link information about guilds, families, and more. The RP Fiction site is great for both storing a basic character biography (even just a copy of this) as well as any RP writings. It can even include links to drawings and/or screenshots.

The basic original format of the Character Biography here (though no field is mandatory - use what applies, add what's needed):



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Combat Tactics:

Phobias and Weaknesses:

Pet Peeves:

Special Possessions:


Brief History:

Try (though it's not always possible) to keep it to a single reply - the character limit seems to be 5000 here. A link to one's page on the Wiki or story(ies) on the RP Fiction site would be a much better way to give more detail.

(( NOTE: If you don't have an account on either of the mentioned sites, one can be created. The Wiki allows registration. The RP Fiction site requires emailing me -- at Eilethalua (at) wowRPfiction (dot) net to create an account - as a stop-gap to kill the spambot infestation. ))
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85 Goblin Shaman
*cracks knuckles*

Name: Peredhel Raincry
Race: Trelf (Troll/Quel'dorei halfbreed)
Gender: Male
Class: Death Knight
Age: Mid-twenties.

Occupation: House husband and father.
Languages: Orcish, awkward Zandali and very little Thalassian.
Alignment: Fabulous.


Physical description: Tall, though unlike other male Trolls seen in the Horde, he stands straight-backed. Long blue hair is kept back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, sometimes braided by his wife. Since his death, his skin has become a sickly pale green, tainted by decay. A slightly open axe wound mars his forehead. (Accurate portrait on his wiki.)

Personality: Quiet, preferring to listen mostly but has proved to be able to go on tangents when provoked. Has a slightly flamboyant nature.

Skills: He has a wicked amazing fashion sense.

Combat Tactics: No.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Spiders. Nowadays he's worried about decaying to nothingness and maintaining the rot. Weaknesses? Derusilla and their children. And going shopping with her.

Pet Peeves: Pessimistic Sin'dorei.

Special Possessions: Wedding ring and the memories he still has.

Origin/Birthplace: Unknown.

Brief History:

Plans for Cataclysm?: Ohohoho, yes.
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85 Goblin Rogue
Name: Raija
Race: Darkspear Troll
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue
Age: 17

Occupation: Professional brat and stoner.
Languages: Poor Orcish, Zandali
Alignment: Vol'jin.

Physical description: Stands at 6' 8" (hunched over) with the lanky body type of jungle Trolls. His most distinct feature is his obnoxiously bright magenta mohawk. War paint is always applied to his face. Trollish runes have been carved in to his tusks. When he smiles, several teeth are missing from his grin. Burn scars litter his face starting from the right side and spread to the left. Though not horribly scarred, they're not pretty.

Personality: Loud, offensive, and probably hates you. Raija has a reputation for expressing his opinion whether it's desired or not, and in ways that aren't always socially acceptable. Is more inclined to be mellow and friendly to other Darkspear, though not always the case.

Skills: Getting in trouble and drying Zangarmarsh mushrooms for consumption.

Combat Tactics: Sneak up on it and stab until it's dead. Then take its possessions or skin it.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Abandonment.

Pet Peeves: Snooty Sin'dorei and being told to respect an authority that isn't Vol'jin or Thrall.

Special Possessions: None.

Origin/Birthplace: Born on the Echo Isles.

Brief History: Raija was raised on the Echo Isles, then Sen'jin Village when they were forced off the islands. His parents disappeared when he was ten years old - much later, when he grew older, he discovered they had come under Zalazane's control. He was outcasted by his friends when it was known that he enjoyed a male's company rather than a woman. Becoming independent after the loss of his friends and his parents, he set out to rely on only himself and his daggers.

He has a mate, the rogue Tash'ki.

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85 Troll Hunter
Name: Yun’Jin Bloodtalon
Race: Darkspear Troll
Gender: Male
Class: Hunter
Occupation: Chef, Leatherworker, Batrider of the Darkspear, Grunt of the Horde, Freelance Mercenary
Age: (equivalent to the human age of 30)
Languages: Zandali / Orcish
Alignment: Neutral/Good

Physical description: His chiseled brow is only superseded by his well maintained white ivory tusks. His red eyes seem to dwindle with a certain sadness and unquenchable anger, an anger and sadness that never goes misdirected. Little care seems to be taken with his hair, which stands alone in a strange crimson Mohawk save for 3 braids with beads of earthen colors. His ears are adorned with small piercing of gold and bone in traditional Darkspear rite of passage. He has a small tuft of well-kept crimson hair on his chin. His stance and swagger suggest a far gentler soul than his face foretells. His forearms are noticeably scarred from the taming of beasts at an early age.

Personality: Above all he is chipper yet abrasive. He's rarely completely sober and rarely drunk. He'd prefer you to think him dull and unintelligent, and would respect those that know better.

Skills: Slow in his progress to mimic the speech of the other races but skilled in his bird calls and beast vocalizations... Many a victim has fallen before him simply for underestimating his faculties. Eye sight, hearing and scenting all honed from the beasts he tracks. His true skill lies with the bow. Experienced Skinner, Leatherworker, Fisherman and Chef.

Combat Tactics: Ranged attacks, Traps, Deception, Misdirection, and Cunning.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Has a fear of Bad Voodoo. Antics of the Twilight's Hammer cult have him worried. Has a weakness for Draenei, Night Elf and Troll Women.

Pet Peeves: Hates when enemies chip his tusks. Carries a hatred of Quillboar, Murlocs, Gnomes and Centaur.

Special Possessions: A compass that points in no particular direction for very long, a Gnomish Multi-purpose tool, his Trophy Amani Armor and Batrider Armor. He is rarely seen without a few flasks of Frog Venom Brew and a parcel of Spicy Crawdad.

Origins/Birthplace: Born on an Island in the Great Sea, He escaped the island's destruction with his family during the Orcish Exodus from the Eastern Kingdoms.

Brief History: Veteran of the Burning Crusade, Scourge Invasion and Northrend Campaign.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Name: Ser Edgthorn Asteris
(Notes about Edg's name: 'Ser' ='White, pale'. Edgthorn = 'Silent'.These words are all Thalassian, which is the Highbourne language.)

Race: Night Elf
Gender: Male
Age: Roughly 4000 years old, give or take.
Class: Druid
Occupation: Troublemaker, Officer of the Servitors of Lothar.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Physical description: Edgthorn is a fit, well-muscled, middle-aged Night Elf. He is short for his people, a mere 5'10". Most other Night Elves - even women - tower over him. His face is handsome and slightly cruel. He bears most of his scars from fighting on his arms and shoulders; a haze of crisscrossing white scars that vary in age and width. He is missing the middle finger of his right hand, a fact he usually disguises with gloves.
His hair is a dark blue-black, heavily threaded with grey at the temples.

His mannerisms betray a soldierly origin. His Darnassian is archaic and formal, and his Common is still thickly accented. He has obviously learned it only recently.

Personality: Arrogant and prideful, Edgthorn has learned to rein in his temper and observe those around him. He's known for his barbed wit, and seems to relish causing strife. Despite these tendencies, he has proven himself a fairly competent officer, and has been promoted several times within the Servitors.

Skills: Edgthorn puts his despised druid skills to good use identifying herbs and plants, and taking the useful parts from animals he has killed. Most of this he sells at a profit. He has most of the skills of a domestic servant, including the ability to anticipate people's actions. He is capable of singing and playing his father's harp, but rarely does so. Edgthorn was trained as a common soldier in his youth. He can assemble, disassemble, clean, and fire rifles and other weaponry, but - again - rarely does so.

Combat Tactics: Fight him and see.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Like most Night Elves, Edgthorn was raised with a fairly xenophobic outlook regarding the 'sub-elven' races. He has, in the past three years, thoroughly deconstructed his prejudices and is married to a human woman, Philomene Asteris ( nee Declan), of the Servitors of Lothar.

Pet Peeves: Arrogant behaviour ( other people. It's just fine when he does it!)

Special Possessions: His father's harp.

Origin: Edgthorn is one generation removed from the War of the Ancients. His parents were originally Highbourne, but turned to fight alongside Malfurion, swearing an oath to eschew magic. Edgthorn always resented this abandonment of his 'true' heritage. He grew up arrogant and bitter, with a talent for sowing strife. After a few years of lawless banditry in his youth, he was forcibly conscripted into the Emerald Dream, in the hope that Druid training would 'straighten him out' and cure his delinquent tendencies. Shan'do Nikus Dawnstar was his mentor within the Dream, and spoke for him after his desertion.

Edgthorn today is only an indifferent Druid, but he is a skilled fighter and a cunning manipulator. His bitterness towards his own people still festers underneath a cool, collected demeanor.

Recent History: Edgthorn is currently attached to the fighting unit known as the Servitors Of Lothar, run by the Death Knight Maikel Garravore. Previously, he spent the better part of a year employed as a butler and all-purpose servant at the Golden Veil, a 'pillow-house' in the human city of Stormwind.
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100 Gnome Warlock
Name: Ikinai Hightinker
Race: Gnome
Gender: female
Age: As if
Class: Warlock
Occupation: technically a Tailor, much prefer murderous mini-rampager
Languages: Gnomish, common, and that weird demonic scribbly stuff big blue talks (doesn't translate well to common)

Alignment: neutral (with a hint of evil, just enough to keep things interesting )

Physical description: Short, quite short with the cute little pink hair done up on the sides, yep that's me. I prefer some nice coordinated separates to the traditional robes offered to the warlock community, but hey what ya gonna do.

Personality: A bit quiet, but sassy none the less. I enjoy placing a curse on anything that moves, if I think I can get a way with it and not have to use a soulstone.

Skills: I can jump higher than 2 inches off the ground, really that's quite a skill for a gnome. Other more interesting skills would be making clothes for myself, enchanting and disenchanting, I love taking magic items apart just so nobody else can use it, that's really why I learned how to enchant things.

Combat Tactics: Well, I am trying new things. Hurling large shadowy bolts, some weird bolty thing too. Pretty much that, curse em and hearse em.

Phobias and Weaknesses: I have a phobia of Elekks , really they are just too big for in city use, how can you possibly ride them through town and still see us little gnomes. My weakness is shopping, how on Azeroth am I supposed to pay for training when there's a perfectly good staff for sale in the auction house? Okay, so I don't NEED a new staff, but it just looks really nice with my outfit.

Pet Peeves: Where are all the gnomish wines? Could somebody please stock some of them? Everyone else has they're drinks for sale, why no love for the gnomes?

Special Possessions: I had a necklace my parents gave me for leaving the house (getting bribed to leave more like it) now it's just some strange dust I used to enchant a robe that I have since turned into lesser magic essence.

Origin: Gnomeregan. No really. We used to have a shop, well a fishing rod and reel shop, my Papa makes em. And then Mama had a sweets and fish shop. She would cook up all kinds of fishy treats and sweets. Ever had deep fried ice cream and firecracker salmon?
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100 Human Warrior
Name: Todar Otar
Race: Human
Gender: If you can't tell by looking
Class: pfft class if for.. Oh Warrior
Age: Retirement age

Occupation: Protector
Languages: Common
Alignment: I guess neutral

Physical description: Still look good considering my age thank you

Personality: Cautious, he is more of a listener than a talker as used to taking orders, so he doesn't speak much

Skills: Worked the mine in Westfall in his younger days, also can craft Swords, armor, and some shields

Combat Tactics: Run up an hit with a really big shield, an sword

Phobias and Weaknesses: Coffee, He is like a junkie on crack

Pet Peeves: Idiots. An any idiot who thinks Arthas was cool

Special Possessions: The necklace his wife gave him on his birthday.

Origin/Birthplace: Stratholme

Brief History: Not much to say here, born in Stratholme, worked in Westfall, Served in the Stormwind army, Retired, served a stint with the Stormwraiths, now I make my home at a bar in Ironforge
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85 Human Warlock
Name: Ravine Lunaletha Mhenlo
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Warlock
Age: 28
Occupation: Alchemist, Researcher
Languages: Common
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical description: Short for a human at 5' with a lanky frame to match. With brown hair and eyes to match, she doesn't appear to be someone who would stand out in a crowd; the only distinct feature she has visible are a few tiny, vein-shaped scars that snake up the left side of her face. She also bears four scars that run from the left side of her neck down to her right collarbone. However, it seems as though those injuries have begun to heal over—the white scars nearly blending in with her pale skin.

Hanging around her neck are a pair of dogtags, hung with a silver chain. Her right hand is adorned with what appears to be a large piece of metallic jewelry—though in truth, it's actually a gauntlet. Composed of threads from various metals that have been interwoven carefully to form metallic braids and green gems hanging as decoration, it could easily pass as an elven trinket.

Ravine favors high-collar robes over most forms of clothing; rarely will she wear anything different.

Personality: Though kind, she generally she keeps her distance from most people. She'd much rather blend into the crowd, than stand out. Generally reserved, those that know her well enough find out that she can be an emotionally-driven, stubborn young woman.

Skills: A skilled herbalist and alchemist who specializes in mixing elixirs. And although not a terribly skilled warlock when it comes to the practical, she's quite knowledgeable of her craft—often acting as a sort of encyclopedia for those unfamiliar with the fel; the only thing she doesn't understand very well is demonology lore.

Combat Tactics: Ravine's strength lies in her ability to channel and harness fel energy into a destructive force—manipulating it into forms of shadow or fel-flame that she hurls at her opponents.

However, such strengths are not without their downsides...

Phobias and Weaknesses: Ravine still fears the day when fel corruption takes hold of her permanently. She also fears death; fully aware that her afterlife will not be a pleasant one.

Pet Peeves: Other warlocks.
Special Possessions: None

Origin/Birthplace: Born in Duskwood, her biological parents were unable to care for her due to their fugitive status. As a result, Ravine was eventually given to, and raised by a foster family in a town that is now known as Darkshire.

Brief History: Over the past five years, Ravine has made a name for herself amongst the Alliance—for good or for ire.

She was a former Chancellor for the famed Alliance military unit; the Retribution of Arathor. After being with the military group for nearly a year, Ravine went into a self-imposed exile for a few months after stepping down due to political pressure from the House of Nobles, which oddly coincided with the trial and sentencing of Retribution Commander Rhonis Lighthand for treason against the Alliance. When she resurfaced, she became a part of the Alliance research organization, Ordo Complector, which based itself within Ironforge and Winterspring. Although she enjoyed her time there, she suddenly withdrew from Ordo a month before the ships began to sail to Northrend.

There were rumors at first that the warlock had committed acts of murder in Alliance lands during the chaos of the second Plague of Undeath. Eventually, these accusations were proven to be true thanks to an eye-written report that matched what the dwarves of Ironforge discovered: three charred bodies that had been given hasty burials not far from a site that had shown signs of a demonic ritual taking place. Since then, Ravine had been evading authorities of the Alliance for nearly two years under various fake aliases. The warrant for her arrest remains active to this day.
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85 Human Rogue
Name: Indu
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Class: Rogue
Occupation: Tanning/Skinning
Languages: Common (poorly)

Alignment: Chaotic neutral with good leanings

Physical Description: Indu appears at first glance to be some kind of wild-woman -- her hair is tangled with feathers, and she is covered with a layer of grime and dirt. She is a small woman, short and slender, yet her lean muscles seem strong and well-defined. She moves with a quickness that at first might seem reckless, if not for her feline grace and deliberate movement.
She wears a threadbare tuxedo jacket that has been carefully mended and patched.

Personality: Indu is a wild animal who seems to have no regard for or knowledge of social standards of behavior. She has a youthful sense of wonder about the world, and indeed seems to have a childlike presence about her, however at the same time she bears an extreme distrust for new people and situations. Her manner of speaking is very basic -- she often makes mistakes in her grammar, and seems to have a weak grasp on the basic rules of language.

Skills: Indu is a skilled survivalist who knows how to hunt and fish, make her own clothes from the skins of animals, brew deadly poisons, and she even knows some basic medicine. She has also learned through necessity, to steal the things she needed in order to survive. Because of this, she has had to become a master in the art of subterfuge.

Combat Tactics: She likes to remain hidden, and strike her enemy at the time and place of her own choosing, relying heavily on the element of surprise to gain the upper hand. She also relies on her devastating poisons to take down enemies more powerful than herself.

Phobias and Weaknesses: She hates trolls and ogres with every fiber of her being. Her fear often expresses itself in outright violence.
She also has developed a taste for the thrill of thievery, and can be a little bit of a kleptomaniac.

Pet Peeves: People who are overly formal or polite.

Special Possessions: Indu always carries her lucky dice.

Origin: Indu’s father was a merchant before the second war who tried to sail his family to the neutral zone of Stranglethorn Vale before war broke out. The ship was waylaid by a horde vessel, and ran ashore off the Northern coast of Stranglethorn Vale. Indu was the only survivor, and had to raise herself in the jungle. Eventually she rejoined society, and had a short yet successful career as a pirate during the third war.

For a more in-depth bio:
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86 Night Elf Priest
See for all appearance and history details.

Name: Blue, Eilethalua
Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Priest
Age: Unknown, older

Occupation: Healer
Languages: Fluent Common and Darnassian
Alignment: Neutral good

Fiction about Blue:
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85 Draenei Paladin
Name: Lady Kryssy Althaia Dantiné-Verric
Nickname: Lady Verric
Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin/Shaman
Age: 870 (Looks no older than 23)
Occupation: Mother of four. Fights and heals along side Daros when he needs her.
Languages: Draenei and Common

Physical description: She has dark green hair falling softly over her face (sometimes pulled up in a pony tail), soft blue skin with a warm and loving face. She has an hourglass shaped body. She has a flower like necklace around her neck and a gold wedding ring can be seen on her left hand when she removes her gauntlets. A scar can be seen on her right cheek, arm and hand whenever she removes her armor.
(As Paladin) Her plate armor an elegant shade of purple and white, curving with her body, no helm to show off her beauty dispite the scars. Her mace shines golden and glows brightly and her shield gold with a purple gem in the center. She glows softly with a smile on her face.
(As Shaman) Her chain mail is a dark shade of red, curving with her body. She doesn't wear a helmet to show off her beauty dispite the scars. Her mace seem like a torch with still fire and her shield gold with a purple gem in the center. (Still have yet to finish getting all the gear, but I don't normally RP with her as a shaman)

Personality: Smart and friendly. She worries easily if you are close to her.
Skills: She specializes in healing with the Light or the Elements. She also crafts jewelery and makes all different kinds of potions.
Phobias and Weaknesses: Her children and husband.
Special Possessions: Lei of Lilies and Gold Wedding Band
Origin/Birthplace: Nagrand, Draenor (What's left of it)

Brief History: Kryssy's life has been bumpy. She grew up with Eros, who became her loving fiancé. They were on the Exodar ship when it crashed into Azoroth. Her family died immidiately, but Eros died soon after the crash from the wounds. She dedicated herself into becoming a healer from that day forward. She met Alayah and Daros soon after during her long and hard training as a paladin. She fell in love with Alayah, but even deeper in love with Daros. When Kryssy became pregnant with Daros, Alayah grew jealous and left her life forever. She gave birth to their son, Eurus and soon after, married Daros. She met a woman, Aerdria, who happened to be cursed. She healed the wounds from a battle against the scourge, the curse gave her searing pain and Kryssy immediately knew she couldn't heal her with the light. She went back to Exodar to seek someone who may help her. She began training the ways of the shaman in hope that it would help Aerdria in her long battle to kill the one who curse her and killed her family. During her long training in the ways of the shaman, she became pregnant again and gave birth to their daughter, Aellai. When she heard Daros was still at Ulduar and hasn't been heard from in a month, she went looking for him. As she tracked for Daros, he left the area and went back to Stormwind where she met up with his brother who led him back to Daros. She went back into Ulduar to look for her friend who helped her. Yogg attacked her and left a lot of damage and scars on her right side. Soon after she became pregnant yet again with twins, Althaia and Carthan.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Guess I'll put this up...
Name: Noralin Sunsavior
Race: Sin'dorei
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Age: Equivalent to the human age of mid-twenties
Occupation: Blood Knight Master
Languages: Thalassian and Orcish

Physical Description: Lightly tanned skin and raven black hair hanging down just a bit past her shoulders. She's often seen wearing a gold barrette in her hair to pull it away from her face. She stands at average height, a bit leggy, and has an athletic build. She takes great pride in her appearance and usually looks very well groomed.

Personality: She strives to be very polite to all and serious while on duty, also tends to be rather formal to strangers but is generally a bit more laid back with those she knows well. With those she knows very well she is even playful at times.

Skills: She dabbles in Alchemy.

Combat Tactics: Formally being more focused on the art of healing and even avoid fighting when she could, she seems to have changed in that regard since the death of her fiance, Manwendil Shen'alan. She is now working on her abilities with two-handed weapons and seeking to improve her combat skills.

Phobias and Weaknesses: She has a fear of failure. She has a weakness for romance novels, which she tries to keep secret.

Special Possessions: The barrette she wears in her hair, which was a gift from now deceased Manwendil as well as her engagement ring given to her by him which she has been still wearing, though hidden under her clothing on a silver chain.
Origin/Birthplace: Quel'thalas

Brief History: This can be seen at
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80 Human Paladin
Hello, folks! It's Crag!

Name: Crag.

Race: Worgren.

Gender: Male.

Class: Warrior (Protection).

Age: Mid 30s.

Occupation: Bodyguard, blacksmith, miner.

Languages: Common.

Alignment: Neutral-good.

Physical description: Crag is well-built and capable of taking several hits before dying. His hair is shoulder length and black. His eyes are amber.

Personality: Very serious. He rarely speaks until spoken to.

Skills: Crag is a decent swordsman, but his real skill is observation. He watches everything carefully and can spot things he's looking for in the middle of a crowd. Crag is also very defensive and will react quickly to defend who he's with.

Combat Tactics: Crag is more defensive than aggressive. He focuses on wearing down the enemy over time so he can finish them off.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Crag has no known phobias. Crag does have a soft spot for children.

Pet Peeves: Crag's temper is very short so it is very easy to make him angry.

Special Possessions: Crag carries a sword that once belonged to the Tryst family.

Origin/Birthplace: Gilneas.

Brief History: All of it can be seen at this wiki page:
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Cynlan Athanidor Dawnstrider

Race: Sin'dorei (blood elf)

Age: 73 (or his early adult years in human terms), though 4 of those were spent in the future.

Occupation: Champion of the Blood Knight Order; one-time First Sword of the Sun’s Wrath battalion; CEO of DawnStorm Enterprises

Languages: Thalassian, Orcish, limited Common (due to neglect of use)

Alignment: Lawful good (though the Alliance would disagree)

Physical Description: Long ebon hair is left unbound to cascade freely to his lower back, and a thin strip of finely groomed facial hair decorates his sculpted facial features. He carries himself proudly with his shoulders back, head held high, as much from his military training as from his noble birth. Though the fel power that threatened to consume him early in his career has since been purged of his body, the side effects of its taint remain in the form of his pale but powerfully muscular physique and glowing green eyes. While on-duty, he dresses in meticulously polished (and technologically advanced) powered plate armor with a sharpened sword strapped across his back. Off-duty, he wears fine-tailored clothes befitting a scion of House Dawnstrider, accompanied by the blood-tempered ranseur that denotes his membership in the Blood Knight Order. Though few would have occasion to see it, his sojourn in the future has added a black dragon tattoo to his skin that covers his back and curls across his left shoulder.

Personality: Cynlan puts the “knight” in Blood Knight. He strives to follow the sin’dorei virtues of loyalty, love, valor and piety to the letter, but he doesn’t hold others to that high water mark unless they’re fellow knights. He unwinds with the best of them, and can sometimes be seen joining his friends in drunken revelries around Silvermoon City. He smiles often and laughs easily, but takes his honor seriously.

Skills: As a noble of House Dawnstrider, Cynlan is highly educated and instructed in various noble pursuits.. As a grand master engineer, he strives for perfection in all of his creations, even going so far as to mine and smelt his own ore to ensure the highest possible quality. As a knight, he’s well versed in chivalric conduct and pursuits, as evidenced by his treatise on Chivalry and the Blood Knight Order.

Combat Tactics: Cynlan follows the rules of valor in his battles, ensuring that his opponent knows a fight is about to commence before the first blow is struck. If an opponent resorts to dishonorable means in combat, however, Cynlan pulls no punches and will use every resource at his disposal to best his enemy, all while ensuring that his own honor remains intact.

Phobias and Weaknesses: His three greatest weaknesses are his code of honor, his bloodlust on the battlefield, and Sindrael.

Pet Peeves: Cynlan tries not to let the world ruffle his feathers, but there are several annoyances that eat at his fine control – dishonorable knights, know-it-all warlocks, and people who insist he take a course of action that doesn’t agree with his code of honor. Nothing raises his ire more, though, than self-righteous Alliance paladins and their precious "Church of the Holy Light.”

Special Possessions: Every engineering marvel Cynlan creates is special to him, and each is marked with the Dawnstrider crest as a symbol of quality. His greatest creation in this era is the Dawnstrider Powered Armor System (DPAS), currently in its Mark III iteration, though he has an infinitely more advanced version of it waiting for him in the future, named (appropriately enough) the DPAS Mark ∞.

Origin/Birthplace: Quel'thalas

Brief History: His early history and latest happenings can be found at and
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92 Gnome Mage
Name: Doctor Beatidin Pasquel Pondorosa
Race: Human, High elf mix. (Human is highly dominant in features)
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
Age: 27

Occupation: Engineer, Mage, Doctor
Languages: Common
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical description: Tall Dark and Handsome

Personality: Arrogant, Cracked

Skills: Engineering, Medical,

Combat Tactics: Fight Smart, Fight Dirty Smart

Phobias and Weaknesses: Arrogant and Cocky, Fear of Being Ignored, Mommy Issues, and is a wanted man.

Pet Peeves: Stupidity

Special Possessions: Crystal Staff

Origin/Birthplace: Dalaran

Brief History: Ever since an assault on The Tempest Keep, Beatidin has been displaying "Mana Control Issues". And since then he has had quite a roller coaster ride controlling it. Beatidin now usually spends his time in Stormwind or his lab in the Netherstorm.
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62 Blood Elf Hunter
Name: Nerjuna Arnlight

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Class: Hunter

Age: Hard to say.

Occupation: Courier. "Always available, never free."

Spoken Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, a few choice swear words in Taurahe. (Nerjuna is not literate in any language. He can't read, and must hire a scribe to write - or read - letters for him.)

Alignment: Sarcastic Neutral

Physical description: A fit, well-muscled blood elf of medium frame and height, mud-black hair and ruddy skin, Nerjuna has very little to recommend him. His features seem a little coarse for an elf, and his hands are rough and callused by work. His voice is flat and occasionally sarcastic. His clothes are well-worn, with holes carefully mended and patches at knees and elbows, usually of coarse weave or leather. He looks perpetually unkempt, though not dirty. There is usually a glint of wry humor in his eyes, and they have wrinkles at the corners, though whether it's from laughter or age is hard to say. He gestures when he talks and has a lamentable habit of putting his boots up on chairs.

Personality: Cynical, but professionally courteous. Like many people in the service industry, Nerjuna is perfectly happy to agree with any client publicly and keeps his own opinions on the subject private... unless, of course, he's been drinking.

Skills: Getting from here to there in one piece. He's also good with animals, and knows how to butcher meat and cure hides for use.

Combat Tactics: Avoid fights you can't win. Win fights you can't avoid.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Nerjuna has great difficulty trusting anyone at their word. This has kept him alive a few times, but it's also made making friends and running a courier business somewhat challenging. He also doesn't trust written contracts or any sort of legalese. He tries to avoid social entanglement of any kind.

Pet Peeves: After his unfortunate brush with (what passes for) justice in Silvermoon, Nerjuna tends to be suspicious of authority figures and downright cynical about the law. He harbors a strong dislike of Blood Knights in general, but he knows it's irrational and makes exceptions for the one or two individuals he's come to respect. He dislikes flirty women (or men, for that matter).

Special Possessions: His crocolisk companion, Bhima, and his Hawkstrider, Barganax.

Origin/Birthplace: Falconwing District, Silvermoon City.

Brief History: Nerjuna is a recent exile from the Eastern Kingdoms. He was briefly - and falsely - accused of murder by a corrupt Silvermoon official about three years ago. While that difficulty has been resolved, he has enough enemies in Silvermoon and Undercity that he returns to his home continent only briefly, and only on business. He now works for Ratchet and Orgrimmar as a courier, bearing news, packages and other items as needed.
Nerjuna has a half-sister, the Blood Knight Velliria Arynfire Erynlight.
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85 Human Priest
Lot of this stuff is up on Sentinels Wiki but here we go anyway.

Name: Philomene Amanthe Asteris (née Declan)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Priest

Age: Middle twenties (you know how timelines are)

Occupation: Once worked as a scribe, now commander of a military unit; moonlights as a midwife.

Languages: Common, though (slowly) learning to recognize Darnassian in both verbal and written formats.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Physical Description: She is a young-looking and rather skinny little priestess. Narrow-hipped and small-breasted, she appears slow to smile and quick to frown. Her expression is typically bland; this is at odds with her nervous hands, given to small gestures and fidgetings. Her features are austere and a bit too strong for her face, lending her an avian air. Her eyes are a watery slate blue, spaced rather wide on her otherwise narrow face. She is extremely fair-skinned, a legacy of a lifetime spent largely indoors. Her ears tend to flush when she is embarrassed, giving the lie to her generally inscrutable countenance.

She is not what the average person would call pretty by any stretch of the imagination. She has a scar on her left palm as well as one on the inside of her left forearm, a remnant from a bad break in childhood.

Her wavy black hair is almost always bound up with her truesilver hairpins, but on the rare occasions when it falls free it reaches halfway down her back. She can typically be found in the somber robes of a priest or a scribe, and in fact despises pants. She eschews cosmetics and does not appear the sort who pays attention to fashion, though she is always tidy. What jewelry she does wear consists of her signet ring, bearing the lion guardant of her order.

Personality: Philomene is the sort of woman who would straighten a picture frame in a rented room. She is meticulous, pragmatic, and not given to scenes of any kind. She is calculating and selfish, subtle and patient. She prefers pleasures unseen to those ready for the taking and mislikes wasted effort in any form.

Skills: Catchin' babies, calligraphy/forgery, tactical planning, and brewing ale.

Combat Tactics: Surprisingly skilled with small blades, has been training with maces of late. Prefers ranged combat and trickery to brute force as her strengths lie in deception and use of magic.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Has a stubborn allergy to spiders; alchemical means are required to manage even close proximity. Fearful of using a live mount, she sticks to her deathcharger and flying rug religiously. (Ha.) Also has a weakness for all things moonberry and will evince gleeful greed when confronted with them.

Pet Peeves: Cannot stand inefficiency, the undead, the scent/taste of apples, and pants.

Special Possessions: A set of prayer beads, her signet and wedding rings, an old drum belonging to her late mother.

Origin/Birthplace: Hearthglen.

Brief History: As a child during the Third War, Philomene was just old enough to recall the events leading to the demise of her family. As she could not join Proudmoore's exodus she attached herself to a refugee caravan heading south to Menethil Harbor in hopes of safe haven and work. This did not work out in her favor and in the end she was brought to Stormwind on charges of murder. After her trial she was remanded to the custody of the Church and dwelt in silence in Cathedral Square for the next decade.

Maikel Garravore eventually had her paroled and she worked under him as a charter officer of the Servitors of Lothar, even going so far as to take on the mantle of leadership when he stepped down.

She is currently the Commander of her order and remains so despite having been widowed.
Edited by Philomene on 10/10/2011 10:11 AM PDT
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Name: Prikka
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Class: Priestess
Age: Estimated 35 (or however long two brood cycles is)
Occupation: Formerly a scholar and healer; now runs about solving folks' problems for them. Novice with the Servitors of Lothar.
Languages: Gnomish, Common, and Sub-Gnomeregan Cockroach.
Alignment: ...oh hells. Erm, probably some sort of neutral?

Physical description: Prikka is short even for a Gnome, and slender. She squints and blinks in anything stronger than firelight. She tends to skitter about when nervous, and her fingers work in odd patterns while she speaks. She may often be seen floating in mid-air.

Personality: Adaptable; guileless; fiercely protective of those she thinks needs tending.

Skills: Reading and writing. Making poultices and brews. Mending folk who don't have the sense to stay sound. Verbosity.

Combat Tactics: When one must murder folk, best to do so with one's mind.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Wary of large carnivores ever since she was swallowed by a bear. Deep-rooted fear of displeasing her superiors. Seems magnetically attracted to "any precipice higher than a Troll's ear."

Pet Peeves: Idiot lunkers, useless folk, uppity males, Stormwind.

Special Possessions: Prikka hauls around a lap desk with plenty of writing supplies. She recently began work on a manuscript describing her mother's people.

Raised in the warrens beneath Gnomeregan; presumably born in Gnomeregan proper.

Brief History:
Prikka was adopted at a young age by a race of highly-civilized cockroaches. She narrowly managed to avoid consumption long enough to reach maturity, whereupon bands of lunkers began regularly invading the warrens. The Matriarchs realized that the sots thought they were rescuing a poor young Gnome, and evicted her. Nude, blind, and bewildered, Prikka stumbled to the surface. She has been yelling at humans ever since.
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85 Undead Priest
Name: Arithmetica
Race: Undead
Gender: Lady
Class: Priest
Age: XX

Occupation: Attorney at Law
Languages: Orcish and Gutterspeak
Alignment: Neutral Awesome

Physical description: Skin and bones.
Personality: Sarcastic or just obnoxious.
Skills: Enchanting, Tailoring.
Combat Tactics: Poorly thought out.
Phobias and Weaknesses: IHRS Auditors!
Pet Peeves: IHRS Auditors!
Special Possessions: An assortment of useless magical items.
Origin/Birthplace: Lordaeron

Brief History:
Arithmetica’s story isn't that different from any other undead you might meet. She was alive at one point, then died one way or another, became undead, joined the Horde and basically the same old crap you hear from every undead. Once you've heard one undead’s life story, you've heard them all! Her human life she was a simple Priest and honestly it's not worth really talking about. Unless you want to hear about the strict day to day prayer schedule and other boring nonsense about life in the church.

When she became undead, she adopted the name Arithmetica and happily let go of the mundane life she once had. She decided to use this as an opportunity to see the world! She joined a rag tag army and traveled to places she would have never had imagined! She quickly found herself hurled into battle, into the depths of Molten Core, to the top of Blackrock Mountain, into the shattered realm of Outland and into the freezing North against every evil creature imaginable. During the battle of Ulduar she received a terrible injury, one that would have actually killed any other living being. For her it forced her to retire as an adventurer and had to spend the next two years having her body rebuilt in the Apothecarium. During that time she took on a less dangerous occupation as an Attorney. Dealing with cases around Undercity and while most are typical but boy will she tell you some ridiculous stories about some of her plaintiffs!

However, things changed when Deathwing returned. The Shattering caused a great deal of destruction across Azeroth, anyone can tell you that. However with much of the Horde infrastructure destroyed, the Horde government was in full swing to collect unpaid taxes. Thus Arithmetica was served an IHRS levy!!!! She owed hundreds of thousands of gold in back dated taxes for failing to claim the gold she received from quest rewards!! Internal Horde Revenue Service had conducted an audit on her and is now demanding payment on the owed taxes! They had already liquidated most of her assets but still demanded additional payments! Unable or well, okay just not willing to make those payments, she gathered her belonging and set out once again into Azeroth. Finding new ways to hide her income in Goblin bank accounts and personally blaming Deathwing for her financial problems.
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