Sentinels RP Character Biographies


90 Blood Elf Mage
Name: Styxia Seow
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Frost Mage
Age: 103

Occupation: Herbalist
Languages: Orcish, Thalassian and Gutterspeak
Alignment: No one

Physical description:
Styxia is a distant and unassuming little thing with her frail but slouched frame barely reaching the neck of others her kind. Her eyes are a dim, hazy glow of Bruiseweed green and her hair, a webbing of inklike tendrils held together with ragged, red linen that frame her pallid complexion.


Herbalism, Bad Cooking

Combat Tactics:
Keeping them away from her as best as possible.

Phobias and Weaknesses:
Being touched, too much sun and Mary Sues

Pet Peeves:

Special Possessions:
Her assistant, Featherbloom who aids her in sniffing out plants around the world.


Brief History:
Styxia considers herself first and foremost, a herbalist. She spends her days exploring the world for new and exotic plant life, as well as researching uses for them. Although technically aligned with the Horde, she simply does so out of a scholarly approach to access the great libraries of Quel'Thalas and Lordaeron.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Dear Sentinels Role Play Server,

Enclosed is a very important character!

Name: Oridia
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Female
Class: Windwalker Monk
Age: 4

Occupation: Scribe and Herbalist!
Languages: Pandaren, Common, Forgotten Orcish
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description: Panda is fat girl, very sad

Personality: Ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhh!

Skills: She has none, she is terrible at player versus player, player versus environment, and roleplaying! oh my god!

Combat Tactics: Run away! Very fast!

Phobias and Weaknessess: Nooooooooooooo caterpillars!! AHHHH

Pet Peeves: Stupid griefing others and tanks and healers are stupid, stupid!

Special Possesions: Possesions? You mean I can actually sell that and get gold? HAH GOLD

Origin/Birthplace: I'm from the Wandering Isle! incoming turtle power

Brief History: I was on the Alliance side first, then I started over on a pvp server on the Alliance side, then I was on the Horde side and got to high level! And now I'm on the Alliance side again at high level 90 with good gear! Woot so good! I am SO powerful NO ONE can touch me! Even Garrosh Hellscream is trembling in his boots because of me! Hehe, me and Varian Wrynn and bros now, he secretly asks me questions about Garrosh Hellscream and I tell him I will tell him more tomorrow though. I REALLY LIKE BEEER! NETHERGARDE BITTER IS MY FAVORITE!!!


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90 Pandaren Monk
Name: Qiangzhi
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Male
Class: Monk
Age: 24

Occupation: Semi-decent Engineer
Languages: Pandaren, Ancient Pandaren
Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical description: Fat.

Personality: Happy

Skills: Floating Cloud

Combat Tactics: Shock Tactics

Phobias and Weaknesses: Bugs

Pet Peeves: ...Bugs

Special Possessions: Don't really have one.

Origin/Birthplace: Wandering Isle

Brief History: Born and raised on the Wandering Isle. Then the Strangers came upon a crashed airship. I helped them out a little, and then they invited me to join them. After a short few weeks of working for these new strange people, I joined a guild. I'm still an Initiate but I'm sure I'll be a full member soon.
Edited by Qiangzhi on 6/12/2013 5:00 PM PDT
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11 Night Elf Mage
Name: Dartranna Droverson
Race: Half-Elf (Human/Night Elf)
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Age: 23 (Human Life-Span equivalent)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Languages: Darnassian, Common
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Physical description: Being born from a Night Elf mother and Human father, Dartranna has features from both races. Her mother insisted upon the traditional Night Elf markings. Her ears are slightly shorter than that of a pure blood Night Elf. She is also quite smaller than a normal Night Elf. Her life span isn't as long as a Night Elf's but it is extended. She aged as a normal Human child, reaching adulthood at around 16. However, her aging seemed to slow down quite considerably around that time. She's 23 years old, but still looks to be around 17.

Personality: Generally Happy

Skills: Herbalism and Alchemy.

Combat Tactics: Slow them, then subdue them.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Spiders. Really big, ugly spiders.

Pet Peeves: Runners

Special Possessions:

Origin/Birthplace: Birth: Darnassus. Residence: Outside Stormwind City.

Brief History: Was raised in the Arcane Arts. Father was a Mage, mother was a Protector (Warrior). Found that hunting down and bringing in bail jumpers or criminals paid quite well. Decided to pursue that as a career. (This is still a WIP.)
Edited by Dartranna on 8/9/2013 1:41 PM PDT
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17 Worgen Druid
Name: Ellaurae Danvers
Race: Worgen
Gender: Female
Class: Druid (feral)
Age: 26

Languages: Common, Gilnean, some animal verbalization
Alignment: Chaotic neutral-ish, sorta-kinda, mostly

Physical description: Although of slightly less than average height and slightly more than average weight, Aurie is still somehow a well-proportioned package. A study in contrasts, she either moves with relaxed grace or by appearing to propel herself from place to place like a tiny powerhouse gymnast. Her temperament flows from sweet to sour, a truly fickle disposition. She wears no makeup but often smells of an exotic perfume of sandalwood, vanilla, and shea flowers. Her clothing is a hodge-podge of brand new to threadbare, but her weapon is always well serviced. Shiny jewelry seems to be a welcome adornment judging by the multitude of silver hoops and gemstones lining the shells of her ears as well assorted arm and ankle bangles. However, she wears not a single necklace.

Personality: This depends on who she is dealing with and can range from sweet and shy to sarcastic and dry wit. She's rarely mean or purposefully hurtful but sometimes her outspokenness and blunt honesty can cause bruised feelings.

Skills: An exceptional tracker, propensity for learning languages, adept gardener

Combat Tactics: Feral combat, preferring hitting fast, hard, and unseen. She's a sneaky, dirty-fighting little git.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Lacks confidence, can be abrasive, a bit of a spoiled brat, intimidated by technology (gnomes make her nervous)

Pet Peeves: Liars (never-you-mind she lies to save her own hide all the time), people who eat with their mouths open, hunters who don't bathe their pets (or themselves) regularly

Special Possessions: A tiny crocheted mouse made from grey wool, a leather strip for a tail, and with one missing brown button eye.

Origin/Birthplace: Gilneas
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100 Draenei Hunter
Name: Asayo
Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter
Age: (Lost track, but physically speculated to be around 18-19 of "your human years")

Occupation: Alliance Scout
Languages: Draenic, Common
Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Shy, supportive

Skills: Tracking, First Aid, Animal handling,

Combat Tactics: She prefers to incapacitate instead of kill if she can help it, often relying on her pet or a poison to subdue her opponent. When not in direct combat, she often prefers to confuse her opponents and lure them into traps or an ambush, when cornered, she will often use her pet to strike from a second direction.

Phobias: Fel Magic of any sort makes her very uncomfortable and can even frighten her.
Worgen (recently remedied)

Weaknesses: Tendency to lose confidence in herself in the face of adversity.
Hesitation to pull the trigger if it is a killing shot.

Origin/Birthplace: Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor
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86 Orc Death Knight
Name: Harlaus Corvellis
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Age: 42

Occupation: Loyal Stormwind Soldier with frequent tour in Arathi
Languages: Common
Alignment: Good

Physical description: Harlaus is average height with his once blonde hair now graying a bit. Well groomed facial hair. He dons Golden Field Marshal battleplate and a shield with the crest of Stormwind.

Personality: He is a leader. He is very Charismatic and charming. He has a way with words. He is easy going but when he does get angered, he can be quite ferocious. He is kind-hearted and loyal.

Skills: He is very strong compared to the average man. Years in battle has hardened him. An unfourtunate trait (being a commander and all) He is as far away from an Ice-Cube as one can be. If he see's one of his men dead and mutilated it messes with his head. He wasn't like that in the beginning but now he is older and has seen a lot.

Combat Tactics: He is very defensive but offensive at the same time. Every block is a strike and he uses his shield as a weapon as much as his blade.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Wounded left knee (shrapnel from an Orcish War Machine exploding)

Pet Peeves: N/A

Special Possessions: The Shield with the crest of Stormwind is his pride and joy. He never goes into battle without it.

Origin/Birthplace: Redridge

Notes: Has one brother (Aeronas Corvellis)
Father died in Arathi
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90 Human Rogue
Name: Bridin Doromay
Race: Human
Ginger: Nope. Brown hair. Thinking about adding color though.
Class: Rogue
Age: Probably somewhere around 30

Occupation: Historian and Treasure Seeker (For hire)
Languages: Common
Alignment: Not above thievery but murder is never okay

Physical description: A bit smaller than your average human. Very nimble. He's not a looker, but he has a bit of charm. Keeps his face kind of scruffy.

Personality: Charismatic and a bit of a story teller. Enjoy's boasting about his exploits.

Skills: Picking locks. Getting in to tough places and getting out. Riding horses.

Combat Tactics: If you have to hit... hit from behind. Actually having to fight face to face is a downer.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Afraid of drowning and being hit in the face.

Pet Peeves: Do not hurt children. Or he might break his no murder rule.

Special Possessions: Many special possessions he has kept over the years of collecting and treasure hunting. Photo of his large family. A very non-assuming sword his friend Icarius made while attempting to learn blacksmithing. He wasn't very good at the time, but the sword holds its own.

Origin/Birthplace: Redridge area

Brief History: Bridin comes from a very large extended family. Parents were war veterans. Sent him to live with uncles and cousins. Spent many years working at the East Vale Logging Camp. He always felt out of place. Loved books. Loved horses. Hated logging. Took a horse from the stable one night and ran away. Met a priest who gave him shelter in the Cathedral. He was a bit older at the time, and given a job of looking out for the orphans of the Cathedral District. He still does to this day when ever he can.
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100 Human Paladin
Name: Stadtler Van Mysen
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: (ex)-Paladin
Age: 46

Occupation: Finance
Languages: Common
Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical description: Lean and Healthy, with a short crop of silver hair

Personality: Jovial, if not somewhat crass

Skills: Bartering, Heckling, Blacksmithing

Combat Tactics: Tries to avoid combat if possible. Prefers to break kneecaps if he must fight. Tries to disable rather than kill.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Cannot swim. Walks with a slight limp due to old injuries.

Pet Peeves: Inefficiency, particularly in regards to money. Cannot stand those without a sense of humor.

Special Possessions: Always has a small moneybag hidden on his person. Does not travel anywhere without his ornate quills.

Origin/Birthplace: Born in Lakeshire, but grew up in Stormwind

Brief History:

Stadtler Van Mysen began his career as a paladin at a very young age. On his first mission with his order, the party was ambushed in the night by a band of mercenaries. While the mercenaries were easily defeated, one of them managed to get a blow on Stadtler as he attempted to don his armor, badly damaging his knee. He recovered quickly, but discovered that he sustained lasting damage that would prevent him from engaging in rigorous combat. Thus, his career as a paladin finished before it could truly begin. With combat out of the question, Stadtler returned to Stormwind and took a position with his family's armoring business. It was here that his aptitude for finance was discovered. He was quickly given the responsibility of managing company finances and investments, which in turn allowed him to make a sizable fortune for himself and his family. Eventually, he was given full control of the company, and it prospered. His primary client has been Clan Jade Falcon for some time now. Not only has he been a provider of their supplies, but at times he has personally financed their expeditions, including their upcoming mobilization to Draenor. Rumor has it that he may personally travel with them to protect his investment...
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