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80 Blood Elf Priest
I really love pvp'ing as Holy, chastise alone has made it far more fun than disc for me. Yet every post detailing or complaining about pvp healing priests is about disc. I hope holy isn't ignored because of this. Holy's biggest problems are shared with disc, like mana issues, lack of mobility, diminished offensive capability, and I'm not playing that broken record. I just hope that when/if these problems are addressed, the solution isn't a deep disc talent.

However, a very big problem for holy lies with Chakra. The Chakra pre-buff is dispel-able, which feels like an oversight. Chakra is a big part of holy, and having it dispelled before you cast the preq heal will be a problem. This wouldn't be a very big deal but it's compounded by the fact that the preq spell to Chakra: Serenity, is Heal. This will be a very big problem in pvp as Heal will see limited use in pvp, and Holy Word: Serenity is so important. Holy Word: Aspire was great in pvp because it was so easy to enter its chakra state. I see a very simple solution in allowing Renew to now trigger Chakra: Serenity. It's instant cast and even plays a part in the Chakra's bonus.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Holy also gets Body and Soul, which is my favorite pvp talent on the priest. Guardian Spirit is also fantasic for pvp. Chastise is also excellent for helping CC just a tad when really needed in pvp.

Some things about Chakra are annoying, but overall I find it to be good for pvp, especially because of the secondary Holy Word spell options. Using Heal with Chakra is slightly clunky though.

All this is much better than anything that discipline has. Discipline has nothing for mobility, and most every other mitigation benefit of the tree is dispelled or just plain weak. Discipline sacrifices heal throughput-- but for what? Holy does everything better.
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85 Goblin Priest
I love Holy PvP as well.

Trinket-Body and Soul-Chastise is amazing. Smite Chakra is like a little shadowform that effects every damage spell I have for that window I need a bit of burst, and when I die I become a unkillable insane healer that has turned the tide of close battles quite a few times. It's kinda funny but if I'm oom and I think it will make a difference I will run in and die just to pop SoR.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Yes after Discipline became the steal or dispel the Shield spec I stopped playing it for PvP and went Holy. Holy is extremely powerful in Warsong Gulch where carrying the flag with Body and Soul gives you an extreme advantage over the other team if they have no Holy Priests.

Spirit of Redemption has always been great and now we have decent tools to stay alive like Chastise. Wish Chastise was given to Healing Priests as Baseline and Penance was the old last talent point in the Discipline tree instead of Power Word: Barrier which is a bad concept.
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