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100 Goblin Shaman
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Full Name:
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy):



Specific enemies or likes:

Alignment: (See )

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91 Tauren Hunter
((Yeah know, I thought we already had one of these... Oh well, time for the fill-out dance!))

Full Name: Calco Sunwalker
In-Game: Calco
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Medium

Guild: Rotten Luck
Title: The Argent Champion, The Sunwalker, Spirit Hunter

Race: Shu'halo
Class: Hunter
Talent: Survival
Professions: Skinning and Herbalism

Age: 34 in human years
Sex: Male
Fur: Tan/white mixed
Eyes: Reddish brown
Weight: Heavy
Height: Slightly taller than average
Garments/Armor: Casually he wears simple cloth and leather, along with a a hat or feather headdress. He also has various traditional shu'halo robes. Other than that he's fine with wearing "raiding gear", he's a practical bull.
Other: I've been using the name "Sunwalker" long before Cataclysm was even announced. I chalk up Tauren Paladins being called Sunwalkers as a coincidence.

Specific enemies: The Grimtotem Tribe, Calnos

Alignment: Neutral Good

Brief Summary:
The main hero of the Sunwalker Tribe, Calco comes from a long line of proud Shu'halo hunters. He lives for the thrill of the hunt, having traveled the world in search of challenging prey and often offers his services as a scout to the Horde. On the surface he's a pretty ordinary Tauren, though he tends to find himself in extraordinary situations. He met the Rottens through a competitive race across Azeroth they were hosting, and although he didn't win, he was inspired to try to join their guild. He's come to love his "second family", and has done his best to help and defend them.
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86 Human Warlock

Full Name: Alexander Lothar Calnosen
In-Game: Calnos
Nickname: Calnos, close friends call him Alex
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Medium

Guild: Infinite Asylum

Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Talent: Destruction
Professions: Tailoring & Skinning

Age: 32 (appears older)
Sex: Male
Hair: Was brown, but recently turned gray due to excessive use of Fel magic
Eyes: Dark green
Weight: Average
Height: 6ft
Garments/Armor: Being a tailor, he has a lot of custom made clothes, including his own tuxedo. He likes to appear professional when not working out in the field, and tends to hide any garments that might leave people to believe he's a warlock when in Stormwind or other places unwelcoming to Fel magic. Usually wears a hat, pointy or otherwise.
Other: His Swift Gray Horse is actually his Dreadsteed with a disguise spell cast upon it.

Specific enemies: Calco Sunwalker, Nazriel (a demon), The Scourge

Alighnment: Chaotic Good

Brief Summary:
Calnos walks a fine line between good and evil. While he genuinely wants to do the right thing, his years of studying and exposure to Fel Magic has blurred many lines, often leading him to the wrong choices. Where his Horde counterpart Calco would consider the lives of others first, Calnos believes the ends justify the means. Some believe he's everything a warlock can be - corrupt, selfish, and insane, while his few friends would say he has a good side buried beneath the dark powers and sarcastic demeanor.
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80 Tauren Druid
Full Name: Kwahandya Raindancer
Nickname: Kwa, Kwaha

Guild: Rotten Luck

Race: Shu'halo
Class: Druid
Talent: Resto and Balance
Professions:Skinning and Leatherworking

Age: 22 in human years
Sex: Male
Fur: Dark gray/white mix
Eyes: Blue
Weight: Light, for a Tauren
Height: Slightly shorter than average
Garments/Armor: Typical for a druid, wears a lot of "natural" clothing. Leather, feathers, leaves. Also seems to like his Pilgrim's hat. Will wear more "modern" clothing on occasion, and like Calco has traditional shu'halo robes.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Brief Summary:
Kwahandya is a shy young druid living with the Sunwalker Tribe. Abandoned at a young age in the forest, he was found and raised by a kind-hearted night elf. He became inspired to follow the path of Cenarius when the Shu'halo joined the Cenarion Circle. When he came of age he decided to travel to Mulgore to learn the ways of the druid and search for the people who abandoned him. He used to have a bad habit of stuttering, but seems to have grown over that since exploring the Wailing Caverns, having found a bit of courage within himself.
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85 Tauren Death Knight
Full Name: Seranida Dreadmane
In-Game: Seranida
Nickname: Sera

Guild: Rotten Luck

Race: Shu'halo
Class: Death Knight
Talent: Blood
Professions: Jewelcrafting

Age: Appears to have died as a young adult
Sex: Female
Fur: White
Eyes: Like all Death Knights, glowing blue
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Garments/Armor: She wears whatever armor is useful to her, but she also has a beautiful purple and blue dress she found in Outland she wears when she wants to "look pretty".
Other: She recently regained her memories of her past life

Specific enemies: The Scourge

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Brief Summary:
After the Battle of Light's Hope, Seranida made her way to Thunder Bluff to seek out others like her and found herself in the Pools of Vision. There she received a vision stating her destiny was with the Sunwalker Tribe. With encouragement from his grandfather, Calco has helped her on her journey, though what her destiny is remains to be seen.
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85 Orc Warlock
Full Name: Gaylord Focker
In-Game: Flamenesis
Nickname: Bamf
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Heavy ERP

Guild: Raged
Title: Best player ever

Race: Blood Elf
Class: Pally
Talent: Ret
Professions: alc/ench

Age: 15
Sex: debatable
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Orange
Weight: 294 lbs
Height: 5'10
Garments/Armor: I go naked
Specific enemies or likes: I love buttholes
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100 Goblin Shaman
Full Name: Mokhalar Zunju
In-Game: Ragnarrokk
Nickname: Rags
Level of RP Varies
Guild: Dust
Title: Officer

Race: Goblin
Class: Shaman
Talent: Elemental/Resto
Professions: Jewelcrafting/Inscription

Age: 211
Sex: Male
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Purple
Weight: 275
Height: 3'10
Garments/Armor: He wears the gear of the elements. Fire being his main focus for his mass destruction.
Other: He has just been crowned Lord of the Elements.
Specific enemies: Ragnarrokk hates those annoying little gnomes, At his local pub he is the Captain of his Gnome Punting League. He pays top doller to any bountey hunter to bring him as many gnomes they can bring him.
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Full Name: Magnin Greybeard
In-Game: Magnin
Nickname: Mag
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Varies

Guild: The Fellowship of the Light
Title: Ambassador, The Explorer

Race: Dwarf
Class: Hunter
Talent: Marksman, and survival
Professions: Mining, Jewelcrafting

Age: 75
Sex: Male
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 175
Height: 4'
Garments/Armor: Mail of the finest quality i can get
Other: Usually travels with one of 4 pets. a boar, black lion, a mastiff, or a white bear.
Specific enemies or likes: none except those that do not respect the natural cycle or laws of nature.

Alignment: Lawful Nuetral
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Full Name: Vaydra Rene Magnus
In-Game: Vaydra
Nickname: Vay
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Light

Guild: Crimson Crusaders
Title: Kingslayer

Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Talent: Affliction
Professions: Tailoring/Enchanting

Age: 22
Sex: F
Hair: Frost-Silver
Eyes: Red
Weight: You must have a death wish asking that
Height: 5'6"
Garments/Armor: Dreadmist
Other: She likes the color red and known to wear her old spellweave robe from time to time as well as a red dress she keeps in her bank.

Specific enemies or likes: Her main antagonist is Arthas/The Lich King. She has a thing for cute animals, money, and alcohol.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (slipping slowly toward evil)

Summary: ((Sorry for the long summary))
Vaydra is one of the few remaining survivors of Stratholm. She was a young teenager at the time and only barely survived the incident. Of all the horrors that she observed that day the one that haunts her the most was watching as the man she thought had come to save her family murder her father in cold blood.

Since then she became obsessed with getting revenge. She started as a mage but became a warlock because her training was going too slow and she was not becoming powerful enough to exact her vengeance. Even if it would cost Vaydra her very soul she would see Arthas dead. After several years, and with the help of 9 strangers she defeated Arthas. But in doing so she learned how corrupted her soul had become. She is now struggling to keep herself from becoming consumed by the growing darkness within her...and failing miserably.
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Full Name: Disara Garrette
In-Game: Disara
Nickname: Disara (though some call me Dis...)
Level of RP: Medium to Heavy

Guild: Pirates of Hallowed Tree
Title: Drunkard

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Talent: Subtlety
Professions: Mining, Gnomish Engineering

Age: 26
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5'1"

Garments/Armor: Dark cloth or leather.
Other: Wears an eye patch.
Specific enemies: Not the type to really have enemies, but doesn't trust mages/warlocks (aka fingerwaggers) because she doesn't trust magic or the supernatural. But she'll still work with them. But booze will change her mind about anyone.
Likes: Booze, gambling, men and women. And her Cenarion War Hippogryph that she has named Jasper Fel.

Alignment: Neutral, maybe a little more towards good. She'll ditch her team if she feels it's the best thing to do, but agrees that eating kittens is bad.
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100 Draenei Warrior
Full Name: Jahreeda
In-Game: Jahreeda
Nickname: Jah
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Varies

Guild: Mead Hall Pirates
Title: Ambassador

Race: Draenei
Class: Warrior
Talent: Fury
Professions: Mining, Engineering

Age: ~25,000
Sex: F
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 300 lbs
Height: 7'2"
Garments/Armor: While "on duty", she wears full plate. While off duty, however, she likes to wear simple, comfortable garments; usually a pair of leather breeches and a long-sleeved linen shirt.
Other: Back and left arm are heavily scarred.
Specific enemies: Has an unabated hatred of orcs and blood elves, and is deeply distrustful of warlocks.
Likes: Strong dwarven ale, especially Wildhammer stouts.

Alignment: Good?

Brief Summary: A veteran of the war on Draenor and a widow of the battle for the Exodar. Guardian to shaman Perqucia. Drinking buddy to Choline. Is probably more of a drunk than an adventurer at this point in her life.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Full Name: Choline Moonstorm
In-Game: Choline
Nickname: Cho
Level of RP: Varies, but usually medium to heavy

Guild: Mead Hall Pirates
Title: Starcaller

Race: Kaldorei
Class: Rogue
Talent: Assassination
Professions: Herbalism, alchemy

Age: She's a young adult. Probably somewhere between 350-1000 years old.
Sex: Female
Hair: Green
Eyes: Silver
Weight: 310 lb
Height: 6'11"
Garments/Armor: Work Clothes: tight, full-coverage leather. Everyday clothes: casual pants and shirt ensemble. Really simple stuff.
Other: Does not have typical kaldorei face tattoos.

Specific enemies: Hates the blood elves. With the exception of the young kids in Shattrath. And Fandral Staghelm.
Likes: Mekgineer's Choppers, jugs of bourbon, becoming "Starcaller Peacebloom" to confuse people.

Alignment: If I had to pick one, probably chaotic good.

Brief Summary: Cho is a quasi-reformed contract assassin and a veteran of the Battle of Mount Hyjal. She has a bromance with Jahreeda. Vascillates between extreme wisdom and clarity of thought and hyperbolic dramatics. Is not married to that draenei paladin over there, no matter what it looks like.
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90 Gnome Warlock
((I take it this went splat when Cataclysm came in. I had the original post up but I had to leave for awhile until I could finally get computer upgrades as my system was no longer able to keep up with the game or some other things. Due to length limit I'll have to post each char seperately.))

Full Name: Indilwen Awen

In-Game: Indilwen
Nickname: Indi

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): It varies.((Depending on who I'm incotact with. Most times I'm light RP. I RP heavier on my Horde most days.))

Guild: Relentless

Title: Ambassador/Explorer ((Out of the novelty earned flags these are the most used by her. Explorer was because since before level 30 in classic game she went through all areas with minimal death finding all flight paths. Despite several of the zones being deadly to her then. She has a curious streak. Ambassador because she wishes to see a reunification of the elves and is 1/2 high elf and 1/2 night elf. When small she lived on both factions. Or realistically as the actual game goes she hung out in Horde - tauren areas a lot as a child partly raised by some tauren.))

Race: High Elf(or Blood Elf) and Night Elf ((in actuality a night elf by game))

Class: Druid

Talent: Tree and Moonkin. ((She is more a healer and while she can't heal her Horde family and friends she will help hurt something hurting them sometimes to prevent their death or injury.))

Professions: Apothecary (Herbalist/Alchemist). Hobbyist archeologist. Nurse, cook, and fisherman.

Age: Early middle aged as her kind go. Depending on her garb she may look older or younger.

Sex: Female

Hair: Violet

Eyes: Silver

Weight: Medium

Height: Medium ((Short for a night elf but little taller than some blood elves))

Garments/Armor: She likes to wear long flowing robes. Underneath she wears for friendly areas and events long flowing gowns. For battle she wears a leather laced vest with undershirt, leather pants, and hip boots. With a special pendant she keeps tucked in and abreast. Nobody knows exactly what it is but her because few have got close enough to see it. Skyclad she removes it carefully so others don't see what it is.))


Specific enemies or likes: She isn't the most fond of human or scourge. Taurens she enjoys the company of and even more modern trolls. But she finds Draenei similar to her nigh elf family. She enjoys the quirkiness of Dwarves and gnomes. Though while devices gnomes and goblins make amuse her she eyes them with caution unless they are a pet or something proven more stable. She'd rather rely on nature.

Alignment: True Neutral ((Which I'm sure annoys some but it is a result of her being raised as a small elf with the Alliance until the war forced her to live with the Horde and their family dividing. After she started looking more night elf and wanted to be a druid so started living with and becoming part of the Alliance. Spending time on both factions she has seen good and bad in both sides and tries to be objective with both. Even if as Alliance she is forbidden for properly communicating with the Horde anymore. She still hopes one day elf factions will make peace and her family again will be reunited. Though she knows from her own life that even with that things would never be the same. Either just different or hopefully better as they have already had worse.))
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90 Gnome Warlock
Full Name: Struve Dawnstrider

In-Game: Struve

Nickname: Struve

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Light to medium ((If with a guild group in world questing or hanging out it can be heavy RP))

Guild: Rotten Luck

Title: Ambassador

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid ((Earth Mender?))

Talent: Tree and Moonkin

Professions: hunting ((skinning, fishing, & cooking)), first aid, and prospecting.

Age: Early middle age.

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: Medium

Height: Medium

Garments/Armor: She wears things she gains in exchange from providing pelts. Mostly dark or terrain blending leather cloths. Nothing to keep her bogged down or get caught on things.


Specific enemies or likes: She likes elves and gnomes. The latter make her laugh and the former she can philosophize with.

Alignment: Neutral Good.
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90 Gnome Warlock
Full Name: Ciara WildGear

In-Game: Ciara

Nickname: Key ((or Ci/Cee))

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Medium ((Sometimes light or heavy depending on who I am around or my mood. She will RP chat NPC's.))

Guild: Relentless

Title: Ambassador

Race: Gnome ((But for part of her existence being raised by Dwarves with no contact with other gnomes she thought she too was a Dwarf. She has a twin sister Ashka whom she finally heard of but hasn't found yet. She searches for this fraternal twin off and on during her travels.))

Class: Warlock

Talent: Destruction and Demonology

Professions: Engeineering ((Gnome - trying to connect with her gnome heritage)) and mining. She also is a lay nurse. She doesn't care much for fishing or for cooking.

Age: Young Adult

Sex: Female

Hair: Black ((Is her natural color but she has been known to change it to a variety of colors))

Eyes: Green

Weight: Medium

Height: Short to medium ((for a gnome))

Garments/Armor: She likes things flamboyant.


Specific enemies or likes: She has a thing for Taurens and Orc. Nobody is quite sure why and she doesn't even know herself other than she just really likes them. She's not too happy about scourage or humans but she is ok with the humans she's come to call friend.

Alignment: Chaotic Good ((She thinks fireworks are great. Loud noise and beautiful colors. Her little destructive gnomy glee over setting them off or playing with reign of fire))
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90 Gnome Warlock
Full Name: Hulda Stonehammer

In-Game: Hulda

Nickname: Hulda

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Light and medium ((again if I'm with the guild in an in world activity I'm more likely to be heavier RP))

Guild: Rotten Luck


Race: Orc

Class: Death Knight

Talent: Blood/Frost and Unholy

Professions: Scribe ((Inscription and herbalism)), cook, lay nurse, lay archaologist, and fisherman.

Age: Close to middle age

Sex: Female

Hair: Seafoam green/Aqua

Eyes: dark

Weight: Medium

Height: Medium

Garments/Armor: She likes dark jeweled or earth tone colors. She wears what is functional, not likely to get caught on other things, and is durable over what looks cool. But that said she has also been known to modify her own cloths and has a style of her own.


Specific enemies or likes: She thinks of goblins much like someone would think of their pet dog. She find gnomes a hyper amusement. She's ok with some elves but they aren't exactly on her most liked list. She perfers the company of scourage, tauren, and oddly draenei though she can't quite explain that last one. Maybe it is because she spent some time around them during the war.

Alignment: Neutral Good
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90 Gnome Warlock
Full Name: Varushka Zeena Zahira

In-Game: Varushka

Nickname: Varu, Var, and Zee.

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Light to medium.

Guild: Relentless


Race: Draenai

Class: Nun ((Priest))

Talent: Holy/Discipline & Shadow

Professions: Jeweler, cook, fisherman, archaeologist, and nurse.

Age: Young Adult

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark teal/Dark bluish green

Eyes: light

Weight: Medium

Height: Medium

Garments/Armor: She likes flowing girly girl cloths

Other: She has a perky personality and is similar to the singing nun((Sister Act)). This despite a very dark period where she had been around Orc at an internment camp. She has a bit of a personality split from that but most times she is good natured.

Specific enemies or likes: She either loves or hates orc depending on her mindset at the time((Her split persona)). She feels bad for undead and they creep her out a little but she doesn't hate them she feels like she can relate to them. Goblins and gnomes creep her out but she tries to pretend she's fine with them. She's learned to tolerate the odd one such as Ciara. But maybe that is because Ciara thought she was a Dwarf before and has always been a little different too.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ((She can be both good or bad depending on the personality out))
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