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80 Gnome Warlock
Full Name: Minuialwen Awen

In-Game: Minuialwen

Nickname: Min

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Light to medium.

Guild: Rotten Luck


Race: High Elf and Night elf ((Blood elf as far as the game goes))

Class: Hunter

Talent: Beast Master and Marksman


Age: Young Adult

Sex: Female

Hair: Strawberry blond

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: Medium

Height: Medium

Garments/Armor: Nothing special just what works and what fits.

Other: Indilwen is her older sister.

Specific enemies or likes: Her family believes in the reunification of the elvish people. Her father was a high elf priest and her mother a night elf druid.

Alignment: Neutral Good
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85 Draenei Warrior
Since I've started RP regularly on my druid, I figure I ought to add his profile as well.

Full Name: Alfred Kensington
In-Game: Kensington
Nickname: Al

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Varies

Guild: Aggressively Casual
Title: N/A

Race: Worgen-afflicted Human
Class: Druid
Talent: Feral
Professions: Herbalism/Alchemy

Age: 33
Sex: Male

Hair: Red/ Gray
Eyes: Blue/ Purple

Weight: 175/250
Height: 6'2"/7'6"

Garments/Armor: Simple leather armor, usually disheveled and worn-looking.

Other: Alfred is a mellow sort of fellow, quick to smile and slow to anger. He prefers his worgen form, and can usually be seen in the company of the Gnomish Physician Lovisa Sweetcog.

Specific enemies or likes: Hates the Forsaken, and avoids Death Knights if he can. He loves a good Chianti.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Namia Erian Palewind

In-Game: Namia

Nickname: Nam

Level of RP: Situational, it comes and goes in bursts.

Guild: Rapture

Race: High Elf

Class: Paladin

Talent: Holy (In-game), Shockadin (RP)

Professions: Enchanting and Jewelcrafting

Age: 19 (In human years)

Sex: Female

Hair: Light blond

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 121lbs

Height: 5'8"

Garments/Armor: Over-sized sweaters and other comfortable clothes. Pretty much anything in black or white, sometimes grey. It's rare to catch her wearing anything coloured. She has a secret fondness for frilly, girly clothing but is embarrassed to wear or admit it.

Other: Not particularly pretty, and looks very much like an adolescent. A late bloomer with nice eyes. Seems delicate and fragile, but is surprisingly sturdy. Comes across as a bit of a tomboy.

Specific enemies or likes: Uncomfortable around druids in particular. Skittish around people in general. Feels more at ease around others who wield holy magic. Has nothing against Alliance or Horde in particular, as she grew up outside of both jurisdictions.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Brief Summary:

Namia comes from a long line of Lightwielders. Her family was among the few high elves involved in the original Scarlet Crusade. She is exceptionally gifted in the Light, but she neither knows how to control nor utilize it. It has a tendency of just *happening* when she goes into mood extremes. (IE, when angry, she'll accidentally shock the !*%* out of things.) The chaos surrounding her condition is slowly driving her insane. Though this ailment drives her to do some pretty terrible things at times, she's got a good heart. (When she's sane enough to think rationally.)
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85 Night Elf Rogue
O hay. New toon on the horizon:

Full Name: Dr. Lovisa Sweetcog

In-game: Lovisa

Nickname: "Doc"

Level of RP: varies, but usually IC

Guild: Aggressively Casual

Race: Gnome
Class: Priest
Talent: Discipline (with a bit of shadow for questing)
Professions: Mining and Engineering

Age: Adult (rough equivalent to what a human would be at late 20s-early 30s)
Sex: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Weight: 40lbs (sturdy)
Height: 3'4", often levitating to a height of about 5'3"

Garments/Armour: Tries to not wear robes where she can. Most often wearing goggles or some form of eyewear. She'll either have a mace at her belt or a wrench in her hand, depending on what she happens to be doing.

She's probably levitating. She doesn't want to look at knees and crotches all day.

Lovisa worked as a triage nurse in Stormwind under one of the cathedral's lesser priests. Over time she got really good at putting people back together, and also found she could reach to the Light to aid her work along.

When the Cataclysm struck she was dispatched to Teldrassil to aid with the influx of Gilnean refugees. From there she met Al Kensington, and decided the world was too damn interesting to ignore.

The engineering is really a hobby moreso than anything else.

Also. Honestly, seriously, if you see anyone RPing out in the open and you want to engage with them, don't be shy and jump right in. THAT is how we're going to get RP going -- by actually DOING it.
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85 Draenei Warrior
Also. Honestly, seriously, if you see anyone RPing out in the open and you want to engage with them, don't be shy and jump right in. THAT is how we're going to get RP going -- by actually DOING it.

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85 Draenei Hunter
Quick question here folks. I'm new to RP and still trying to come up with a good story line for my three that I want to Rp with. (this toon being one of them) The other two are a human warlock and a druid. Are there any sites that help with this? Thanks
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90 Night Elf Hunter

Full Name: Aedi Moon

In-Game: Aedimoon

Nickname: Aedi

Level of RP: Medium And Desperately searching

Guild: Strength and Honor

Title: None yet

Race: Kal'Dorei

Class: Hunter

Talent: Beast Mastery

Professions: Skinning ... Leather working is still very low

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Silver

Weight: Curvy (A lady never tells)

Height: about 6'7

Garments/Armor: Whatever I happen to be able to use While Questing, and When Resting, a White Traditional Hanbok

Other: There is a gunshot wound on her left Glute, A Mistake a fellow hunter made while they were training. But it's not like anyone will see it

Specific enemies or likes: Loves Mammoth Meals and Is part of the Brew of the Month Club. Food Is her second love after Cyrus.

Alignment: Friendly/Neutral

Send me an In Game mail! We'll Roleplay!
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Full Name: Zeraliel Phoenixdawn
In-Game: Zeraliel
Nickname: Z, Zera, Zerali.
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Situational. Just starting out. Would love to progress.

Guild: Thespian Empire
Title: Champion of the Thespian Empire; of the Nightfall (generally)

Race: Sin'Dorei (Blood Elf)
Class: Mage
Talent: Arcane and only, ONLY Arcane.
Professions: Herbalism and Inscription

Age: 125 (I negate this to about 19-20 in Human Years)
Sex: Female
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Fel Green of the Blood Elves.
Weight: Average weight -- she comes off healthy and thin, somewhat muscularly built from the hard work she puts into everything, but not body-builder esque.
Height: Shorter than the average female Sin'Dorei.
Garments/Armor: Zera loves clothes, and has a wide assortment of robes that she wears. Unless she's adventuring (in which she wears her hardcore armor), she wears long, flowy robes that usually are bright colors. She also likes her makeup and she likes being a girl. Very much likes being a girl.
Other: Zera is sarcastic, but very good natured. She's has had her tiffs with people before, but like any female, she can either keep a grudge or, after being shown something other than why she doesn't like you, forgive and forget in an instant. She dislikes leaving Dalaran, and only visits Silvermoon City on occasion due to her past. Unless adventuring, she can always be found in the Legardemain Lounge or Sunreaver's Sanctuary.)
Specific enemies or likes: Zeraliel, having lived in Dalaran for much of her life, doesn't necessarily hate any race be they Alliance or Horde. However, because of her background, she absolutely abhors any form of Scourge, whether they be fighting for the general good or not. She has disowned her own sister because she has risen as a Death Knight, though no longer in service of the Lich King. She also, like many of the Horde, abhors Garrosh Hellscream and would like to see him rot at the bottom of the ocean.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Send me an ingame mail if you saw this! :) I'm interested in meeting new people, and if you can think of a storyline, I'm down!
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90 Goblin Hunter
Full Name: Axzle Restwrench

In-Game: Axzle

Nickname: Bartender, Ive heard Little Weasel from time to time...

Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Medium

Guild: Nocturnal Vigilance

Title: Entrepreneur

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter

Talent: Beast Mastery, Survival, and Marksman, depending on the current patch.

Professions: Mining/Engineering, Archaeology, First Aid, Fishing, Cooking (in-game) Innkeeper/caterer/bartender/shipping magnate (and looking to branch out too) ((in character))

Age: 26

Sex: M

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Weight: 40lbs

Height: 3'6''

Garments/Armor: I dress in a way that says "Im an adventurer, but also a businessman."

Other: Axzle is the new head of the Restwrench family of goblins. The last head, his father, Gizmak died during the destruction of Kezan. The Restwrenches ran a series of inns, taverns, and hostel services. Since joining the Horde, Axzle has set his sights on a number of the existing Inns scattered in Orc settlements across Azeroth. Axzle is always looking for new ideas to expand his tiny cartel.

Specific enemies or likes: Gold (big surprise), Talking shop, business opportunities, books, finding something new before anyone else. No specific enemies, though he is not fond of Trade Prince Gallywix.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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90 Draenei Priest
Greetings from a future Argent Dawn neighbour! I'll be editing this as I fill more details in.

Full name: Dinaestra Almanina, or Dinaestra Lansing, or sometimes just plain Dinaestra
In-game: Dinaestra (paladin) / Dinaestraa (priest) / Dinaesträ (monk)
Nicknames (none particularly by choice): Dina, Glowy One
Level of RP: Generally medium, but if she is walking around a city, she is fair game.

Guild: Vanguard (priest) / Order of the Argent Rose (paladin/monk)
Title: I switch between "of the Exodar" and "the Argent Champion", though the latter is probably more appropriate for her IC.

Race: Draenei
Class: Started as a paladin, later went into priest training, and most recently started studying the path of the monk.
Talent: Protection (paladin) / discipline (priest) / windwalker (monk)
Professions: Engineer, scribe, jewelcrafter (engineer and jewelcrafter are her more prominent ones IC)
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16 Gnome Mage
Full Name: Terina Frostspark
In-Game: Terina
Nickname: Teri
Level of RP(situational, varies, light, medium, or heavy): Medium

Guild: None
Title: Professor

Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Talent: Frost
Professions: Tailoring and enchanting

Age: 55
Sex: Female
Hair: Reddish-brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 2'11"

Other: Terina held a position as an instructor of elementary teleportation at the Stormwind mage academy for the last six years, before she took a leave of absence to lend her assistance to Operation: Gnomeregan. Having been quite within the blast radius of Thermaplugg's irradiator when it went off, she's been spending the last few months trying to work through the side effects and remember most of her spells -- a sort of magical rehab that she hopes will get her ready to return to the academy by the time the next class session starts.
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