A brilliant idea to fix Ret.

We all know that Ret needed a way to separate good players from nubs. Our current 4.0 implementation is better, but didn't go far enough for those of us with superior skill. So, I have a suggestion.

Lock every ability down so that they are only used when randomly activated by auto attacks.

Our rotation will start out with basic meleeing. Each point of Mastery will increase the chance that one of our abilities will light up. If we stack enough Mastery, we will eventually get enough flashing lights going to make a full rotation to use an ability every gcd.

Our talents can be chosen based on which abilities you'd like to proc more often.

This will separate the clickers from the pros, the vets from the fotm. Some nubs might accidentally click an ability that hasn't lit up yet, therefore losing dps. It will also eliminate stupid mods like CLCRet so baddies can't use them.

No need to worry about rng deciding who gets top dps, just keep your Recount on "Overall Data" and never reset it and the dps will even out over several weeks.

I think this suggestion clearly will eliminate face rolling and truly elevate the class to "legit".
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90 Undead Warlock
I'm going to assume the RNG proc nature of the ret spec isn't to your liking. Fair enough too.
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100 Draenei Warrior
I'm going to assume the RNG proc nature of the ret spec isn't to your liking. Fair enough too.
I'm going to assume you didn't see yourself getting trolled just now.
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