LF Alliance guild/merger for 10m Cata raids

90 Human Warrior
Hey all, we have a small guild of friends and about 4 of us are interested in getting into a Cata raid guild (or merging with others who may not have enough to raid on their own). We'd prefer to stay small and find a similar group of friends/family that is looking to boost their numbers for Cata. Trying to stick with a tight-knit group to avoid the drama/ego issues that we've all experienced before.
The four of us are adults and are looking to raid with others who may be in the same situation as us and require flexible hours. Since we all work during the day we aren't really open to late night raiding, and some of us having varying hours which require us to occasionally work weeknights.
We have all raided to some extent in LK, BC, and some of us were hardcore back in Classic. Our group consists of me (tank or dps, don't really care which role), Celessia disc priest healer, Solome rogue, and Orpik mage. We have a few other alt 80s we could bring in for various raids, but these are the mains we would like to raid with.
Contact any of us in-game, or reply here if you're interested. With the way guild achievements/rep works in Cata I'm assuming we'd all like to be in one guild.
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Please help us find a good home! We're nice cool people!
We all have raided at various times throughout wow. The other guys were more hardcore raiders back in Vanilla. I was more of a raider in late BC, and throughout WotLK.

We bring a lot to the table as far as the new guild achievement process. We all have multiple 80's who will bring in a good amount of daily participation. I am the mage listed above, but this warrior is my Achievement lover and collector. Someone please get me one more mount.

We've got other friends who just aren't active enough to do much or are indecisive on whether they will be playing Cata and if so, which realm, which is why we are looking to be absorbed like this.
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We are putting together multiple teams... Its a big guild but no drama, or id leave. and the raiders stay grouped. Check it out if interested. We are adults and easy going.

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81 Dwarf Paladin
Reach out to Not Too Late. We were a decent sized guild for most of WotLK have reduced our numbers as the content slowed. Those of us left are mature adults who want to be successful and push the content but don't have any drama.


or just whisper any of us in game to chat. Or you can send a mail to Riverage (GM), one of the most sexy druids on the server! And that is coming from a female dorf!!!
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85 Dwarf Priest
If you'd like to consider another option, I invite you to take a look at <Compulsion>. We're not as old as the other two guilds (and they're both fine guilds), but, like your situation, we have players who have been guilded with each other for the last 4 or 5 years.

I think the thing you will like about <Compulsion> is our accomodating nature. As we try to match every player's playstyle out there, we have adapated for those nights where people just have to work late, or need to play it cool for awhile.


Good luck in wherever you look!
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85 Night Elf Druid
Please email me at josh.rowley@gmail.com, I think we could help you out.
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85 Human Paladin

Currently a group of 4 old friends (age range 23 - 30 something) + my leveling spouse. I am spec'd prot tank, we had a resto druid, a sham and hunter as well. We plan on doing semi casual/pro with clear start and stop times (7pm - 9pm est, days have yet to be decided). So just show up 15 minutes early, be prepared to raid and make progress. All we want is a comitment to improve. You can shoot myself or Octive a message in game so we may discuss further.
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85 Gnome Warrior
Have you found a home yet? <Apathy> Is currently recruiting for 10 man endgame content. We're a mature guild, who is all about having fun while raiding, and progressing.

We are a medium-small size lvl 7 guild with very motivated, committed, and tight-knit members. We're looking to add people who want to be a part of that family. We like to bust on each other sometimes, so don't be offended easily, and send me a tell in-game if interested.
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85 Human Death Knight
Please find attached <Betrayal>'s recruitment thread.

If after reading it you are interested please contact me or submit an application.

Good luck to you.

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