I've been around since vanilla beta and it see the same patterns over and over. What I can't understand is why blizzard hasn't make a strict pvp tree. Not hard to resrtic the pvp tree to only being used in arenas and bgs. Would fix many issues with "balance" in many classes. You don't need a pvp spec for lvling so if your a noob/ town tanker sorry you have pve options only. Pve could then finally be based around mobs and bosses for dps and every class could relax on who's better as long as your finishing your run. I mean really trying to do both in a skill tree is becoming more and more of a headache. Why not set trees strictly for pve and pvp so when there is OP issues its not so hard to make a fix. Most of the issues are with pvp dmg and talents any how. This I know has always been a qq and there isn't enough tissues to go around but putting a temp bandade on it has never work so why continue the pattern.

Lol sorry for the vent but ppl need to stop qq and help with more game ideas and most of all realize its a GAME even if you have no life.