For Pony is recruiting 70's for BC Raiding

85 Orc Death Knight
You do heroine?
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70 Draenei Paladin
Y'all know me, still the same R Lead
But I been low key
Hated on by most these raiders wit' no cheese
No titles and no achieves
No drakes and no mech keys
No bills no raiding deals
and no cloaks from ToC
Mad at me 'cause I can finally provide my guildies
with epic BoE's

Got a guild wit' mad skills and full of perks
To add to the wall of progression works
Hangin' up in the front of Org like trophies
Did ya'll think I'ma let my gold freeze? Ho, please
You better keybind both knees.
And smoke those keys like trees.
Who you think raised the new batch of raid'ees?
Male-D's, Jaydawgs, and Khali's
The Ro-double-M-ies
and the groups that said, "Mothertruck ICC"

Showed you a raid full of dope peep's
Bumping bosses while strolling thru a ventless hood
And when your guildies weren't doin' no good
Who's the Lead they told you to go see?
Ya'll better listen up closely
All you players that said my mind pop'd
or my runs flopped
Ya'll are the reason that Pony ain't gettin' no sleep
so Fudge ya'll, all of y'all, if y'all don't like me, pvp me
Y'all are gonna keep fudge'n around wit' me
And turn me back into the old Pony

(Chorus x 2)
Nowadays everybody wanna PUG like they got something to raid
But nothing dies at 100 percent
Just wasted time yelling on Vent
And mothertruckers act like they forgot about Pony
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85 Human Priest
/Cheers sir. You win. I can't believe I actually sat here and read every word you typed, but somehow... SOMEHOW.. I did.
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please stop posting
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85 Tauren Druid
Italian scientists claim they have demonstrated cold fusion:

Why is this important? Italians also rank high on the ice cream Hall of Fame list with their delightful culinary dish known as Gelato.

Cold Fusion can only mean more Cold Gelato and I believe this is a good thing for Ponykind.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
01/24/2011 9:39 AMPosted by Malediction
Italian scientists claim they have demonstrated cold fusion:

Why is this important? Italians also rank high on the ice cream Hall of Fame list with their delightful culinary dish known as Gelato.

Cold Fusion can only mean more Cold Gelato and I believe this is a good thing for Ponykind.

True story Gelato is pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is the cute girls that sell gelato at gelato stands.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I think Pony is slowly becoming my hero for a reason still unknown to me.
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70 Draenei Paladin
That's RIGHT! You heard correctly boys and girls, <For Pony> IS RECRUITING!

What Kind of Guild is <For Pony>?
- <For Pony> is a deeply religious guild that believes in the One True Pony, lord and maker of all that is truly truly truly outrageous, the beat is contagious, outrageous, no other pony is the same, Super Awesome Pony is her name! Pony! Yeah! that heavily engages in the consumption of sugar packed chocolate covered children shaped sweets.. oh and carrots (and sometimes peanut butter, if we've been good) which we eat to death!.

What kind of players does <For Pony> accept?
- Any that meet the below 'Pony Qualifications'. We accept noobs and old farts and even the senile, but we heavily discirimininanamate against horses. We are fans of and support the Dead Horse Society Assassination and Horse Eradication Movement (DeHoSo & HoErMo, see also Dead Horse Society ). Altho we are not fans of the Cows found in the Horde ranks, we do not intentionally kill them out of hand, but only if they flag up and do not /dance with us. To be a Cow and not dance with a flagged pony is the gravest of insults, one that is punishable by death!

Is there anything other then Horses that <For Pony> does not accept?
- Yes. Known ninja's, gold farmers, beggars, extremely hostile individuals with an axe to grind, or incredibly irritating people that do not respect the Pony Sisterhood and actively combat it. We accept forum and trade chat trolls, but they must not violate the sisterhood's holy gchat. This is channel of communication is considered sacred and may not be used in such a way as any pony becomes of such an annoyance it makes me want to chew my own eyes out. Violators of the sacred holy gchat are punishable by death!

What is the Pony Sisterhood?
- The Pony SIsterhood is an agreement between all <For Pony> members not to engage in attacks of any kind, whether subtle or direct, between members in Holy Gchat. <For Pony> members are actively encouraged to haze and playfully tease each other as often as possible, but to not do so with malicious intent. The agreement also dictates that Ponys may fight between each other on open forums, or public channels over differences of opinions on any topic (save the existence of the One True Pony - this must never be refuted as it is blasphemy and punishable by death!) but not take the discussion personally. In the event participating ponys do, when they come to their senses they must issue the appropriate apologies and rectify the situation, and bond, most likely eating some sweets together while sliding their bare pony butt down a rainbow.

Pony Qualifications:
1) Must have "Pony" as the second half of your name. (ex. Happypony)
2) First part of name must describe the type of pony you are. (ex. "happy" in the above example)
3) Must be a female toon (because My Little Pony is a girl's toy).
4) Must be Draenei, (because they have hooves and tails).
5) Must hate horses. (Cuz Ponys Rule FOOL!)

Currently Recruiting:
- Twink Ponys
- PvP Ponys
- Leveling Ponys
- Forum Ponys
- Gearing Up Ponys
- Casual Ponys

Now I put a lot of seconds into this G'Dm add, I wanna see some apps @once! I wanna see a Notpony app, and a Rakonapony, a Sorrowpony, a Aetahpony (get it? hehe), a Psuedopony, Renetpony, Oddipony, etc. (Shush! I'm not listing you all right now, cuz.. i'm running outa sugar and I'm about to pass out so I have to finish this up fast!)

Now what was I saying? Oh yeah!

How to apply!
Send me an in-game mail (no website, we're Too Super Awesome for that!) on the Pony toon you wish to be guildied with and a similar phrased statement like: "Praise Pony! OMG you are like SO KEWL! Ken I play wif you!? Plz plz plz lemme be a Pony! Amen!" and that should take care of it. (Don't forget the "Praise Pony!" and "Amen!" these are a must!)
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70 Draenei Paladin
Crowd Controlling for DUMMIES

A long time ago, in an expansion far far away we needed to CC in dungeons (the means 'crowd control' dummy). This began my friends long before the ability to use Raid Target Icons (RTI). People during this time did something truly remarkable. They...

(say it with me, Coe-moo-ni-kay-shun)

I know. I know. You all think I'm completely crazy. Yes, yes younglings I realize this action is completely incomprehensible to the A.D.D. player base brainwashed by the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but it indeed is true, and still a valid way of playing. Indeed, letting your tank know which target you intend to CC before any respective pull will go to amazing lengths to help ensure it proceeds smoothly, productively, and quickly.

With the implementation of Raid Target Icons and the Chimp-Simple nature of macro's, you can easily make a button that marks your target with a declared icon and chat statement to readily COMMUNICATE (there goes that cRaZy word again) to your tank which target you intend to 'crowd control' before the tank pulls.

Incase you didn't catch that last part, here it is again:


By marking a target and establishing it clearly as your CC target, you are letting your tank know which targets to effectively ignore during initial engagement. In addition, such communication helps them position more appropriately.

Now we're going to provide help with which targets you should consider selecting to CC.

First and foremost you want a target that is NOT IMMUNE to your crowd control abilities. It does little good to mark a target you can't CC. So make sure you pick one that can. (Kinda goes without saying, but hey, you'd be surprised at the amount of Drp drp going around.) Do not let model skins fool you, some times targets are designated as other 'types'. Blizzard designers like to do this often, as you'll find many targets designated as 'undead' that you wouldn't normally think upon just looking at them.

Second, tanks are built to primarily withstand PHYSICAL DAMAGE. It is therefor wiser of you to look for possible spell casters to Crowd Control, especially those of a DPS nature. By removing enemy spell damage from the immediate encounter, you help ensure your tank's survivability by doing what they do best - mitigating physical damage. Doing so allows more heals for YOU! (That's a good thing dummy!)


If you are trying to CC a melee, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG like those dummys who dps the gorgon instead of one of the 3 casters in Grim Batol.

In the event your tank is a highly mobile one, aka one that moves around a lot irritating the melee dps to no end, this is to the advantage of any ranged who can CC, because the tank's behavior will normally separate the casters from the melee. When they do, CC your marked target who is now standing alone spamming shadow/frost bolts at your tank. If the tank breaks your CC during initial engagements, then...


If your tank continues to break your marked and correct CC targets over and over again without attempting to move away from them instead (such as by camping ON the casters and using AoE), consider getting a new tank, because clearly they are too dumb to tank the current content. Either verbally correct the situation, or kick them with the message "go back to normals dummy."

While on the other hand, if your CC broke because you CC'd a target as the tank was charging/shielding in to AoE threat on the initial pull and stand there going "Nub tank breaking my CC, I'm not gonna re-CC" YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG dummy. Either CC well before your tank pulls, or after he/she separates the mobs, not during the pull and then crying about it breaking afterwards like some dummy. This is something easily established with the tank before hand by asking "You want cc before or after pulls?"

(continued below)
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70 Draenei Paladin
Even in the best of situations with experienced and knowledgeable players, things can go wrong. Perhaps a pat came in, and in order to catch it your tank had to use an AoE which broke current CC. You find yourself with your CC target now immersed in tank AoE threat rotation. What do you do? Mindlessly dps like a WotLK dummy? No dummy! You overpower your brainwashing and do what needs to be done.


If your target is properly marked, pulling threat on it will communicate to the tank that you are intending to move it's location. A knowledgeable tank won't panic and think to taunt/re-threat the target because they see a big colorful raid icon on it and know it's a CC target. Something that is supposed to be handled by someone who can CC, until the encounter is more under control. By simply clicking the target without engaging any skills will allow the tank to see who it is going after, further letting them know "Oh, they are going to Re-CC it away from me. Kickass. That hunter is no dummy after all."

Use either silencing abilities to cause it to manually move, taunts, or use LoS tactics to get it to move. Know before hand where you are going to move it, and have your CC prepared. Then once your target reaches the desired location, lock it down again with CC. Some classes even have Taunt abilities or pets with taunt abilities further increasing the ease of pulling your CC mob to you. If you are using a taunt, ensure you follow the taunt with a high damage attack to ensure a sufficient threat buffer that won't be overridden by generic tank AoE threat.

To help ensure the ease of your CC'n ability, make sure to...


Don't be one of those dummys who has to search thru their entire interface to find their CC-related abilities. Yes, we realize you haven't used them from lack of genuine need for the last 2 years, but things have changed. You need them again. Re-familiarize yourself with them. Have them readily available in your interface. Use them appropriately. Maybe even god forbid incorporate some macro's into their use (psst that's how you maintain strong dps with CC'n multitasking dummy).

In summary,

By readily communicating with your tank, both verbally and visually, with a couple of quick simple gestures you can help ensure a more enjoyable Cataclysm Heroic experience for yourself and others, dummy.
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85 Worgen Death Knight
is pony a lil on the retarded side? seriously.. what is wrong with you. you might want to rethink your life!!!! you type to much...and seriously...i didnt read it...because its always not worth it.lmfao
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85 Troll Druid
02/01/2011 7:28 PMPosted by Graxed
is pony a lil on the retarded side? seriously.. what is wrong with you. you might want to rethink your life!!!! you type to much...and seriously...i didnt read it...because its always not worth it.lmfao

I find it a little ironic that you're not using proper punctuation or spelling whilst asking if he's retarded.
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70 Draenei Paladin
02/01/2011 7:28 PMPosted by Graxed
is pony a lil on the retarded side? seriously.. what is wrong with you. you might want to rethink your life!!!! you type to much...and seriously...i didnt read it...because its always not worth it.lmfao

How to respond like Deathpony to forum trolling and flaming.

Please Pick your Deathpony-Response From the Following Choices:

Response Q) Quit Now, go directly to Fail.

I went with Q. Mostly because I couldn't read what he said. I'm just not fluent in Stupidese.
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70 Draenei Paladin
1 Liner Responses to 1 Liner Responses

Cool Story Bro

- Not as cool as the one I got about your sister.
If you don't like it, just quit.

- You mean like cigarettes?
It's just a game

- It's just virtual heroin.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

- Kinda like what happened to your face?
R U Mad Bro?

- R U Dum Bro?
I'm so TIRED of these QQ threads!

- If you don't like them, why don't you JUST QUIT reading them?
QQ Moar plz

- Fine, next time tell your mom to put mayo on my turkey sammich.

- Too Dumb; Can't Read
If it isn't fun, why are you playing?

- Because I'm having fun complaining about not having fun.
Can I have your stuff?

- No, but you can have my crap.

- kthnxFO&die
Nobody cares

- You care enough to tell me that you don't care so you do care but I really don't care that you care carebear.
Here we go again...

- Here you go being dumb again.
Do we really need another QQ thread?

- Do we really need you posting in every one of them?

- L2!Bgay
This thread is full of b*llsht

- Kinda like your head minus the bull.
Thanks for sharing

- Thanks for your mom coming over last night.

- Try a pump for more inches bro.
Is this a troll?

- Is this a stupid question?
This is fail

- Do not pass go, do not collect $200, send your funny bone directly to fail.
You tried too hard

- Being hard is why you have my eyes.
*Wall of text crits you*

- *Wall of dumb prevents you from comprehension with a mighty blow!*
Why am I reading this?

- Because you're a sap and couldn't say 'No.'
Fail post is Fail

- Dumb response is dumb as dumb poster is dumb.
This thread is new and exciting

- Just like your response that's been used by 2,987,654 people before you.
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70 Draenei Paladin
"No Nubs"

A nub is an ally who thinks he's fly
and is also known as a noob
always talking about epics he wants
and just sits in town on his broke ass
so (no)

I don't want your invite (no)
I don't want to give you mine and (no)
I don't want to raid with you nowhere (no)
I don't want none of your time and (no)

I don't want no nub
a nub is an ally that can't get no love from me
hanging out on the AH side
on his un-epic'd ride
trying to PST with me.
I don't want no nub
a nub is an ally that can't get no love from me
hanging out on the AH side
on his un-epic'd ride
trying to PST with me.

But a nub is check'n me
but his gear is kinda weak
and I know that he cannot out dps me
Even Prot I'll surpass cuz his dps is trash
Can't get wit' no deadweight ass
So (no)

I don't want your invite (no)
I don't want to give you mine and (no)
I don't want to raid with you nowhere (no)
I don't want none of your time and (no)


If you don't have an epic fly and you're riding
Oh yes boy I'm talking about you
If you raid at home wit' your momma
Oh yes boy I'm talking to you
Wanna be my pier with no gear
Oh no I don't want no (oh)

No nub
No nub (no no)
No nub (no no no no no)
No nub (no no)





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85 Goblin Hunter
Damn you Pony, now I'm going to have that song in my head all day. lol
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70 Draenei Paladin
Ok in all seriousness, in this very un-serious thread I have something to address.

I am now legitimately recruiting people for level 70 twinking.

I've been half-assing this for months and joking around about it, and even this thread has been a big joke, but I am now sincerely trying to put together a team that does things Tues/Friday nights, and also on the weekends. Atm I have 2 people that have already xferred to be part of this, and I am looking for more. Our intent is to engage in 70 PvP twinking, and to 'top out' our characters as much as possible while at the same time completing dungeon and (hopefully at some point) raid achieves in BC content to level the guild up.

The raid stuff is 'optimistic' but not realistic for me, but the dungeon stuff and PvP is a big reality. I have already been BG twinking for some time, and consider the 70 twink bracket the hands down funnest and fairest PvP atm. The BC content is essentially nerfed to hell, but it is still fun to do, and for those of you folks who miss rolling content stupid fast like you did in wrath, you can easily do so as a 70 twink. Seriously, I tank BC normals as Ret bc i'm 2-3 shotting everything.

The PvP is fun because anyone with 3k honor that turns 70, instantly has a full set of the best level 70 pvp gear, so the battles depend on skill, not being carried by a gear advantage - I'm sure a lot of you are aware of this now with 4.2 lvl 85 pvp. This makes it a whole other game at 70 especially with epic wrath gems and enchants. This is also the most robust twink bracket currently in the game. Our queue's are 3-6 mins on average (prime pvp time), and can get similar times as lvl 85 pvp in the off hours.

There are arenas, Rated BG's, and random BG's fully available. Also, as a 70 you can LFD queue for all but normal ramps and slave pens in BC, and you can even queue for 3 wotlk instances, giving you a wide selection of things to slaughter.

Additionally, the old BC grinds take no time cuz of how you can plow through everything. Don't level passed 70, because your gear depreciates and makes picking up the extra skills not worth it. All classes, save warriors, are very viable as 70 twinks. Unfortunately warriors kinda get the shaft.

Now don't go fronting about how you don't have time because of this or that. I lead a guild myself, and even my static pugs when I lead them here were out progressing a huge number of the guilds here, so don't even try it. I am now GL'n my own hardcore raid guild off server, and this is how I relax and cut back and have a lot of fun. It is relaxing downtime, and even the busiest GL here should consider being part of this, especially if you are feeling some burn out. It is hands down a great way to get away and loose the stress.

PS> Found Liz.
Edited by Deathpony on 7/26/2011 1:11 PM PDT
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83 Troll Priest
This is a great idea Pony. Would your attendance requirements be less rigid? I have several characters that are at or nearing level 70 that I'd be interested in playing, but my availability is somewhat limited.
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70 Blood Elf Priest
hai :)
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73 Human Paladin
Message me in game, I remember you on my Hunter when you rocked Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse back in the day ^.^

Recently came back to Maly and figured i'd twink in the 70 bracket.
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