Warlocks are depressing now..........

90 Undead Warlock
Fellow locks,

Please tell me i am not the only one who feel this pain. Just ran a icc10 with my guild...
The mage which was way undergeared then me was pulling 24 - 25k dps all by pressing 1 button...."arcane blast". while i am only managing a good 10k dps.

Has anyone here raided in the Cata raids... tell me that our dps is AT LEAST enough to hit the top 3 dpsers in raids.
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85 Gnome Warlock
Arcane blast spam is non-viable at 85.

Also, do you really want to spam 1 button for huge damage? If you were around in TBC and raided MH, BT, and Sunwell while it was progression, you know exactly how ungodly boring 1 button spam is.

Warlock DPS in the first tier of Cata raids is good. I can't tell you if you will land in the top 3 DPSers because I have no idea what your skill level is versus the skill levels of the others you raid with. I can tell you that if you are as good as the other DPSers, you will do just fine.

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87 Goblin Warlock
If you don't like your warlock, it's a good thing there are other classes in the game.
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90 Undead Warlock
Hence pls go change. My warlock been wth me for 4 years.... i will never leave her

......... 1 button dps... yea shadow blot.... fell asleep dpsing pressing 1 button only
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In regards to the Arcane Mage comparison I cannot help but agree.

I recently leveled a mage to 80 after the 4.0.1 changes hit - mostly in battlegrounds or instances. To get the most out of the experience I dual-specced and changed my talents often.

In the end I went with an Arcane build for PVP and a separate one for PVE. Why?

Arcane Blast did so much damage in PVP that I actually killed other players. Due to the Slow* on cast of Arcane Blast mechanic at later levels and the Mana Shield knockback it was very viable against melee characters. I used Mage Ward when it was available to help negate spellcaster damage.

Against enemies, non-elites would not even make it to me before they died. Elite enemies would make it to me, but get knocked back when my mana shield bursted and then another shot or two killed them. Certain enemies which I found challenging in Burning Crusade content (Blacktalon, the Stonescythe elite in the cave in Hellfire) for non-tank characters were still very soloable for an arcane mage.

It is just as disappointing to mages who have one talent tree that's viable and two that aren't --- and that one spec prefers to cast a single spell with a few cooldown abilities thrown in the mix for good measure.

Right now I am leveling a gnome warlock alongside my roommate who is leveling a gnome priest. I have tried every talent spread available (currently level 29) and I can't seem to break higher than a 3:2 ratio in battlegrounds. Simply put - my damage isn't there. My DOTs and his are on par with each other and he can also shield himself and heal during combat.
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85 Human Warlock
....oops, how do i delete one of my posts? :-(
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Arcane mages will be far less powerful at 85 but still just as dull. That's why I'm thinking about levelling my warock instead. Much more fun.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
I remember when Mages were fun with POM fireball... and there were like 2-3 mages in bgs' and maybe 1 in a raid. Now there everywhere. I'm so embarrassed to play mine because they are so simple.
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81 Undead Warrior
It will get fixed. Just from Blizzards history it will be fixed. In the past like Vanilla people would QQ on the forums so bad about class imbalances they even threatened blizzard employees. We have came a long way ever since ghostcrawler came around. Classes get fixed after a few patches later instead of staying broken for 1-2 years like in Vanilla WoW. That is one reason I did not really like Vanilla PvP.

It will be fixed in a few patches. A lot of classes get adjusted when guilds start clearing raid instances.
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85 Orc Warlock
perhaps you should do a little research. go take a look at say simulationcraft, or if your really up for it go browse some beta parses from just before beta being closed. pretty much everything changes going to 85.
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85 Gnome Warlock
don't care what simcraft says i witnessed amost exactly the same thing the other night...
recount shows

1. random mage.......... 23,279
upon further inspection i notice this...

1. arcane blast............ %100
i sent him a tell... you know to make sure my recount wasn't being re re... no its not broken... mages are.

my suggestion...

give the rest of us an "I Win" button... or take theirs away :)
that will be all.
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80 Orc Warlock
Mages are supposed to out-damage warlocks (and everyone else for that matter). Glass Cannons and all that.
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20 Human Paladin
I'm not a pve'er, but I've seen Elitist Jerk simulations that have arcane mage doing very subpar DPS as things currently stand at 85. IIRC they were only above rogues in dps and well below locks.
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