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Welcome to Dragonmaw, a WoW release West Coast PvP Server. We've been around awhile, so there's plenty of history here. Lots of great PvP has happened on this server, with lots still to come. With the release of Cataclysm, we're looking towards engaging the larger community of WoW as a whole and declaring ourselves as the Unofficial World PvP Server. Being as we have multiple guilds already engaging in active World PvP, we would like to invite other guilds that enjoy World PvP to come and join us here.

Territorial WPvP:
We have guilds whose goal is to defend a territory or a city from attack. These guilds are rabid in their defense of their homes, and some set their hearthstone to these areas. Many legendary battles have taken place and rivalries have formed from the honorable defense of the homeland. The following guilds sponsor Territorial WPvP -

The Blood of Heroes - Astranaar / Ashenvale

Warsong Ax Men - Splintertree Post, Zoram Gar and Grom Gol / Ashenvale (Malgrot)

Plenty of individuals through the history of the server have made their mark by staking a claim on an area and killing trespassers. Notable among these have been Zizek and Reflex with Blackrock Mountain, Thugd at Thorium Point, and Grevious in the Plaguelands.

Sponsored WPvP Events:
Friday Night Fights
The Blood of Heroes (A), and PK (H) have worked together to sponsor hot spots of World PvP on friday nights. Exciting battles have been fought all over the world, from the Southshore/Tarren Mill, to Halaa, to Plaguelands. Plenty more unsponsered events crop up around the world if you watch the WorldDefense channel.

World PvP Coordination Channels
The Alliance has founded a channel for World PvP Coordination. Join /APvP to talk to other World PvPers on the server and coordinate attacks and information.


This information subject to change, and please report for Sticky
v1.2 - Updated with Malgrot's assertation of WAM's territories.
Edited by Mutters on 12/3/2010 1:26 PM PST
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and by east coast you mean west coast server right?
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Tired of fighting over who can kill NPC's in Astranaar better? Want to join a real PvP guild that will accomplish something in Cataclysm? Then Help Desk is looking for you! With the guidance of Arena Master Atharia we will be lead onward toward victory and hawt mounts.
85 Worgen Priest
Tired of being tired? Get some sleep!
85 Draenei Death Knight
Tired of being tired? Use 5 hour energy, applied directly to the forehead.
85 Orc Warlock
Zizek Mc'd me into the lava, then...

came in after me and killed me.

Good times.

We claim Splintertree, Zoram Gar and Grom Gol.

Ping and we'll do our best to respond. Weekends are most active.


Edited by Malgrot on 12/2/2010 8:07 PM PST
90 Blood Elf Rogue
Sticky this.
Mutters, been to ruins of that place south of silverpine?
Wandered around there for an hour.
I would love to Wpvp there at some point.
-Hermès, the Wpvp leader of The Warsong Ax Men
85 Orc Warlock
Anyone Else at the AQ opening event?

Hellmonkey, Unity, and a third if I recall...?

All I did was run around spamming siphon life.

In between 17 kalimdor server crashes.

There was an uninterrupted line of gryphons launching from Thermore as the event progressed.

Good times.
100 Tauren Hunter
Paradise of Nameless, they server transferred. I played horde so I didn't notice the gryphons but I did notice the alliance. There was some good world pvp over those crystal spawns but there was also a lot of crying about ganking in Silithus because people thought everyone should work together and hold hands. I got yelled at for killing an ally more than once.
80 Night Elf Druid

When this gets stickied, I'm going to start promoting this to the guild recruitment forums, and see if any guilds want to transfer early in Cata, or later. Also, if existing guilds/individuals want to start claming Territories, we would be much obliged to promoting that.
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@Mootwo - You've been around a lonnggg time. I remember seeing you with wolfie back in the old days.. Good to see old faces around the forum come Cata...
100 Tauren Hunter
Hey Phally, that's awesome when people remember me and Wolfie from way back then. :)

I love seeing old names around too.
80 Night Elf Druid
Hey, Yylanas came back! Now all we need are Zizek, Reflex, and Thugd!
85 Blood Elf Priest
Why Ashenvale as a place to engage in wpvp?
I can think of a myriad of more appealing alternatives. Of the top of my head:
winterspring, darkshore, wetlands, blasted lands (portal usage rights).
Edited by Enfermera on 2/4/2011 2:22 PM PST
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For the record, Zizek is back and active on Dmaw. :)
85 Blood Elf Warlock
Why Ashenvale as a place to engage in wpvp?
I can think of a myriad of more appealing alternatives. Of the top of my head:
winterspring, darkshore, wetlands, blasted lands (portal usage rights).

winterspring - wtf? this place is like 5 miles from any major city, just getting there would be a pain, also wtf is in winterspring?
darkshore - meh same as ashenvale really
wetlands - horde has a *#@#ing hard time getting to wetlands
blasted lands - nerds just run through portal when they're about to die

that said, ashenvale is garbage. feels like our "pvp" guilds are really just RP guilds or something
Edited by Nubstyx on 2/5/2011 5:00 AM PST
85 Human Paladin
that said, ashenvale is garbage. feels like our "pvp" guilds are really just RP guilds or something

Eh, I know mine is.
this is cute. really.
awwww dragonmaw finally attempting to do something productive with world pvp.
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