Pally, or roll same healing class twice?

90 Night Elf Priest
With Azeroth changed so much, I, like so many others, have decided to level a new toon. I chose to go with a holy paladin, since I discovered with this priest how much I enjoy healing.

I only leveled the pally to 12, which is really too early to start making judgments, but so far paladin has been the most boring class I've played. On the other hand, I can start to see some nice synergy going on with the pally healing skills, so I assume it gets a lot better (?)

So my question is two-fold: 1) for anyone who has a paladin, how interesting do you find the class to play? Specifically, how fun and interesting is it to play as a holy pally? 2) have any of you rolled the same class (and even spec) twice? Because I am also considering just rolling another disc priest. But that would mean eventually ending up with two level-capped toons of the same class. Seems silly to me.

I suppose I could roll a resto shaman (I have a druid already and don't like druid healing) instead. My reason for choosing a pally was that I'm kind of into the holy light and all that jazz and that I can decide to take prot as an offspec for even faster dungeon queues. With a shaman I'm stuck with healing or two dps specs.

Comments? I have some JPs to spend on heirlooms and I don't want to waste them on caster plate if I end up hating the pally.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Edit -- and why waste heirloom gear buy buying plate? My 74 wears the leather my druid wore. I'd buy caster cloth. Wearing 2 pieces of cloth for any caster spec while leveling is just fine.

Duh - I don't know why I didn't think of that. I'll get the cloth pieces so I'll have more options.

I'll keep at it with the pally for now. I expect that, as with most classes, it doesn't start to get interesting until at least level 20.

Thanks for the response.
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Oh I love my pally. Though you can't base your judgment on early pally leveling. It's absolutely horrendous. Was even worse pre-4.0. All you ever do is auto-attack most of the time in those early levels. Terrible. But anyway, once you get leveled up to 80 it's great. I have a shaman, druid and pally and I do think I like the pally healing the best. Though the shaman is a close second.
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85 Tauren Priest
I think leveling as a Holy Paladin can still feel boring because you have nothing to spend Holy Power on while soloing until...level 81.

Around level 30, though, you can take Denounce and afford to spam Exorcism. But if the lack of variety in offensive abilities is what's making it feel slow, or simple, I would agree with checking out the Shaman.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I've leveled a Paladin and 3 Holy Priests (Suramar, Mal'ganis, and my sister's). I also thought Paladin leveling was extremely boring, and when I got to 80 it wasn't much better. However, that was in 3.3, and Paladin healing is completely different now. Paladins have a lot of fun and powerful abilities with lots of synergy. It probably does take a while before it starts getting fun though. The talents are really what makes the spec fun.

In a lot of ways Paladins are what Priests should be. They both have a lot of buttons, they both have a lot of CDs and procs to watch, and yet I think Paladin healing is much more enjoyable. I think the best way to describe the difference is Paladin healing is rewarding where as Priest healing is punishing. Things Daybreak, Infusion of Light, Holy Power, and Protector of the innocent are all bonuses you get just for healing normally. Most of the Priest mechanics seem more like limitations. You get mana off PoH only after casting two very expensive heals. You get to do competitive healing only after pressing a specific button after pressing another specific button every 30 seconds or so. You get to use some of your most fun abilities only once every 10 seconds.

I think rolling a Paladin is a safe bet. For the most part people seem to really be enjoying the spec (I'm definitely one of them). It's a very, very slick spec.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Pally leveling is stupid boring, but understand that it has VASTLY improved over the Paladin leveling of old. I leveled two paladins pre-3.0, one Horde and one Ally. It consisted of Judgment and autoswing until like, 20ish, then I think you got Consecrate. And that was about it back then. What the hell was I thinking...

Anyhoo, IMO, stick with the Paladin as long as you can. I enjoy my Healadin at 80 because it's a very dynamic playstyle. It's also very simple compared to a Priest, it's very straightforward. If you want plenty of stuff to do and plenty of spell options, Paladins are not your class. I have all four healing classes at 80 and did a fair amount of endgame play with them. I like having tanking as a third option if I were to get bored with DPS or healing. I too love being a Warrior filled with Holy Light and all that goofy RP stuff, but I also just enjoy the slight variety to Holy Paladins now. It's kinda wonky at times, but it's new and interesting. To answer your other question yes, I have more than one toon of the same class/spec. I'm working on a Gnome Disc Priest now on Thrall. I've heard of people having the same class/spec of the same faction on different realms, as well. (I also have multiple Paladins across realms.) It's not that weird anymore, despite Dual Spec. Good luck. :D
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90 Night Elf Priest
Ok, I'm sold - I'll tough it out with the holy pally and hope that it gets fun. I tried leveling one several times over the years under various patches, but I was never able to get one past 16 or so. But from what I've been reading - and what most people here have said - the class is much more enjoyable now.

Thanks everyone.
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