I got a mobility idea for rogues.

85 Undead Death Knight
There's two sprint talents, or the potential to be two.

The one in Combat is fine. Maybe also make sprint last 1 second longer per talent point.

The one in Assassination should allow rogues to move as though they are not impaired by slowing effects. It doesn't remove it. You are still affected by roots, stuns, disorients and all that good stuff. This would be a great asset to assassination rogues, who have trouble with being kited currently (in my opinion). It will also prevent new applications of slowing affects for slowing you for the duration of sprint.

1stly, if assassination rogues want improved sprint, then they have to give up putting more than three points into subtlety (you can still get relentless strikes rogues, don't worry!).

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80 Tauren Druid
I always thought that snares should apply vs full movement speed. So if you move at 130% as feral or w/e it is these days and are snared 50% then you still more at 65% of you movement. Either that or movement increases apply after snare.

So if you more at 115% normally and are snared by 50% you still more at 65% (50% + 15% movment increase).

Still slowed but not to a flat amount that ignore talents or enchants you have taken to improve your performance.
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80 Human Warrior
I don't think the devs are shot of IDEAS for rogue mobility.

What they lack is WILL.
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