Looking for a Mature guild...

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I am looking for a guild of mature/older players that raid at reasonable times. With work and family life I cannot dedicate myself to "hard core" raiding but can spare two days a week as long as they dont go into all hours of the night.

I am posting on my prot pally but would prefer a DPS roll on my Lock or DK, please let me know if you are mature, drama free, looking for other mature players to fill out your roster and what times you raid.

With the expansion coming, I am getting tired of going solo/pugging and since my last guild transfered (pre-LK expansion) I have been out of the raiding circut so I am a bit rough around the edges.

My preference would be to raid on any days except on Friday /Sunday nights around 7pm-12pm at the latest.

There is no need for me to have guild bank access and I don't need much gamewise.

Thank you
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Sounds exactly what my officers and myself wanted when we first created Vendetta.
Being full time students and holding down full time employment, it is seemingly difficult to find time to relax and play. Although with good coordination, we successfully created a mature guild that consistently raids on a set schedule each week.

Progression raids:
Tuesday 10pm-1am EST
Thursday 10pm-1am EST

Alternative raids:
Friday-Sunday 8pm-11pm EST

If this is something that suits your schedule please feel free to app, or contact me at
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* /facedesk
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isn't that how UT and demise got to where they are?

By raiding two days a week as long as they don't go into all hours of the night?
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Usually don't see that, even more so right after the "You"
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