[H]Civilian - Looking to fill needed roles!

85 Tauren Warrior
Civilian is recruiting to round off its 10 man group for high end Cataclysm content and for rated battlegrounds.

Half the group is already comprised of a group of friends from Washington and Arizona who have been playing together for quite some time and enjoy doing all raiding content as Competent and clean as possible.

All of the members of Civilian have experience from all high end content starting with Vanilla, we come from a dead server in Drak Tharon, where were were carrying a dead guild. Which collapsed shortly after we left. Before that we played in a high end alliance guild on Staghelm, where we the second guild to down 3-drake Sarth 10 man, when it was the hardest encounter in the game and also had a few server firsts in Ulduar (After that inactivity due to school and such destroyed the guild. Was a shame, but one reason why we would prefer people 18+ who know they can make the times asked.)

Also since we are just looking for a close knit 10-man group, all loot will be discussed in a quick and orderly fashion. Even though we are friends you will find no bias with how looting goes and we will always be aiming to optimize the group. So gearing tanks first (yada yada). Ranks are only a formality, they are only there because they have to be.

All that being said I would like to emphasize that this guild is going to be aiming for the top of the 10 man food chain. We want people who want to see the content down and have a competitive spirit to compete with other top guilds for server firsts.

This is essentially what we need from you, in no particular order:

-Know how to take criticism.
-Know how to learn encounters even if strategies are not well know. (The ability to adapt and to just have some common sense.)
-The ability to level in a fast manner. (We want to hit new raids and heroics as soon as possible. So if you think it will take you four weeks to hit 85 then please look elsewhere.)
-Have a sense of humor and can take a joke.
-Everything else is just common sense although we would prefer if you were 18+ and had vent and have previous raiding experience.

Raid Time:

Tuesday - Thursday
5st - 9st (Raids can go a bit longer depending on what needs to get done.)

What we need:

Priest (Disc)
Druid (Resto)
Paladin (Holy)
Death Knight (Blood - Tank)

Most likely we will be recruiting a bit of everything so even if you do not fit any of those classes still feel free to message of any of the people below in-game to talk about recruitment.


If you have any basic questions feel free to ask in this thread.

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85 Tauren Warrior
Still looking for a few people to round the group off, we are quite serious about progression so we want to get a concrete group before Cata. We are new to this server, so if you take a chance on us you will not be disappointed.

Still need a

Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
Resto Druid
Blood Death Knight (Tank)
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