Azshara - Where are they now

I'm saving this thread from the old forums - a bit of history from the server. I've stopped keeping this up to date several years ago though.

More server history can be found here - although less entertaining than my account:

Aeternum - broke up due to complete lack of leadership (chain wipes in ZG?) and broke off into Crucial (Fric, some other people) Apple Sauce (Business, Invict, few others) and others scattered around like Excellent.
Angry Mob - GMs included Onije and Killix: Oonzpoonz at the same time as onije and champgold around the same time as Killix. Broke up. Displeased with the way things were going, some members formed AGNS, some members transferred or went to other guilds, and a few more joined All Gear within the following months. There are still people IN <Angry Mob>, but no one knows who they are and are not truly the original mob. They are probably camping Hillsbrad at this very moment. The fake Angry Mob has reportedly broken up.
Apocalypse Elite - Guild anger over GM Benix was trolling every forum known to man the lack of UBRS runs led to all the active members merging with < | Chaos | > to form <Abysmal> which was a ZG raiding guild, then a few core members left, people stopped showing up, Benix hopped ship with a few select members to join <Letalis> and a couple went to <Exodus> and <Abysmal> disappeared.
Asylum - see <unbalanced>
<Beaver Patrol> - not accepting applications! Wreign's terrormobile. Currently back for the expansion in some limited form.
blink -- disbanded. Guild drama moves this guild to the legendary catagory: GM was Phluxed. Second in command was Axelia (From Devils Gambit)...for three days. Guild Master edating guild members (hooked up with a guildie in real life, then cheated on her with another guildie, left her and her baby, then kicked her out of the guild when she was offline). At one point, the GM and his lover were spatting. The lover kept logging into his account and logging him off...then he would log in...then she would log in, repeat and rinse 12 times. GM would attempt to change password but it was down.
Bad leadership drove some members away while others complained of a lack of reliable raiding system, bad loot rules, poor attendance and a crappy roster. Phluxed took some of the guild (mostly newer members Phluxed picked up in a zerg recruitment phase, after the merge with Devil's Gambit went sour) to reformas <malice> on ysera. A small sect formed <cadia> from darkspear server. All but one of the original officers of Blink left the guild at that point, and moved to Mug'thol.
When Phluxed made the move, he logged onto Bothi's (our MT) account and moved Bothi to Ysera without permission. Bothi later joined the rest of the officers on Mug'thol.
Phluxed new <blink>, after merging with another guild, progressed well through Naxx.
Phluxed left the game and moved to Kentucky to be with the second e-girl for several months, before moving back to Canada with her. They are now married and living together in another town. Both have decided to end their WoW careers. Mammal, Frisbee, Andwarf, Bothi, Rideau, as well as many of the other founding Blink members have found a new home and are still together.
blue garter -Blue Garter was probably the most respected Horde guild on the server. One of the original guilds from when the server. Blue Garter has always been equally adept at PvE and PvP and is famous for coining the phrase "Am I Rite?". Am I Rite? Transferred to Mal'ganis.
Crucial - like many other guilds has absored it's share of players from other guilds, several times there were mass exoduses where they took 5-8 members at a time (Sorry L&F = / ). The first horde guild to absorb an alliance guild. Fric, their guild leader was one of the more respected guild leaders on the server. In a fatal move, absorbed the cancerous <Those Guys> and the quick and heavy influx of arseholes forced Fric and Frac to leave leaving Crucial as a hollow shell, their fate uncertain.
Cyber Athletes -- The core members either quit , went to crucial/spitfire or transfered.

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Death Minions - Formed by Bossbull - adult horde guild formed in DEC 2005. Original signers: Bossbull, Bluddragon, Naylz, Peakaboo, Bodazafa
Deity - most of them went to Anetheron.
Devils Gambit - demise had something to do with a fellow named Axelia. Allegedly sold his account after raiding the guild treasury. He went super emo from being guild leader, mt, raid leader, etc. He whined about it in officer chat constantly, eventually started to threaten suicide over the game. Officers got tired of it not knowng the horrors ahead of them, fled to Blink.
<Devils of War> - worst guild name ever.
Doom Covenent - Created by Gorish and Tofurkey. The guild progressed quickly through ZG and MC but Tofurkey was not well liked and rerolled an Alliance Druid to pvp on another server. Doom Cov also suffered a heavy loss due to main tank, Putridcorpse, suddenly having to quit WoW for unknown reasons. Progression went down hill from there. The guild eventually disbanded a few months before The Burning Crusade. Officers Progresz and Doomgaze, with the help of Gorish went on to form the Pvp guild "We Farm Marshalls". They took in and housed many ex-members from Doom Cov as they prepared for BC. When BC hit, many of them lvl'd to 70 but then the guild disbanded one day due to real life issues.
Discord - Rose and fell under the leadership of Darkmatter, then merged with Nexus. Most of the old discord members now play on Haomarush and are either in Dark Advent or Mace to the Face, then there's the new guild that Darkmatter made AND is buying accounts for named..... Discord... on laughing skull? but it only has three oldschool discord in it.
Dura Lex, Sed Lex - Dura Lex, Sed Lex was founded by Unraveller, Einheriar and Courtney on March 28th, 2006. They were level 55 at that time . They rerolled here from Warsong, on which they were day 1 players, and which had an average queue of about 600 people at 8pm during weekdays.
They walked into Molten core for the first time on April 12th and started killing bosses. At the beginning of December of 2006 they had the spider wing of Naxx clear. Dura Lex, Sed Lex took most of the month of December preceeding the expansion pack off. Many of the core members requested a break for the holidays. Now a few people, including some of the officers, wanted to continue to raid substantially more and recruit holiday replacements if necessary. The GM, Einheriar, deemed recruiting stand-ins irresponsible since their raid schedule to that point had been quite successful, and they knew that come BC the raid sizes would drop to 25 people; He felt that he was not going to exploit new players so they could farm BWL and work on Naxx for just two or three weeks.
This essentially led to a fracture between some of the GMs and some of the officers. The officer core that wanted to raid more, essentially lead by Portia, formed Unbalanced. Some reported that someone on the Asylum side (Not Einheriar) was sleeping with the ex-girlfriend of one of the officers (not Port) and that and other unnamed dirty deeds led to the split. Einheriar disagrees and states that this rumor was grossly and intentionally exaggerated / fabricated; a political red herring used as the backbone of a incomprehensibly immature smear campaign to coax players into leaving DLSL.
Einheriar states that he tried to take the high road and part ways with the officers on a friendly basis, and not engage in a back and forth tug of war for players. In his own words: "This was probably a naieve mistake on my part as DLSL membership dropped due to the actions of one or two extremely bitter individuals continuing to actively recruit from DLSL. That being said, I would have had to kill myself from shame if I had behaved the way one or two ex-players had."
DLSL meanwhile was basically a shell of what it used to be: EInheriar was on a short break due to work issues, so Unraveller and Ciro reformed as <Asylum>, along with some disenfranchised KREW members whose leadership was coming apart.
Eventually, the most "unbalanced" of the Unbalanced leadership broke under the strain of trying to force people to raid 6 days a week while simultaniously having a psychotic breakdown every few days. These individuals, the same ones who engineered the guild split, decided to go apply to some "more hardcore" guilds on other servers, and transferred off.
After that the GMs of Unbalanced and Asylum met in a big virtual meeting room Godfather style and kissed and made up then immediatly disbanded both guilds leaving countless orphans around Azshara.
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<Exile Legion> - Was the biggest and most known zerg recruit guild at the start of the server, collecting virtually eveyone and anyone within week 2 who was above lv 15 . with a guildlist that neared the 200 man mark. Stealth, Gm of <Exile Legion> wasnt the most mature or experienced gamer and as a result his aspirations of pve/pvp domination fizzled out. The guild crumbled, and so he applied to Letalis but was not accepted.
Exodus -- Exodus was doing great for a long time (Through AQ40) but the guild leader got burnt out (Kam) and he quit wow for a few months. His skill as a leader is debated but most agree that he produced results when it came to guild progression. New leadership under Jaali emerged after a vote and Strongsteel backed down from taking the position. The reasons for the guilds demise are varied and hotly debated. Some blame Jaali while others blame the re-emergence of Kam.
Fatal - Broke up when Obama won the election and the guild leader couldn't handle Lawman's tauntings about it on the server forums.
FateatHand - A breakoff from the guild <ZERG>. A dispute between cong(zergs gm) and kregnar(currently fate at hand gm and was the leader of zergs second kara group) about the guild progression led to the weaker guild spin off.
Ferocity - Was making good ground in PVE 2nd only to Letalis when it had a merger with Letalis 1.0 under the name Ferocity and was designed to do 2 clears of every instance each weak. It was going good for a few days until the guild master Zebo was intimidated by Nerion being in his guild and taking a role above Zebo. Zebo quit the guild and put the guild bank up on the AH to make some money and gold for himself. Ferocity then disbanded and many people joined the fresly remade Letalis while others formed Ghosts of War. Zebo eventually came back, applied to Letalis, offered the remains of his guildbank as an asset to Letalis to sweeten the deal.. His app was denied, and when <Malicious> formed with many of Letalis's old members, Zebo - leader of <Ferocity> applied to them as well. Uncertain if he was accepted.
Formidable - formed from Haunting Echoes.
FLURRY UNITED - Made up of refugees from FLURRY server in SWG. Apparently a huge meltdown although people seem to be reluctant to tell what happened.
FURY - ??
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GODS - Probably the best known guild and following breakdown with Invinct, Jelloone and Hardcoor as the main players in this drama. Invict allowed Jelloone and Hardcoor to log onto his character to grind honor to get him to HWL. When he was at rank 12, he left GODS to join DIETY. Jelloone and Hardcoor, in a blind rage, logged onto his account and scored 100 DKs. After GODS destruction, most left for Paradigm and then once that failed a number went to Anetheron. Gooftroop joined Blue Garter.
<Green Welp Armor> -- Steamrolled the 40-49 BG and then disappeared.
<Half Orc Full Dork> -?
Haunting Echoes - merged into Crimson Republic to form Formidable.
Immortality - Only a handful left in this once powerful guild. Most went to Firetree server.
Infinity Ball. - Never did any end game stuff, but at our peak they had over 150 active members ranging from lvl 15 to 60. Active from June 2006 till Jan 2007. Did a guild merge with "Wanted" and both guild decided to disband just prior to BC.
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Kamikazee Devils -- Alshoon left Angry Mob to join Team GG in hopes of obtaining Rank 14. After the GM of Team GG obtained Rank 14 he promptly dissapeared and Team GG broke up. Alshoon attempted to re-join Angry Mob with the promise that he did not want to PvE and just wanted to focus on PvP. Angry Mob still ran regular PvP groups and he wanted to get in on them. He was rejected. He then formed KKD so that he could obtain Rank 14 and get his epics.
<Letalis> - held #1 pve progression on Azshara for the first 10 months the server was open, taking almost every major realm first. Letalis rocked the pve progression regardless of endless obsticles ranging from drama to burn out. Many of the remaining core members including leadership have moved to Vanguard. Those who remained in WoW either transferred to Pacifist (Clouser), Transcendance (Hayzel), & a few other less notable guilds, or are now in Malicious here on Azshara server. First to take Ony. After much debate, rerolling again on Detheroc as a horde guild and is doing well with progression. Currently at Prince after about 4 hours of raiding. In a now extinct thread, their leader was seemed to inquire into rerolling the guild back on Azshara which was responded to with a series of boos and hisses. This fact is disputed by Goats who says that the thread, titled " If you want Nerion/Letalis back" was only an attempt to pick up stragglers that didn't reroll. Negative post were attributed to two bitter members of C4NT.
Lost and Forgotten - One of the top 5 oldest still-standing guilds on the server. LaF went quiet for quite awhile before most of its members had reached 60 and then out of no where several months later was revitalized by their GM (who re-rolled from his original GM to a warrior to tank for the guild) and has progressed up to BWL now.
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Moonriders - Could never beat the Lawman. This fact eventually drove everyone to quit.
Moorauders -- Ran by a "Pale Rider" esqe southern preacher, this guild merged with Death Minions.
Nexus - Nexus was a Day 1 Server, being created by RL friends who, for the most part, all attend RPI. The initial core was composed of (from what I can remember) Wraith, Nexflamma, Grayfang, Nardmw, Zefa (Guild Master), Zappa, Jaqen, and Crankshaft. Amarilis joined Nexus at around Lv. 50, and was there for the initial journey into MC.
At this point, things were going well, with Letalis at the moment leading the server in guild progression, and Deity and Nexus pretty much tied on the Horde side. In two weeks, Nexus downed Ragnaros, putting us as the 2nd guild progression-wise. At the same time, Zefa quits, making Zappa GM. First horde side RAG kill on server.
As some people might remember, at the time Nexus was home to two of the most infamous characters on the server at the time – Hardcoor and Jelloone. Jelloone broke off and made his own guild (Gods), and took about 20ish ppl from Nexus with him, setting us back quite a bit. Around the same time, Zappa stops playing, resulting in the loss of our main tank and GM, and Deant takes over as GM.
Nexus goes on, recruits more members, clears back to Rag, with Gloum as Main Tank, and Gaerth as OT. Loot drama ensues between Deant and Nexflamma, resulting in Deant quitting and Gloum becoming the new GM of Nexus (Historian question - was Nexflamma ever GM and when?). Things stabilize again, and of course, drama comes right back.
Gaerth gets both bindings in a relatively small period of time, and while this part probably most ppl know, Gaerth gets greedy, wants the elementium ore needed for Thunderfury, and goes off to Deity. Gloum gets discouraged, leaves, and gives GM to Amarilis.
So, Amarilis goes from member to GM in a minute. He scraps all the officers, making a new body of officers, committing to try and go forward and finally get to BWL without having to be set back.
Nexus takes into its fold the members of ZERG, which actually turns out to be quite smooth. Members of both guilds get along reasonably well, clear back to Rag, and within 2 months, clear through all of BWL.
What eventually happens is that due to a program that is part of Amarilis' degree, Amarilis was going to be unable to play with any consistency for about 2-4months. This, coupled with a decline in attendance in June-July of 2006, led to the discussion of possibly merging with Discord, who, at the time, wanted to rid themselves of Darkmatter. Details were discussed, and eventually it was decided that the new guild would be called Evolve, and since Amarilis would not have the time to be GM, Nexflamma and Jeanpaul would handle the guild affairs.
Things went ok for the most part, clearing MC, BWL, and AQ40 up to Huhu. Eventually people became disgruntled, with the catalyst being Jeanpaul transferring off. Mewcus stepped up and kept things going for a while, but things ended falling apart.
So, where is everyone now from Nexus days? About 80-85% went to Haomarush in a guild called “Mace to the Face”, where they progressed quite well (On Nightbane & Gruul at the time of writing). There was drama with Magtheridon and they remade the guild as Seven. The original members of Nexus that are still on the server have their highest concentrations in Spitfire/Reforged and KREW.
Order Of the Templar - The oldest guild in the azshara server, starting from day 1. Created on 11-8-05. Created by Kraytos but he was fairly inactive and leadership resided in Warict, Zanorn, and Rienholt . Kraytos passed leadership to Rienholt in February but by April Rienholt was forced out by several ambitious officers. Rienholt left to play Planetside. Leadership passed to Warict and then to Bal where the guild languished. After being WTFpwned by BFRs, Rienholt returned and started to nurse it back to health. Bal passed leadership to Onetrap and Rienholt had an inability to agree with new management and left again. Rienholt bounced around for a while before creating Exterminatus where he shelters some other alienated ex-Oott members. Oott has down Nef but BC has taken a toll on Oott's membership.
OutForWar - Papadwarf's poor writing skills finally becomes too much for guildmates. Papadwarf handed the GM to Draven while on a leave of absence with the verbal agreement to take back the leadership when he returned. When Papadwarf came back, Draven refused to give up the throne. Papa left to form new guild and most of the membership followed.
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Pantallica - noted for its cool name.

<Paradigm> - broke up in May. Lack of guild progression and drama with the officers.

Reforged was disbanded a while back. Most members went to Crucial, DLSL, or ThoseGuys.

<Rolled> - Temari and Frozenwrath's pvp guild that disbanded and reformed as <Undermine> after drama... eventually split up/merged with exodus. <Rolled> was the first big PVP guild alliance side, fielding WSG rosters including Steelnutts, Leska, Patagonia, Kappa, Frozenwrath, Cip, Lexx and Auto (the GM of Rolled).

<Rollin' With My Gnomies> - Gnomie twinks. Painful to see their tag in lvl 20 - 29 BG. No reason for their disappeance except that the players simply moved on to other things in their lives.
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<Second Chance> - at the start of the server was hoping to be a top high end guild.. but when they realized that wasnt going to happen they rerolled on Anetheron Alliance as <Last Chance>
Sinisters Evasion - was created on 12/18/05. One day Kirun (GM) saw 5-10 people leave because it was a "zerg recruitment" guild, he kinda freaked out, gave leadership to a fellow guildie and left. After that the guild kinda went down hill and eventually disbanded due to inactivity.

Spitfire -- downed C'thun. Also notable for it's GM passing away in RL and then the players character being used as the guild bank providing ghostly appearance's in Org (note - this fact, even with an eyewitness, is strongly contested by the GM). Lep and Bamf moved on to a more populated server. Those that remained "reformed" to a guild called <Reforged>. Lep 60orc shaman once of the notable server class shaman pvp healers.

<Team America WoW Police>

Team GG - A top PvP guild, broke up for unknown reasons. Most rerolled to Anetheron/Horde. Some got to 60 and stayed, but most came back to azshara or sold.

Those Guys - merged with Crucial.

Trilogy - GM wanted to play in RL so he disbanded.

<The Crusaders> - Spanish speaking guild was swallowed whole by Ghost Riders Co-leader Gobs.

Unbalanced - Patched up old grudges with Asylum and reformed as Dura Lex Sed Lex disbanding Unbalanced and Asylum. Unbalanced lost some key people due to rl. New people had to fill their rolls. GM felt that the guild was carrying too much "dead weight" which was hindering progression although they were tied for second as far as progression on the server. One GM gquit and xferred. This took out the reason for the Dura Lex split (Unbalanced and Asylum). Therefore the GMs of Unbalanced and Asylum met in a big virtual meeting room Godfather style and kissed and made up.

<UnknowN> - Racial tensions flared, the GM(Super) declared that he didn't want to lead anymore and the guild was disbanded. Splinter group led by Icebutler formed <Aeternum>.
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<Vagrancy> -PvP guild that merged with <Angry Mob>.

<Vogon Poet Conspiracy> - Merged with Death Minions.

V v V- A day 1 guild, as well as a common site in early BG's. Some of their members included Agony (The Agony of Defeat lol), Bigmack, Gooftroop, Halomantoo, Rylaii, Kanabis, Nagaplasty and Dzo.

<War Council> -Only existed a few week but is remembered for the uber-pwning of BG. GMed by Milkman and included members such as Rigamortis, Grimmakov, Krathos, Riga, Pyne. Merged with <Lost and Forgotten> along with a guild called <Manchester United>.
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Aminster- rerolled Auchindoun.
Affliktion --
Transferred to Malfurion server.
Akuri -- ??
Ansalem - was known at one time forl /spit ting on lowbies. Somehow got into AM. Quit and came back. You are stupid.
Arv - transferred to Mal'Ganis with Blue Garter and then quit WoW completely, settling down getting serious and pursuing graduate school.
Ave - well respected player now Ends in < Paper Gods > on Kil'jaeden server.
ashloon - Team GG. Went to Letalis then transferred to Darrowmere horde side with a few other pvpers from here, under the name "Alshoon." Now in Death Minions.
Audacity - dorf priest. Was the main fearward spammer for Exodus until Jaali emod out and gkicked him for missing a raid because Fud sucks !@# at stancedancing. Is now Citgo on Smolderhorn. Used to be known as JsOliD on Eclipse server in SWG.
Axelia - See <Devil's Gambit> His myspace: =
beextreme - transferred to Magtheridon
Bene - Sold account
Benix - of <Apocalypse Elite>, <Abysmal>, <Letalis>, <Team GG>, <Exodus>, , <Blink>, <Malicious>, <Channelfournewsteam>, , <Channelfournewsteam>, <Equililbrium> - rerolled to Auchindoun server where he is leading his uber leet pwn squad of death aka <Apocalypse Elite> as a blood elf.
Bluddragon - more myth than man. Means all things to all men, and one lucky lady. Now playing an alliance priest named Soffakeeng, with his special gnome lady Lunaargenta.
Bossbull - highly respected leader of Death Minions. In the Army now leading a RL guild (aka squad). Married Aryada, known for her lack of filter.
Brainthief - ?
Brandnew - Team GG. After wishing hard enough one night, finally became a girl. Picking up men on another server.
Brian -- Gnome Mage. Transfered to Dethecus to play with RL friends. Brian Pic:
Brien -- Horde Druid. On tour with Joe Jackson. Staging peaceful protest against smoking ban.
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Caballa -- One of Azshara's greatest forum trolls is now enjoying life without wow. Is currently working on a book called "Space Ship, Pew Pew and the Iraq War." Selling his account:;jsessionid=D2CEEA86A7A0FF4706EE8C4132363DCC?topicId=34363605&sid=1
Caedo - ??
Caelon - switched guilds to Doom Covenant then rerolled/transferred to the server Magtheridon with rl friends but came back once Blizz reset the cooldowns due the server changing its name to Lagtheridown.
Centuri - Member and eventual raid leader of DM he and a few others led the PvE push of DM in BC. After members began to leave he became frustrated with progression and eventually joined Crucial for a more hardcore approach to PvE. Downed bosses in TK and SSC but missed the camaraderie of DM and eventually quit the game for RL. Wife rep now up to exhaulted.
champgold - Team GG. Alshoon has access to it but doesn't. He just likes to have it.
Cheatcode - Stepped on by Tauren Grimmakov. In RL he has become insanely good in middle managment at TARGET. Because of his short stature and his refusal to advance, he is disliked by his fellow employees.
Chiry -- The GODs melee hunter and raid boss who carried around a lobo and a silent fang or whatever that dagger is. He always used his standard, pot, night dragon, and whipper every fight lol.
Cip -70 Gnome mage - transfered to archimonde to join "spartans" 5v5 arena team due to lack of arena players on azshara and his team quitting or rolling horde which caused him to roll horde on azshara on his ud mage named cipz to arena/pvp with guild/friends.
Chewyz - Married Naylz in RL.
Crime - Crime transferred to Icecrown to play with rl friends. That Priest is now named Endorsement and is little more than an epiced-bank alt as his lolbarefrom Druid is getting set to tank Onyxia. He states that he misses fearing Damalama and the rest of Moorauders....The Old School Family....cyboring with 2 tons of fun (Drenda)...Valjean...and the Wreighn countdown to shotgun barrel swallowing.
Cyd - Team GG alumni. Before Azshara, was on a guild with Distract on Frostmane. Some say the best emo mage the world has ever seen. That Frostmane guild died after downing Rag for the first time due to guild drama and Distract convinced him to roll alliance with him on Azshara. The friendship fell on hard times though while both were in Letalis. He is reported to have played on Vanguard with the rest of the Letalis expatriots then sold his character in order to buy some FPS game that he now plays.
Cryo - Sold account.
Danko - rerolled Auchindoun
Darkangelos -- Transferred to Haomarush to join the rest that transferred from Evolve. Former Discort and Crucial alumni. Currently in a small guild called <Dark Advent> (Possibly just a temp. name) with afew other members from this server with the idea of gearing up for BC.
Darkmatter -- infamous for selling the guild bank on numberous occasions for gold only to sell the gold for cash.
Deadlock - Server diplomat credited with the "Great Deadlock Outland Peach Plan"
Likes to often retire his character after issuing threats to numerous players and guilds: In this historian's humble opinion - while lacking in basic writing skills (dyslexia), still one of the more entertaining scribes on the forums. Has been seen as the deadly horde Deadlocks.
Debo -Rerolled ?
Decoy - was Gundum on Mug'thol. Now now Gundum in Angry Mob on Azshara.
Despoc - Was pretty much all that. He was a horde hunter in Deity and and the raid leader. He eventually rerolled alliance with Ikatsu to join Exodus.
Distract - Sexiest !@#$%^- in Team GG. Playing Despite in < Letalis > on Detheroc server. Transferred character to here. Now Despite in <Letalis> on Azshara.
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Emergency -- Warlock. Sold his account while he was in Letalis. Forgot to tell his parents so they didn't claim it on their taxes. Subsequently, his parents were arrested for tax evasion.
Enjin/Ad - retired from WoW, location unknown.
Eriana - Quit for a time for RL/School. His collage essay, "Why girls are noobs" was met with negative criticism by his professor. Returned shortly because he was unable to turn down the crack like high of running around in Outlands but disappeared shortly after.
Fig-rerolled Auchindoun.
Foxqc - Still here. Rumors of his transfer proved to be false. One of the more respected GMs who isn't really a GM.
Frozenwrath - Pally. Transferred to another server. Still has a horde pally on this server (Zycuifer) currently playing Zyucifer and Frozenwild. Still one of the best paladins on the server.
fud - ??
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Glave - Recent HWL on this server, also tranfered to Haomarush last week (End of November) after he obtained HWL. Currently in a small guild called <Dark Advent> (Possibly just a temp. name) with afew other members from this server with the idea of gearing up for BC
gloomndoom - Team GG. Plays on another server.
gildamesh - notorius guild hopper. Location unknown.
Goats - rerolled Auchindoun.
Grandpuba - Xfered to Gorgonnash (Puba in <Old Guard> due to the sh1tty alliance population and friends being on Gorg. Still slowly leveling his horde alt on azshara so he can play with #1 coolest guild on Azshara. Note: I've met him in RL - cool dude. I think he gave up the weed, settled down with a lady and is probably a productive member of society.
Hardcoor -- Plays on Blackwing Lair pushing for HighWarlord with a warlock. Also reported that was in Divinity on Anetheron and wanted to reroll with Jello and hit HWL. Him and Jello still lovers in RL. Also seen on german server, Auchindoun.
Headocta -
Hypnautic - quit to play in RL. aim: Lincoln2394
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intheshadowz - transferred to Magtheridon.
Invict -- His history in his own words:
"I was scheduled to have a kidney transplant mid Nov. '05 in Houston. Doctors said I would have 3 to 4 months where I wouldn't be able to go out and about because of my immuno depressents. So I thought about what I would do for 3 months and I decided to make another toon (I had a 60 Aliiance mage that I had started when the game had come out and it had been almost half a year since I had played the game).
So I made Invict on day one of this server's release.
I had my surgery the week after the server came out and everything was gravy. After I left the hospital a week later I stayed in Houston for a month in which I hit 60. It was awhile after I hit 60 that I decided I was going to work my way up the ranks. I remember going hardcore around rank 9 in which I got standing 1 and pissed alot of people off who were already rank 11 and up. That's when the whole relationship between me, Hardcoor, and Jelloone began. They were afraid I would make their grind longer and asked me to hold back.
Without giving it much thought, I almost held back every week even up to rank 13 for them. Ikatsu and a few others from Deity and other guilds encouraged me to compete with them. I had a good relationship with alot of people on the server. Even more so the Alliance.

So around rank 11 I joined Gooftroop and Agony's guild, <V v V>. So far only Nexus, Deity, and on occasion Blue Garter did organised pvp. The 3 of us came up with a plan to start our own and we invited players from all diferent guilds that we considered good players to join us in our pug bg. We actually did very good. We competed with all the big alliance teams at the time, winning alot of games. So, it was only natural when Jelloone and Hardcoor started a pvp only guild that we were lured to join it.

So the 3 of us joined to core of the pvp success that was <GODs>. And it was a blast for the first few weeks. We were a very dominant group and had alot of fun in bgs. The guild was going great until Jelloone hit rank 14. That's when it went downhill.

First thing that happened was that some of the members of the guild that didnt pvp as much, ie Icebutler and Furrion, wanted to start raiding. Now that Jeloone was 14 he was bored and quickly agreed. GODs started recruiting and tripled in size. At first all those who pvp'd were expected to join the raids. That didnt sit well with a few of us, including me so we insisted that those who were close to 14 be allowed to not attend. It was agreed upon but it basically ended up alienating the 15 or so pvpers from the rest of the guild.

The second thing was the continual pissing off the server that Jeloone seemed to love to do. Jello <3'd Letalis and Nerion and despised Deity and to a much lesser extent Blue Garter. He wiped Deity on a world dragon continually one night and then made a post on the forums calling out Blue Garter for helping Deity kill the dragon.

Well a certain number of BG members were determined to get back at Jello and succeeded. Unaware of what BG had planned, we kept grinding honor and, more importantly, attended raids. We noticed one week that BG had a !#*# ton more honor than we did. It was near the end of the week when we realized it and worked our asses off to catach up. I stayed up 3 days in a row doing that %%!% and I still only got standing 5 for the week. Being rank 13 that didn't move me up much.

My last week in GODs I was very aggitated and tired. I had solo'd the grind thus far when most others had more than one person playing the account. One week night I asked Hardcoor to get on my account for 2 hours to grind honor for me. He gladly did and all was gravy. Later I brought up my opinion of Jeloone and the focus of the guild to a few officers. They didnt care because PVE was the focus of the guild now and it didnt matter

So, I left the guild and joined Deity all in one night. A big mistake on my part (besides changing my password) was that I didn't explain to Hardcoor why I had left that night.

Before I got on the next day, Hardcoor assumed I was trying to piss him off and got on my toon. He deranked me to rank 10 with dks, deleted all my gear, and my 60 mage. So, being as burned out as I was, I quit for about 3 months until I came back to join Spitfire.

Yes, it was a bad decision. I should have made it more aware to the poeple that mattered as to why I left. But, I was delusional becasue i had gotten 8 hours of sleep in 4 days. For all those weeks I had held back for them and all the fun we had in bgs i would have never thought Hardcoor would have did that.

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Invinct (Cont)

"Everyone in our pvp group had the luxury of mutiple people helping them out for honor. Jello's brother on his, a @*%* ton of different people on Hardcoor's, Agony and Gooftroop and a friend of theirs on each others'. I deserved alot more @*%*ing respect from Jello than he gave me. I held back for him and attended his raids, helped him progress. But when I needed help I didnt get anything in return. On the contrary, I was expected to raid and Jello had no intentions of helping the pvp guild he created. He unintentionally made it hell for us by pissing off other guilds and never apologized. So I got emotional and said @*%* it. I should have thought more logically.

3 months later and alot had changed. GODs was gone aswell as Deity. I found a new home in Spitfire and I can now say that in the end I'm glad i stuck with them.

When people think about Invict they usually think, "oh that's the kid who let people get on his account to grind honor and in the end got @*%*ed." or " he's really good at pvp." Well I'd much rather be defined as that dude who helped his guild progress from Nefarian all the way to C'thun and had fun doing it. One of the reasons I most likely wont come back is because I won't be able to find a group of people I could enjoy raiding with more than those of Spitfire.

In time I befriended alot of people on this server. I consider the friendships I made here to be my biggest accomplishment to come out of WoW. I am sad to see the server degenerate from what it once was. Azshara and the experiences I had on it will always leave a mark in my memory. "

Invinc has transferred to Magtheridon, one of many server transfers.
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Jelloone -- MIA, presumed dead from clogged artery. Unarguably the most hated person on the server, if not the entire game. The villian in the WoW South Park season premier was reportedly modeled after Jelloone. Reportedly, before blink disbanded he was lvling a paladin in blink as jellopwn, claiming that a Paladin was the only class that he didn't have a 60 in. Now switching back and forth from a new server to Johnrambo 60 warlock human on Anetheron, unable to capture the glory of his days on this server, growing increasingly frustrated and angry. Jello quit Anetheron and went to anub'arak and made a Pally he got it tranferd and named it chainsaw
He now has a 70 paly and warlock on Anetheron.'
Was for a time, #1 in all arenas but bed sores from not moving from the chair in front of the computer has led to having to obey doctors orders to do something other than play WoW.
Jubo - Brother of nerflock. Account hacked. Rerolled to Unforsakin on Scilla.
Juuk - giving a bad name to preteens everywhere, Juuk spent countless hours in an attempt to become the most annoying forum troll ever. He's a 15 year old who played a rogue and joined Dynasty. He has a big mouth and thinks he is the best pvper. Kept bragging about getting out the Pain Train, or some such silliness. He /gquit Dynasty then joined Spider Pig. Seems he took a month break while someone else played his toon. He's back now and shooting his mouth off even more. Xferred servers to be with Dynasty again, but they don't want him. He was whispering (/w'ing) everyone in the guild who then put him on ignore.
Kam-- rumored to be on Alter of Storms alliance side. He convinced all the people he left in Exodus to reroll with him leaving Jaali to join Letalis.
kamzan - Team GG. Quit due to pressure from russian mob.
Klistel - Transferred to Stormscale, <JUICE>.
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Lakisha - while most theorist say that it is impossible to flame too much, Lakisha proved the exception, his racist rants eventually leading to him being driven from the game and server. Hiding out on an alt named Teddydonar.
Lawman - In some eyes, the greatest troll ever. His post would always illicit a response from the uneducated. Brought the catchphrase to forum trolling. Jumped servers with Perfecto on The Forgotten Coast. Paladin but has not been seen in awhile. Has been recently seen on a character named Ehawe (Pronounced He-Haw) on Ursin. Famous horde alt - invincibull.
He returned for a short time to Azshara as Lawman, then claimed that AoC was going to be the great WoW killer in numerous posts.
Lep - moved to a more populated server.
Lovewar - hated Benix and was glad to see him go.
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Mammal - in <month's behind> on Mug'thol
Marthastewrt - Transferred to Stormscale, <JUICE>.
Mechanic - Mechanic transferred to Ysera
Medpack - Account banned in massive Blizzard sting operation for hacks. Wrote massive manifesto on brothers account (Peach). Copy can be found here: under hordespylol post. Is currently in college. With new character, xfred to zuluhed to play with rl friends. He now no longer plays WoW. Is in college, works at sears and is getting married soon. He has a step-daughter and another kiddy in the works.
Millay - Team GG. Gave account to a friend who stayed in letalis. Plays in < Impact > on Lethon. Millay 2.0 rerolled to Hakkar and plays a character named Crunk. Also plays Utenya in< Wussy Patrol > on Spinebreaker.
Milkmann - Let behind after the disolution of Cyber Athletes. Saddened by CA's GM's callous decision, joined and then left DeathMinions after saying the name of the medically correct nomeclature for the male reproductive organ one too many times. Is back in Death Minions. Milkmann in reality is one of the few players respected on both sides of the aisle. Seen often /dancing in Ironforge.
Mckinney - Account hacked. Plays now as Mckinneyorc. Just like Mckinney, just more orc. After a long legal battle with Blizzard is now back as McKinney, pornstache and all:
Left to play Starcraft.
Money -Original account banned for money laundering. Still play on Malicious. Seen on Moneyalt.
muckymuck - transferred to Magtheridon
Mystik - rerolled Auchindoun.
Mythril -- He transfered to Wildhammer. He still plays occasionally, but has taken a break from WoW, least until BC is released.
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Navy - still around, slightly different name.
neuro - ??
Nbizzle - Team GG. First person to make Grand Marshal on server. Sold account for 850 won to South Korean kid. He is back and in Spitfire. He's still a premadonna. He still has epiced mains on almost all the other servers.
Nerflock - rerolled with Jelloone and his brother to Anetheron. Pounce 60 druid night elf .
Nerion - Conterversial leader of Letalis. Not only was he a notorious leader but was well known don juan. Was in rumored RL romances with benix, isharp, and phluxed. After being missing in action, was found to have traded his character for a character on Vanguard where he ran a guild : Saga of Heros with several of his old friends/guildmates from his Shadowbane days. Reformed Letalis on the Detheroc server (horde side) then disappeared to star in an mmo radio show for UberGuilds, where several of the old Letalis members contribute to it from time to time. Is rumored to be involved in a RL scandal involving congressional pages.
Neuro - Exodus player. Rerolled to Alter of Storms as Zhul.
Nufan - missing in action.
Onije- The fueling behind Team GG's amazing success, this 4'9'' kid with his small epeen syndrome and drive to always be only second best, fueled the pvp race, also inventing the "AFK VS BLUE GARTER+GODS" strategy, single handledly changed pvp as the server knew it by being a butthurt INCOMMING for 10 weeks straight. Transferred to Auchindoun on NOV06 as a tauren warrior with a guild that is well into Tempest Keep.
Phluxed - Former GM of Blink (see Guild list). Still the player, rerolled as horde hunter named Exact on the demon soul server with kiatra, some girl who used to be in <blink>. Sold his account and is now getting married to Kiatra.
PingPing -- A talented pally in Team GG. He joined Letalis but then rerolled on another server. He worshiped Nbizzle and Pjizzle and was known for using the Q_Q face.
Pounce - 60 druid elf rerolled with Jelloone and his brother, Pun on Anetheron.
Pun - Brother of Jelloone. Rerolled to Disease 60 Dwarf rogue on Anetheron
Quark - Angry Mob - he's baaacckk.

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Raine -- Sickened by the lack of loyalty and loot whorishness of most of the player population, Raine quit.
Rak - rerolled Auchindoun.
raize - Team GG. Ss w/ malicious. He is now in <welfare>.
Rylai - rerolled Auchindoun.
santakeebs - Team GG. Is playing in malicious but is also reported by Goats as rerolling to Auchindoun
SeanConnery -- Busted botting in a massive sting operation against His whole account banned. Gave up WoW and returned to acting. Turned down a role in the new "Indiana Jones 4" because the studios refused to work with Blizzard to unban his account.
Seraphiel - Plays on Kael'thas now in <Reason>.
Shadowshock - rerolled Auchindoun.
Shiftry - Transferred to Cho'gall to be with what was formerly <Nex Pascior> on Azshara.
Sike - plays on Gdhippie now.
Sifika - Scrub huntard was in ghosts of war till it blew up. Also played Xsjado. Was Salomon on Eclipse in SWG (part of the group of players that left the game to come to Azshara) xferred both Xsjado(now Remedyz) and Sifika to sargeras
Skizzrik -- One of the more talented horde druids (a claim debated). Known for his addiction to FAPs. Transferred to another server. In a guild named Aurora.
Slashdance -- both his rogue and shaman left azshara long ago for ysera. Rogue's name is gauner, Shaman is gauneria.
Slugz -Busy in RL. Reportly press secretary for White House.
strongsteel - Exodus. Rerolled to alter of storms as Shaman Orok.
Straum - rerolled Auchindoun
Sunset -
Suzumi - had to quit because he was going into law school.
Swaga- possibly single handedly the backbone of team gg's warsong gultch success, (offensive at least). Officer of Team GG, changed pvp on this server as we know it, along with Raize as the best Druid flag carriers to ever gracer this server. Rumor is that he is considering transfering his druid back here. Zu + Swaga = deadly combination of flag carriers.
Swampfox - respected member of <Angry Mob> . Transferred to sargeras.
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