Shaman or Druid?

85 Troll Druid
Shaman are a whole lot easier.

Fixed. I will say, Shaman are incredibly fun. I have two. Something about Resto Shaman PvP is just.. I dunno, it's hard to explain. It's just an addictive class.

With that said, Resto Druids are very close in the fun-factor. They've been brutalized in PvP recently, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Blizzard show some love. I don't know if this will be experienced in Cata with the new healing models (probably not) but I LOVED it in Wrath when I first got decently geared, and my Rejuv ticks would stay ahead of incoming damage.

It just felt powerful.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
The area in which shamans are most deficient is "oh crap!" buttons. Yes, we have Heroism (Bloodlust), but we can't just use it any time the tank takes a string of bad hits, however, our heals scaling based on target health helps with that situation a bit.

I know it's not Swiftmend but a Riptide followed right after by a healing surge is a good quick shaman "oh crap" combo:) With our mastery I have found it incredibly powerful.

Yeah, it is, but that's one of the basic synergies between spells I was talking about.

Yeah, Guess you can chock that up to Synergy. We also Have Natures swiftness then Greater Healing Wave. My second OH CRAP! Macro/combo. Here again, with our mastery if the tank takes massive burst damage this is the BOMB!

Play a shaman:)
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
Shamans are way fun to level and are cool to heal with (mine is only 44). Also, leveling a druid to lvl 15 was the most pain full experience in WoW IMO
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85 Worgen Druid
I'm in a very similar situation. My main is a resto druid that I've healed with throughout WOTLK and BC. Druid healing is fun and powerful, but I'm thinking of doing something different in Cata. I have a shaman sitting at 73 that I could have 80 before next week. Should I trade in my hots for some totems? Hhhhhmmmm....
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While I have healed only a little with a lower level druid and a lot with an 80 shammy, I'll put it this way...

Shaman healing is more active, druid healing is more of a waiting game. HoTs are great, and it means that you can do some great preventative healing when you know something is coming up.. but I've found that shaman healing (especially after patch 4.0.3a at high levels) is all about finding the right heal for the job. Add into that the encouragement of offensive spells, cool CC spells (though there's something to be said about rooting abilities), and I think that the shaman is a very fun challenge for those that have keen raid awareness.
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85 Troll Shaman
Currently leveling the last of the 4 healer classes, and though my druid is only 72, it is a lot different then the other 3 imo. Shaman has been my fav for most of wrath, and will continue to be my main for cata.

Resto druid makes me have a lot of oh crap moments as I'm used to keeping people topped off vs. letting the hots roll. I've had the toon for a week now and have only done a small handful of instances, so I still have a lot to learn.

That said, I am super excited that I need to do more then just chain heal on my shaman. Healing got boring that way. Now I have to know what I'm doing, which is how all healers should be.

Shaman is the only healing class where I found myself not even needing to think of what heal to use for a certain situation. I just flows well.

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85 Gnome Priest
Druids. I healed through Deadmines and nobody died. /flex
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90 Tauren Druid
Looking at Beta numbers... I'd roll a Druid if you want 'better'.

Buuut I find Shaman to be more fun. And don't let people fool you, we're more complex than we look.

PVE druid. PVP shaman.

Unless, you plan on going feral, then I would go druid because feral is op right now.
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85 Goblin Shaman
They are both a lot of fun. Having both, I feel that the biggest difference between them is that the Shaman is more reactive, the Druid is more proactive.
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92 Human Priest
At the end of the beta resto shamans are pretty far below resto druids in terms of healing power. This will be fixed soon though, I'm sure. Just play the class with the playstyle you enjoy, and the balance will eventually follow.

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85 Troll Shaman
shamans are mostly spam (chainheal)

Not if you want to actually play the class how it should be played now. Chain is so not worth spamming anymore, nor was it ever fun.
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shamans are mostly spam (chainheal)

You can't keep a group alive like that anymore... I've tried
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