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Current Raid Openings: If you're interested in joining us, please speak to Crybaby, Chequer, Strangeheart, or Teardrop (because they're all alts of a lovely couple).

A new expansion. New stories. New content and plenty of fun to be had with new (and old) friends. This is Cry of Luna!

Our Mission Statement: Cry of Luna seeks to provide a safe and fun environment to log into. We wish to avoid drama, fighting, abuse, and we hope to enable you to make new friends while doing neat things.

On Raiding: We run a capable, noncompetitive, social raid here on SoE. We've been middle of the pack since ICC, and after a lot of sweat and blood, we ended as the top 10 man raiding guild for 5.1 content. However, we are no longer seeking to be competitive on server. Now we simply maintain a gathering of friends that enjoy hanging out together a few nights each week.

Our Sister Guild: We are in the process of setting up a competitive raiding guild on a first-rate raiding server (probably Mal'Ganis).

Raiding: Right now, we’re running 9 hours, Tues/Thur/Mon, 11:30PM-2:30AM Server Time (or 9:30PM-12:30AM PST).

Loot: /roll; MS > Priority OS > OS; 1 piece per person per lockout, before anyone gets a 2nd in each category; limited loot council; PUGs are limited to 1 MS piece per night; no weapons, trinkets, or tier tokens unless no one else needs for MS. BoEs are MS only; patterns and shards go to the GB (for free raider flasks/enchants/gems/repairs)

If you have any questions about our loot policies, we break it down on our web page here: http://www.cryofluna.com/raid-roster-loot-rules/

We always strive to be very, very fair when it comes to loot! Absolutely no one (GMs, RLs, officers, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc) get any sort of special treatment.
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Guild History/Milestones

Currently: Cry of Luna is no longer competing on server (since the launch of 5.2). We're moving our progression group off-server (probably to Mal'Ganis). Cry of Luna will continue on as a social guild (with social raids), but our progressive raiding will now take place off-server.

Mists of Pandaria 5.0: Mogu-shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring

*Server 1st 10-man guild on 3/4/2012 (5.2 launch): 2/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES

*6/6 normal MV on 11/15/2012 (Server 3rd); 2nd guild on server to combine that with 1/6 or better in HoF.

* All CMs completed 10/20/2012; 3 server firsts at time of completion, with the only completion of Shado-Pan Monastery on server.

Cataclysm 4.3: Dragon Soul

*8/8 Tier 13 Normal Modes: We cleared everything but Madness, and we almost got that down (3% on Deathwing) before the raid group took a break. When we came back, and the 30% buff was active, we one-shot, full-cleared the raid in 1h45m.

Cataclysm 4.2: Firelands

* 7/7 Tier 12 Normal Modes: We cleared the full tier before the launch of 4.3

* We completed our legendary on February 1st, 2012

Cataclysm 4.0: Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Depths, and Throne of the Four Winds

* 12/12 Tier 11 Normal Modes: We cleared the full tier on normal before the launch of 4.2; we got our dark phoenixes too! We decided to run two 10 man groups, two nights each, treating both as progression runs.

* 1/12 Tier 11 Heroic Modes: We got H Halfus down before 4.2

* ICC 10: We finished up drake metas (just needed the Sindy speed kill), and killed H Arthas shortly after launch (before we'd downed anything in Tier 11)

Wrath of the Lich King: Ulduar, Trial of the Champion, and Icecrown Citadel

* Formed August 2010: CoL officially formed 6 months after ICC was out. We started with 6 founding raiders in guild, and three to four 10 man runs (the rest of the raiders were out of guild)

* Ulduar 10: Knocked out most of the achievements, including Yogg +1; finished up our drakes, and took out Algalon!

* ToGC 10: We didn't spend much time here, but we did knock out the heroic mode with just one wipe on our best attempt.

* Ruby Sanctum 10: We had over ten Hallion kills; it got to be so boring that we didn't mess with Ruby Sanctum after the first two months it was out; we never did spend much time on heroic mode here.

* Ruby Sanctum 25: We organized a half-guild 25 man PUG that two-shot Hallion. Leyota was itching for the tanky trinket, and of course it dropped. Grats to her!

* Icecrown Citadel 10: 16 Arthas kills before Cata launch (just about everyone in-guild is a Kingslayer); 11/12 on heroic modes with H Arthas at 69.7% (those vrykrul are so mean to our tanks); we just barely missed getting our ICC drakes before Cata happened


Contact Info

Leyota (CoL GM); alts include: Chakotae, Utina, Zenyx, Zephyrx, Tuskazul, Rowanoke, Calypsa, Sevon, Dhargo

Faeylin (CoL raid leader); alts include: Elowyn, Anshae, Lyra, Vethica, Sycordia, Alluvia, Ishtara, Viscara, Narcae
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Total bumpage!

  • Ruby Sanctum 25: We organized a half-guild 25 man PUG that two-shot Hallion. Leyota was itching for the tanky trinket, and of course it dropped. Grats to her. ^^

  • You forgot one part faey.... there was no vent eather.. and we do not use vent to raid
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    Ya know i read somewhere that the shadowy figures as avatars meant we had not logged in on them since these forums launched however i know i have seen all of you online today and i believe i have been on today... so idk am i dreaming?
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    I read that it's broken or something, and that they're going to fix it soon. It would be nice to see my tusks!

    We had a great run tonight. We got bunches of achieves, and worked on H Putri with our Tues/Wed group. We totally wiped with a tank death at 500k (4%), and I thought, "Great, there goes our one awesome shot."

    Ten minutes before the end of the raid, I gave everyone the whole, "...last attempt for the rest of ever, because Cata is coming out next week..." speech, and they downed it. It was a sexy-clean kill, and I'm really proud of those guys. If they get H Sindy down tomorrow (and she's really not that scary), we'll have 20 pretty ICC drakes before Cata. Exciting stuff, and it's awesome how the kills roll in after you get those momentous first victories over hard fights.

    Keep being awesome, CoL. ^^
    Glad to hear and sadly im really only posting in here to keep bumping >.> anyway
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    Bump for my people. Shivering in anticipation of new content!

    <3 Xu
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    Mozo, you're a silly bull. And Xuth, ever think we're not your people? Maybe you're our person! Mind-boggling!

    Cata in a little over 4 days (if you count the midnight launch). We're going to have so much fun in the next expansion!
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    Grrr! We totally missed our All You Can Eat achieve by a few seconds. We'll get them next week, and we won't let that silly expansion thing cheapen our new drakes. -.-
    Is it time? Is it time now... IS IT TIME ALREADY? no sadly its not but i figured might as well bump =D
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    It's time now. Logging in to get flying, archeology, my first dig, and then off to one of the new zones. Raids this Sun/Mon if we have enough 85s; we'll start our first raid groups Tues/Wed otherwise!

    See you guys in-game!
    85 Human Warrior

    Can I copy and paste your important notes section for my raid postings? You hit the nail right on the head. :-)

    See you in Tol Barad. ;-)
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    Just as an update, we've started running our guild groups through the new Cata dungeons. They're not terribly hard, but it sure is more fun when you're running and learning the new instances with friends! We make sure everyone gets a rundown on all the boss mechanics, so hopefully our guild as a whole understands the specifics of the fights (in preparation for heroics!)

    We did three, five man groups for Throne of the Tides tonight, and all three made it through without a wipe, in about 35 minutes.

    Tomorrow night we'll be running groups for Blackrock Caverns and Stonecore. Fun, exciting stuff!

    Can I copy and paste your important notes section for my raid postings? You hit the nail right on the head. :-)

    Sure Rende. ^^
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    We knocked out Blackrock Caverns and Stonecore for the whole guild last night. It's a lot of fun going in with friends to learn the fights!

    Tonight we plan to hit Vortex Pinnacle for everyone. ^^

    And...we now have like 5 level 80s in guild and we hit guild level 2 at 3AM last night! Woot CoL and our 5% extra xp from quests and monsters!
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    We're up to eleven 85s, and we're about to start our heroic grind. Vortex Pinnacle is done, and this (Sat) afternoon we'll run a bunch of Lost City and Halls of Origination runs before we start on heroics!

    Go, go, go CoL!
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    We have all our normals done, and we've been working on heroics. They're a bit of a culture shock (5 man raids), so we're burning through them slowly; lots of guildies are clearing them fast though!

    We also set foot in Blackwing Descent last night (our first Cata raid night!), and got the minibosses down! Oh, I mean trash. ; ; We didn't have the raid comp for Magmaw (way too many melee), but the Omnitron Defense System was fun and seemed like an encounter we'll get down pretty soon. We head back in on Thursday night!

    We just hit guild level 4 and we're chugging away at the new content. Cata is an awesome expansion, and it's nice to be among wonderful people from the start of it.

    You guys rock, CoL! ^^

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    Out first week of raiding has gone slow, but we intend to correct that starting this Tuesday. Instead, we've been focusing on guild heroics and knocking out the last couple of heroics we haven't done yet.

    We did try Argaloth in Baradin Hold last night, and we got him down to 18%; it was an impromptu thing, and a couple of our DPS were too low (was a mixed group); I think we'll go back in tonight with some of our highest DPS and get him down.

    We did hit guild level 5!
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    We got Argaloth in Baradin Hold down. Easy fight! Leyota got some tier hands for tanking and Osa got hunter tier gloves. Grats guys!

    Omnatron is kicking our butt; healing it is pretty rough. We plan to do Throne of the Four Winds tomorrow night. I still think Magmaw would be an easy kill as well ^^
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