[H] Cry of Luna


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We're on the verge of getting Al'Akir and Cho down. We've pushed both bosses into their final phases. Al'Akir is happening very soon, and Cho just needs a group comp modification (to better handle slimes). I can see both dying in the next 1-2 weeks.
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Bump to my good friends over there at CoL. It was always fun running with you when I had the chance. I just wished I had stayed horde side. And Good luck on your kills <3

You're not Hordeside anymore? Son, I am disappoint.

90 Troll Druid
Big, huge hugs and awesome grats to the team that took down Cho last night. Was a very big deal for us (not a server first or anything), but we've been working on and off on him for a long time now.

The team included: Idriela (Prot Paly); Leyota (Feral Druid); Faine (Holy Paly; Shamanism (Resto Shammy, aka Myronastar); Chequer (Resto Shammy, our red headed step-guild-son); Wispofisis (Destro Lock), Nuurk (Survival Hunter), Potts (Fury War), Wakyuna (Enhance Shammy), and Faeyling (Boomkin).

Because it took us a while to figure out our strat, I'm going to run over it for anyone who's interested. And I must say, group comp and individual skill made a huge impact on this fight.

P1 is easy, we just pulled him to the base of the steps. We had everyone grouped up tight behind Cho, except for myself and the hunter. I typhooned on Worship CD, and the rest of the team got any that I missed (or sometimes beat me to them). Waky and Potts were stellar here, but Shamanism even tossed out a few interrupts (that's sexy).

I would say, don't blow any long DPS CDs until 85%, when Fury starts. There's no time component to P1, 100%-85%.

As soon as 85% hits, blow CDs and start to really dig in. From here in it becomes a DPS race to beat the later adds. Previously, we were pushing P2 (25%) at the 5th add, and we had problems with Cho tank death during big adds (worships running too long, heals tied up, etc).

So, we had 3 DPS on big adds and slimes (Hunter, Boomkin and Enhance Shammy), and left War, Lock on Cho 100%. The 3 we sent after big adds easily took him down in time, and manage slimes extremely well. Wakyuna, our enhance shammy, was primarily there to make sure Nuurk and I didn't both get stuck worshipping; we both saved our own interrupts heading back so that any one of us could break one or two others out of worships.

Back at the boss, the War kept healers clear, and while we did lose our Cho tank a few times, the healers had a much easier time.

Limiting Worship stacks is key to making this fight healable. Getting to 3-4 (or more) Fury stacks is just a PITA and brutal on your heals. So before you focus on winning, make sure Worships are 100% under control. If you can't get that down, you can't beat this encounter. Organize the raid into logical groups, with your best interrupters split betwene groups, and make sure everyone gets comfy with interrupting.

In any case, the hunter and boomkin did awesome on adds; I think you really need 2-3 stellar ranged AOE classes in your comp. If adds to get sloppy, and they near Cho, have everyone turn, and AOE them down (even melee).

Okay, by splitting DPS up (previously we had 5 DPS on big adds), we were able to up our Cho DPS, and push just as the 4th add was spawning (meaning we never dealt with 20 slimes). You absolutely must push before the 4th slime wave spawns, because they do not poof at transition. The 4th big add, however, does.

We pulled Cho up onto his throne, and all the tentacles spawned more or less together. Holy wrath from the pallies, solar beams, etc. We burned them, burned Cho. P3 saw the use of Bloodlust, two Tranquilities, probably some spirit link totems, etc. By keeping corruption low, we made it easier on the healers. At 1 million hp, with 10/10 still up, we ignored tentacles and focused him down.

Didn't lose a single person! Great kill guys and grats to Idriela, our Prot Paly, on her new 4 set bonus. We're going to farm him each week til everyone is decked out.

On a related note, after we got Cho, we went back to Al'Akir, and got him down further. We had 3 tries under 1.5 million (3%); our best was 500k. So he's going to be dead in the next week or two, and then we never, ever plan to go back :P

Chequer is looking for another guild to hang out with for heroic Al'Akir. We told him to go away in very rude terms when he asked about doing it with us. ^^


Alright, more news. We're currently in full guild achievement mode for old runs. We hit almost all the BC content last Friday (save BT); we're planning to do more, plus a lot of the Wrath 25 achieves in the coming weeks. Every Friday from 10:30 until we get sleepy


We have a Newbie Mini-Raid (tm) starting on Sat nights, 10:30-12:30, two hours long, focused on 4/12. That includes Halfus, V&T, Magmaw and Omni. It's a good start for new raiders, smaller commitment than a full 3.5 hour raid night, opens up some spots to gear alts, etc. If you're interested in raiding, chat Faeylin or Leyota up.


And finally, to address a post up above mine:

Thanks Enchantee! And yeah, you should have joined up with us. Things are going good, and we would have loved to have you! If you decide to server transfer back, chat me up gal. ^^
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Now that we have our Cho strat down, he's officially on farm. Five tries this week (3 of them pushes into P2 with too much corruption) and we got more tokens. Grats to Potts, the fury warrior who never gets his drops, on finishing up his 4t11! ^^

Atm, we're pretty much full. We have the raid on Sat nights for alts (not sure if that will take off or not). We are still recruiting casual and social members though! We're just about to hit 23, and unlock the cap. Our raiding groups will skyrocket us the rest of the way next week.
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Heroic Al'Akir ? How DARE you reveal my masochism on SoE forums !!!
I thought what was said in Four Winds stayed in Four Winds GAWD !

...anyways, GRATZ TO CRY OF LUNA !!
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H Al'Akir!?!?! Cheq is a glutton for punishment! You better start begging now, baby, because we knocked this snot bag out tonight...which means we technically could start working on H Al'Akir. Let me think about it...and NO!

I actually had to promise the guild that we never had to go back to Al'Akir if we just got our one kill in! *laughs*

So anyway, we had a sexy amazing run tonight. Impressive doesn't cover it. We cleared BoT (including Cho) in 1h30m, all one-shots; then we zerged 5/6 BWD, again all one-shots. And got our guild-first Al'Akir kill on the 4th attempt.

That makes us 10/12 (we skip Conclave on an extended lockout) in 3.5 hours, including a guild first kill. Grats guys!

Team tonight included: Tanks - Leyota (Bear Durid, but no haz gun in head lol!), Idriela (A Sexy Prot Paly Vixen); Heals - Shamanism aka ISM (Silly Shammy with an OP Mana Tide Totem) & Chequer (The-Why-Am-I-Not-In-CoL-Yet-Shammy), and Atomic (Resto-Druid-Who-Got-Some-Head); DPS - Nuurk (OP Hunters need to suck the nerf bat), Wispofisis (Nummy Destro Lock with cookies!), Wakyuna (I-Hit-Like-A-Mofo-Enhance-Shammy), Potts (I-Got-My-Mace-From-Magmaw-After-I-Got-My-Ax-From-Cho-Warrior), and Faeylin (A Silly Boomkin)

Grats guys, Tomorrow we start on our final kill. Nef. The dragon will go down!
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P3 Al'Akir.... just get yourself the 1st two lighting rods... wander too far away and EXPLODE !
Nobody will question why you died and you still get the kill / leewtz !!! (this will be the same method i use in heroic mode)


(most of all the MASTER of Al'Akir, Potts)
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Potts is pretty awesome! Well some more news, we did a full clear of Throne in 1h35m including some newbies. Our 2nd Al'Akir kill was excellent, with 7/10 alive at the end. And he dropped 2 tier tokens! A head and shoulders, which was way cool. We're planning to hit him each Saturday evening.

We're also very close on Nef. Our 2nd night working on him we hit 27% and best of all, Idriela managed a full reset of all the adds for the first time ever. If we'd not have lost Leyota, we would have killed him. I'm hoping this Thursday makes it happen for us!
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Before the long ramble story, I just have to say congratulations to Wispofisis, our newest...I guess officer is the right term. Our officers don't hold any specific powers (Ley is the GM, and I raid lead); but they are exceptional individuals, good friends, and people we've raided with for years. She joins that small group (in the company of Idriela, Faine, Drintragen, and Omaha) as the Howling Spirit!

Grats Wisp, you really deserved to be recognized. ^^


Now to the story!

So I had a dream last night that we killed Nef (of all things), and today when I logged in, without checking to see who was on, or if we might be short, I proclaimed that Nef was going down. I could just feel it. Inevitable. Predetermined. Exciting.

We were short the charming Chequer, so we brought Mefitis back in (he helped last week). Nuurk attempted to pet tank adds, but he had some initial trouble. I let Idri (our Nef tank) die a few times while I figured out range issues. And by that point we started to get back into P2.

Were we going to have enough time to down him? I knew he was supposed to die tonight, but it was starting to look grim. Potts took over adds in P1, and things started to get better. Lots of small mistakes cut into our good attempts, but we managed several awesome P3 attempts. 25% (just slightly better than our old best), 13%, and then finally a wipe at 240k (1%). It was so depressing, looking at the clock and realizing we had 20 minutes left; 1 or 2 attempts.

It was supposed to happen tonight, dammit. We took a 5m afk, came in for our last try and had an early wipe in P2 with a missed interrupt. Okay, that just wasn't good enough to be our last try. Five minutes til end of raid, let's get back in and do it one last time.

Our final try was epic and forever memorable. We started pushing one crackle in P2 (only our 2nd attempt trying this method). Everyone onto their pillars, the raid looked steady. Nuurk and Mefitis pushed...and we lost our shammy healer. My heart broke.

Then he popped and started to recover. "Innervate Inc as soon as we push P3!" I broadcasted via RW; "Push P3 as fast as possible!" We were trying to delay P2 just a little, so we could be ready to insta-crackle on hitting P3. Then the shammy died again; he was OOM, with 3 others on his platform.

I could feel my heart sink again; it was over now. Our last try. Not going to get it. And I was so certain Nef was going down tonight. *sobs*

Then the shammy got a BR from Wisp; those things revive with practically no health or mana, but he managed to pull his pillar into P3. Faine and I rushed over to stabilize them, and we went into P3 weak but swinging. It was an edge of your seat moment. You could feel the energy building. The tension. The anxiety.

One crackle, two crackle, three; Idri got her adds reset, which is a big and awesome deal (our third night working on Nef). Another 2 crackles, and we were pushing our last; she got a 2nd reset in. We rolled past it, with nothing but a few million hp left on his bar.

"What are we at? What are we at?" I exclaimed, asking Ley over and over.

"Seven percent. Six. Five. We're gonna do it!" She said back, giggling ecstatically.

Moments later, Nef died, we got our guild achieves and everyone was just blown away. Our last pull, our last try; horrible P2 we somehow managed to live through, and a perfect P3...ideal in every way. All I could say to that was:

"I ****ing told you. I told you! I love every single one of you...even Nuurk!"

It was just an amazing night. The kind of experience that you won't ever forget. Epic. Memorable. You play for years, throwing yourself into a game, and you can count on one hand the number of nights like these you have.

The guild bank bought everyone involved Dark Phoenix mounts in celebration. We're cutting back to one night next week (we clear all of BoT and 5/6 BWD in 2h50m; gives us 40m to add Nef each week as well). Ley and I might pull our mains over to Mon/Tues to help them get their kills as well. It's really a big deal for us.

Our group included the following excellent individuals: Idriela (Prot Paly); Leyota (Bear Tank); Shamanism (Resto Shammy); Faine (Holy Paly); Faeylin (Resto Druid); Nuurk (Survival Hunter); Potts (Fury War); Wakyuna (Enhance Shammy); Wispofisis (Destro Lock); and filling in, Mefitis (Arcane Mage)

I'm so proud of everyone. Really humbled and amazed that we pulled the kill of, and grateful to the Fates for giving me an unfaltering determination to see this through to the end. I had my doubts that we'd get our kill as time ran out on the clock, but it happened. It's pretty damn cool.
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oooh, a shout-out :) grats to faey for a job well done, to leyota for stealing my helmet (and for some ok tanking, i guess), and to the rest of my homies for almost making it look easy. CoL, ride or die.
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Mef is just too awesome! We're going to have a duel soon between him and Tear to see who soaks up legendary Firelands shards. ^^

We got H Halfus down, and we're excited about the new patch. Currently all raid teams are full, but we'll have a new alt group starting on Sat nights to burn through the old tier for alts and newer raiders.
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Grats to CoL for starting moderately strong this week in Firelands. We got Shannox down tonight, and while I think he's rather a easy kill, it's nice to have something on farm already; and we will have him on farm. ^^

The kill group included: Leyota (Bear Druid); Idriela (Prot Paly); Faine (Holy Paly); Chequer (Resto Shammy); Attor (Disc Priest); Wispofisis (Demo Lock); Xach (Marks Hunter); Faeylin (Boomkin); Potts (Fury Warrior) and Wakyuna (Enhance Shammy)

Special note for Shamanism who did a great deal of work in learning the encounter; his internet died on us, and Attor filled in.

Great job guys, and I'll post more on our strat when I get a chance.
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Cry of Luna is teh awesome !!! <3
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We are currently looking for one more healer for Mon/Tues nights. A resto druid would be ideal; a shammy or holy priest could work as well. Skill, gear and reliability are essential!

We had a sexy night tonight! After a week of Rhyo (during the whole mess of adjustments) and Beth attempts, where we got both to 11% and then had heartbreaking wipes, we nailed them both this evening! Shannox was a one-shot. Beth was a one-shot. Lord RNG-hyo took us about an hour. Altogether, an excellent night!

We're looking forward to seeing Baelroc and Alysrazor for the first time tomorrow. I wish we raided more than two nights in each group (we need 4-5 dammit!), but for the time we do have invested, I'm super proud of you guys!

Roster included: Cassio (Prot War); Leyota (Bear Druid); Chequer (Resto Shammy); Faine (Holy Paly); Attor (Disc Priest); Xach (MM Hunter); Wisp (Destro Lock); Faeylin (Boomkin); Potts (Fury Tank; see what I did there?) and Wakyuna (Enhance Shammy).

Mon/Tues is also performing really solid. Shannox had been taking 2-3 hours per kill; this week he was down on the 2nd try. We worked on Beth this past Tues, and had a solid P2 push. We just need a little more gear on our healers so they can make it through P2 with ample mana for a kill. They're going to move onto Rhyo and Baelroc to learn more fights while we get some more gear into the group.
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Attor, Faine... 3 way, my place <3

Love Cheq (aka make it rain on them belf-boys)
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Great job on Baleroc guys. We got our strat mostly down last week, made some changes tonight, and left with a one-shot! Excellent work!
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Nice job on Alysrazor tonight! It's a survival fight, like Mimi or Blood Queen or Sindy; just need 10/10 to be perfect.

Roster included: Leyota (bear tank); Idriela (prot paly); Chequer (resto shammy); Mynkel (resto shammy); Faine (holy paly); Potts (fury war); Wispofisis (destro lock); Xach (marks hunter); Faeylin (boomkin); and Mefits (arcane mage)
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We need one amazing individual to fill a spot opening up on Sept 1st in our main, raid progression group. We can use an excellent healer (druid/priest/shammy preferred), or a melee dps with yummy interrupts (enhance shammy is a big +), pulling 22k+ dps on sit and burn fights, with raid buffs and BL.

We're also looking for one healer and two dps for our alt run on Tues nights. Near full 359 gear is a big plus; that's really entry level Firelands gear.

Contact Leyota or myself in game, or post here if you're interested.
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LF1M Heals for Dragon Soul

We're looking for one sexy healer to join our team. We have mature folks, who show up on time, every week. We're looking to add one more to the team.

Our previous healer, Kask had a family problem, and won't be reliable for the near future. We wish him a lot of luck and patience, and realize that taking care of family is a very big deal.


Haven't updated here in a while. We have everything down and got quite a few Rag kills in before this tier ended. We're looking forward to the new patch and the new content!
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