An honest question for the beta testers

100 Worgen Priest
No more dead broccoli = win.

Beta healing for me was two things -- more interesting, and at the same time, more stressful. I'm so used to trying to keep EVERYONE up that I'm not used to prioritizing who I am healing because I know I can get the tank and the dps with time to spare.

The other stressful fact is that the tank and dps aren't used to the new model either (Wait, what? The healer isn't at fault when people die now?? Blasphemy!) and still want to blame the healer for everything. And I do mean everything. Relatively speaking, dps wisened up really fast, but tanks were the WORST primadonnas you have ever seen. I had tanks pull groups without cc, wipe us all, and then bail. I had tanks pull without cc, managed to make it after, and then bail because I had to drink after the pull. I've had tanks run into full groups without cc and break line of sight while being out of range by 15 yards, die horribly, and then cry about it before ditching the group. (Not all of the tanks were like this, but enough of them were that it is noteworthy.)

I liked it because healing is more interesting, but this is balanced out by it being more stressful. So which is it more of? Only Cata will tell! :-D
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100 Dwarf Paladin
And hopefully some honest answers.

As we wind down the final days of WotLK style healing and turn toward the new Cataclysm style healing, the question must be asked of the beta testers. Based on your experiences, did your enjoyment of healing increase or decrease due to the changes Blizzard has made in Cataclysm?

Increase, assuming you're talking about beta in its final week of changes.

I was a bit worried going later into beta but Blizzard managed to pull it off. From the paladin perspective, the Light of Dawn change made this class fairly solid from an enjoyable mechanics perspective in raids, when taken with all of the other positive changes made up to that point.

From the raid healing perspective, the nerf to dps passive/semi-passive healing, the nerf to healer blanket AoE heals, the huge buff to player hp, and the subsequent retuning of encounters has made that aspect of the game fun.

From a 5-man/heroic perspective, they're no longer unreasonably stressful and the heroic fight mechanics make it apparent when idiot dps blow themselves up, due to retuning/rebalancing of heroics and non-healer healing. (Really, you want me to heal you through 50k bombs with my mighty 8k Holy Light? Why don't you stop standing in those bombs, bad dps?!).

From a PvP perspective... well, much less experience, but the lack of Mortal Strike and huge hp pools should result in a fairly playable experience at the very least. And I wouldn't be surprised if the PvP experience also ends up being vastly superior to Wrath.

All in all, the end of beta and this expansion gets a large stamp of approval from me. There are some outstanding issues but considering in how much WAS fixed, and how broken said things were initially, Blizzard has done quite well for themselves.
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85 Undead Priest
Increase as Holy Priest. I mean it's not as easy, and a lot of people would say it's hard and not fun whatsoever. But for me personally, huge increase!
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