Arena Players, Can you flip the switch?

100 Human Warrior
Life of a vanilla warrior:
Charge straight into the horde/alliance whole team in AV, intimidation shout, you die
Your team gets to reap the benefits of a few seconds of mayhem on the other team
Rinse and repeat every 3 minutes

I got a forum thread dedicated to me once for doing this so much.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Hi all,

Honest question, will arena players be able to mentally switch off, the never die mentality? In arena you have to live, if you die, its almost 100% of the time a loss. In rated BG's, your life means nothing and only the objectives of the battleground have meaning. Can you turn off this mentality at will? Will you sacrifice yourself for your team mates and the objective? I know you guys have mad skills and can get crazy scores in BG's, but can you live with being 5-15 but having a victory? Can you die to that horrible player(over and over), if it means you win the BG? Nothing but love for all PVP players.


Yes, easily. There is no switch in reality at all, victory is victory. I have no difficultly whatsoever putting myself in an outnumbered situation where death is certain knowing full well that howling blast spamming my attackers will dismount/snare and generally slow their advance enough to allow a flag carrier to escape them.

Your post has some highly speculative falsehoods in it though. There is really no situation where dying 1v1 to a horrible player would be better to acheive a victory condition than simply destroying the horrible player until they run away from the bg objective or die.

Also, it's sort of implausible to win a premade vs premade match while getting killed more than you are killing unless the opposing team is just farming kills in the road and ignoring points of interest, in which case the opposing team sucked and frankly shoudn't even be at my MMR.
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