Bleeds, bearform, regen = autowin

85 Tauren Druid
soooo, you're just trolling DDF?

stay classy.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Another thread with nothing but bickering back and forth.

Yes feral bleeds are strong at lvl 80.
If they are to strong at 85 they will be nerfed.

Is a ret pallys wings and hammer of wrath spam crazy?ya
is ice lance spamming crazy?ya
is scorch while moving at increased speed and stunning you crazy?ya
is a boomkin rooting you in solar beam so your silenced forever and can't heal yer buddy crazy?ya
is an ele shams burst crazier then before?ya
is an arcane mages burst crazier then before?ya
Is holy pallys never dying crazy?ya
is rogues new garrote silence crazy?ya
is shadowpriest self sufficency and tools crazy?ya
is frost dk howling blast spam crazy?ya

Many things are crazy at level 80,the game is going to be tuned for 85,why people make these qq threads about things right now is stupid.don't talk balance or even
QQ until cataclysm is out and you are level 85 wearing full pvp gear,THEN you can QQ all you want about stuff,but if you do it right now with the way the game currently is on live and with the fact there will be alot more pvp test results when cata goes live and more people are playing,you sound like a whiny child if your complaining right now,Sure it sucks but making qq threads on forums isn't going to change yer breath til cataclysm when your lvl 85 in full pvp gear.

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