Dungeon Level Changes

85 Troll Druid
Scholomance at lv 38???? I thought it was supposed to drop the headpeice for the lv 60 raiding gear! I think it's awesome, but did they just trash the idea of the lv 60 class specific raiding gear, or just change the dungeuns they drop in?
100 Night Elf Druid
so they bumped the level requirements to fit cata....did they put new drops in the old dungeons too?
46 Undead Warrior
well some drops have changed stats and some are pretty new too
80 Worgen Druid
One thing though that needs to change. Either give all classes their max armor profs at creation or move it down to 30. You turned most of the good hunter mail into lvl 30-34 items, and there's even a bunch of 32-37 plate now. Either make them lvl 40 with appropriate stats, or lower the lvl needed to wear them.
80 Worgen Druid
Also, I haven't seen any DS1 drop at all.....ran scholo about 22 times looking for deathbone guardian set, and not a single piece of DS1 dropped from Gandling.
90 Undead Warlock
11/30/2010 4:54 PMPosted by Karock
Should we assume that the actual average mob level is halfway between the numbers you listed? Or do mob levels really range 10 levels within the instance?

I hope it is the first, because I do not look forward to the 'grey mobs at the start and yellow mobs at the end' problem that many old world instances suffered from not being fixed in the major revamp.

Sir our names are to similiar ... i challenge you to a duel . city /weapon of your choice , im using a gnome
90 Undead Warlock
Did I mention Gnomes make great maces.
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90 Orc Hunter
12/03/2010 11:50 PMPosted by Schmoopsy
For example, last night I ran Mara on my 34 paladin and the bracers dropped off the water ele boss. Required level 34, but they were plate. May want to look at that.

When I did LBRS for the achievement, I got a piece of Beaststalker, and the tooltip still referenced the set bonus that restores Mana.
85 Goblin Priest
what are the requirements for the cata dungeons?
85 Undead Priest
12/07/2010 3:18 AMPosted by Trimas
what are the requirements for the cata dungeons?

I'm thinking the same thing since when I tried to enter a random I didn't meet the requirements.
85 Night Elf Warrior
91 Orc Warrior
12/07/2010 6:06 AMPosted by Balvenie
12/07/2010 3:18 AMPosted by Trimas
what are the requirements for the cata dungeons?

I'm thinking the same thing since when I tried to enter a random I didn't meet the requirements.

AFAIK there are two requirements:

1) You must have found the entrance one way or another.
2) You must have an average item level above a certain threshold.

If you go to the dungeon finder and change the drop-down to "Specific Cataclysm Dungeon", you can see the list and mouse-over each to get info on the requirements for queuing for a particular dungeon.
90 Draenei Paladin
12/01/2010 11:20 AMPosted by Vrida
I suppose there's STILL no way (other than teleporting in at-level) to get into Stockade or Ragefire Chasm without running through the city?

*sigh* Guess I never will have the Stockade achievement on my Horde mains or RFC on my Alliance main.

it's easy to get to those instances running through everyone. Make sure you unequip ALL of your gear (to avoid repair costs) and keep running and dying till you make it. That's how I got RFC at level 72ish. It's not hard at all, just requires some patience.
81 Undead Rogue
If the quests aren't available yet when you enter the instance and don't want to run them multiple times just teleport out and quest a bit more until you level. You will take the half hour deserter penalty but that just just gives you time to quest. Maybe that's just incredibly convenient for me because, as a priest, my queue times are 10seconds. Would this be a waste of a dungeon queue for dps leveling in the 40's/50's?
1 Draenei Priest
god damn did you ever brutally neuter some of these instances :( sunken temple for 1 you neutered it so bad you shoulda just deleted it :/ after all you deleted 3/4 of it already

i used to love power lvling toons but you brutalized all old dungeons sooooooo bad is there any point for some like me to even play this game anymore since thats all i do

/me prays you didnt touch outland dungeons since thats where the fun really begins for my 80.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
I want to comment that I love the idea of having all quests for dungeons at the instance entrance now! Very Nice
84 Goblin Warrior
I've been playing WoW on and off since vanilla and just tried Scholomance for the first time on this warrior. Tuning to level 40 was a great touch. It was a really enjoyable experience working through the wings. No doubt my good group and plate heavy drops added to the experience, but kudos to finally making it accessible.
81 Draenei Hunter
Is there any way to tell upon starting if you're in for LBRS or UBRS? I mean yes, once you clear to Rend's arena and jump in and nothing happens, it's kinda obvious, but that's a hell of a way to go to "find out".
100 Gnome Mage
I bypassed vashj on accident heading from mt hyjal to deepholm, so I finally get to vashj and get all the way through it and get a couple quests for the throne of the tides dungeon but I am 84 then and I cant cue for it. So I sit in the zone on and off all day shouting for a group, then I go to stormwind and sit in trade channel and lfg channel trying to find a group. In the end I spent 2 days trying to get a group for this dungeon and not one single reply. Why? Because everyone uses the dungeon finder tool but I cant use it because I am level 84.

I cant understand why you would add these dungeons in the new content and after a couple levels remove someones ability to cue for the new stuff.

I mean yes at my level I dont benefit from it much but I would gain experince, I might get a item upgrade and I would like to get the achievement for finishing it. But I dont want to spend days or even a week or more sitting in a city in lfg channel trying to find a group just because you capped it really quick for me.

Besides, the quests are yellow to me, they arent even green or grey, they are yellow. That would denote they are in my level range.

Please reconsider your level caps for cues. You made everyone so dependant on them hardly anyone ever, I mean ever tries to find a group the normal way unless its to run some old raid zone for a quick achievement or do the weekly from dalaran.

Hell I would even take a debuff that reduces my abilities by a good percent if I could cue for some dungeons slightly below me just so I could check them out and get the achievements. I just think your being a little harsh on the new content and level caps for the cues.
82 Blood Elf Paladin
WOW TY [dance][/dance]
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