Rupture/Revealing strike, in their current implementation, are worth a bit less than 100 DPS each for a 25m Raid Buffed Rogue. Without Rupture/RvS, Combat's cycle basically becomes slice and dice and eviscerate spam - an incredibly simplistic, mind-numbing cycle which a monkey could play to the same degree that a top-level, veteran Rogue could.

Is it intended that Rupture/RvS are SO weak that dropping both completely from our rotation is less than a 2% dps loss? (Literally, this figure is not exaggerated).

Part of the issue with Revealing strike sucking so hard is that our "finishers" in and of themselves are incredibly weak. Is it intended that we don't use EITHER of these abilities in our endgame rotation? They make our rotation several times more complex but provide less DPS over the course of a fight than a single consumable. In their current implementation, Rogues are better off not using either ability and instead diverting that attention to the fight mechanics.
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