Am I supposed to rez if they don't release?

100 Gnome Warlock
I was just kicked from a group because I didn't rez the people that were too lazy to run back. I told them right when we wiped (which was only a wipe because the dumbass tank pulled while I was back resting for mana) that they would have to run back. It was a 5 man. Should people be allowed to do housework/watch porn/etc while the healer has to run back?
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It depends for me honestly. Depends on gy distance to instance, and how/when they died. But ya, just rez when out of combat if they didnt already release, and even if they have already.

Just rez
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95 Night Elf Druid
If it is a wipe, everyone is expected to corpse run. Making the someone rez you is a waste of mana. It's one thing if you say, sorry guys, brb gotta potty or some such crap. At least be polite and communicate.

But if it's a wipe and you "expect" a rez, you're SoL in my book.
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80 Blood Elf Priest
In your case, I wouldn't have rezzed them either. They were just being lazy and rude.
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85 Worgen Priest
Anyone who needs to step away from their computer after a wipe needs to type out a quick message with at least a "sry" and the reason they are going AFK. They don't even need to explicitly ask for the rez, I'll provide it.

But sitting on the corpse, and letting me waste my time so he/she can alt tab and watch youtube?

That's not gonna fly.
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85 Tauren Priest
It depends on my mood, how many people are lying dead, and how smoothly the run was going.

Generally, back when we did our daily heroics, I didn't care a lot if the Mage conveniently went AFK until the moment I walked back to where we wiped. I'd be more concerned about getting moving again and getting the instance done.

But if the run is demanding my full attention because the tank is undergeared and the Mage likes tanking and the Rogue won't move out of the acid no matter what, I'll probably let them know they should take this time to enjoy the spirit world for a bit, in the hope that we won't be visiting it again.
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100 Human Paladin
"Making the someone rez you is a waste of mana"

Not only is it a waste of mana when there's a group wipe, its a tremendous waste of time.

  • Healer runs back. Party picks noses.

  • Healer drinks because it will take a full mana bar. 30 seconds.

  • Healer starts resses. Healer flustered by repeated REZ ME cries. 50 seconds.

  • Healer is out of mana, sits down to drink. Party picks noses. HEAL PLZ. 30 seconds.

  • Healer heals party. Healer is out of mana. Warlock lifetaps to 10 hp. 30 seconds.

  • At this point, the party probably starts to pull. The healer has no mana, and the Warlock is nearly dead.

    If a healer gets a "considerate" group, they get to drink again (another 30 seconds).

    Full time for wipe recovery: 170 seconds, assuming flawless execution. For the math-challenged, that's just under 3 minutes after the healer gets to everyone's corpses.

    Of course, everyone could've just run back, and eaten/drank while the healer did. Time to wipe recovery: 30 seconds.

    The party just wasted two and a half minutes of everyone's time by being lazy. And that's assuming they don't cause another wipe immediately by pulling while the healer is still out of mana.
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    85 Blood Elf Paladin
    With guild skills in cata ressing won't always be a healers job anyway. Anyone in a guild should eventually be getting mass res. Any person of any class will then be able to ress an entire party at no mana cost with no CD.

    As far as your issue goes, it sounds like terrible players that like to blame healers for everything. You're better off without them.
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    85 Troll Shaman
    If it is a complete wipe, and someone hasn't released, I'll usually say something in party telling them to. If they ask for a rez when I get back inside after I asked them to release, I hit my macro: The healer you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please release and run back in and try again.

    If I do end up rezing someone, I don't usually heal them. It's a 5 man. Bring food. I had to use my mana to rez you because you were too lazy to run back, don't expect me to use more to heal you. My mana isn't there for you to be lazy.
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    90 Human Priest
    If I have to run back, you have to run back.
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    10 Draenei Warrior
    graveyard distances are now like... 30 yards? they were all adjusted with the lastest changes.

    zero reason for them not to run back.

    i have a guildy (our main disc priest healer... go figure) who is totally brain dead when it comes to running back. he just... never does. I'm a prot warrior with engineering when i raid... so i 'rez' him with cables after everyone gets a laugh.
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    85 Dwarf Shaman
    If its a partial wipe or I have reincarnation etc, of course I rez people. It's part of the job. If its a total wipe and everyone releases but one DPS, and waits for all the rest of us to run back and rez his lazy bum, then no. He's on his own. Same if the whole group is dumb enough to do it. "OOM" I'll say, while healing myself to full and standing around waiting for my natural mana regen :P
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    100 Draenei Shaman
    Options less prone to a kick:
    When you get back to the corpse(s), just type "brb" in chat and take an afk break until you see them get their lazy butts back.

    If it's just a single dps that didn't come back, just say "ready" in chat or "I guess he'll catch up with us later" and continue the run.

    If you want to vent some frustration about someone not releasing, do it before entering the instance. I generally just ask "why haven't you released yet?" before zoning in. This moves the discussion up to a point where people can't expect you to rez yet, and seems to generate far better support from the rest of the group.

    Vote to kick the lazy guy. Votes generally pass no matter what, so you're just preempting the option for the lazy guy to start a vote against you. Basically you're just assuming he wanted a war, and you'll probably win it =)
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    90 Blood Elf Priest
    I dont mind rezzing lazy people; it takes very little time and mana.

    On my tank and dps i usually make up a reason to go afk rather than run back.

    On my healer I happily rez people who dont run back.

    Seems equitable to me.
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    90 Blood Elf Priest
    I dont mind rezzing lazy people; it takes very little time and mana.

    On my tank and dps i usually make up a reason to go afk rather than run back.

    On my healer I happily rez people who dont run back.

    Seems equitable to me.
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    85 Human Paladin
    I find their logic hilarious. Kicking the healer is not going to get you rezzed. Now they have to run back anyway or wait there dead for the next healer.
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