Joining World of Paladins - Any tips?

70 Human Warrior
I decided to make a paladin. I healed two level 74's in a bg, today. The three of us fought two thirds or more of the opposing faction - about 9 players. My discipline priest died twice and the 2 paladins not at all. Not bad.

When I would get back from the graveyard, one paladin would have about half health. I would heal him up and we would get back to rolling over 9 players. I had to mana up a bunch while the paladins were at near or full mana. Fun times. I'm join me some World of Paladins. Any tips?
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85 Draenei Paladin
if you need to know 1 thing JUST 1 THING! Thats super uber important!!! That every paladin in the world must know!!! OUR SECRET TO SUCCESS!!!!............
Bubble hearth doesn't work anymore...
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Pro tip: Stay off the forums unless looking for any type of guide. It's for your own good.
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10 Gnome Rogue
level up as prot

for leveling gear

hit > exp > str > int > ap > sp > agi > crit > parry > dodge > stam > haste
(the same is mostly true for ret, except ret values haste higher and parry/dodge lower)
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10 Gnome Rogue
Pro tip: Stay off the forums unless looking for any type of guide. It's for your own good.

if you ignore all the trolls, there are useful discussions

but on that topic
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10 Gnome Rogue
As I read it he's not wanting to go pally because they're OP, but rather because paladins have a strength in taking a bruising and keeping on cruzing.

Our ability to do so varies month to month, but it's part of the fundamental class design.

plate + manaless heals
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