Remember when...Only two cities had an AH

85 Goblin Priest
Ha. all kinds of people are complaining about no more portals, and how hard it is to get from place to place, and how hard long it is access certain things, well...Be thankful. When I started playing the game, and a long time followed, there were only 2 main cities you could find an auction house, one on the horde side and one on the alliance side. And if you were a Night Elf, you were pretty much screwed. Having to go all the way to Ironforge to visit the AH..LOL.

Just reminiscing on the good ol days, many people never got to play, back when the game was awesome, and not e-z mode.

Anybody else have any good old school things that have been forgotten? I remember alotta thing's, but completely forgot about how only two cities used to have an AH.
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80 Troll Mage
Lol.. What about when getting a ground mount was the hardest thing ever? Had to be level 40 just to ride the basic one, and it was expensive.

Oh but lawd, you didnt pay out big time for the riding skill, you paid for the Mount.

Meaning EVERY mount would cost you around 100G (For the 60%) and 1000G (for the 100%)

This gave meaning to getting exalted with the Frost Wolves so you could get your free Epic Riding mount. The riding skill was a joke cost wise.

Or how about your mat farming and upgrade quests? Farming all your Larval Acid for your Hide of The Wild or getting your Blood of Heroes in the plaguelands, and guaranteed death that came with picking it up if you were solo. Lol Don't even get me started on Dire Maul Tribute runs.

Life before Cross Server BG's and Dungeons. Oh my. Being Stuck in Alterac valley for almost a WEEK straight at a complete stalemate with people on your own server.

Where do I start? There is so much stuff that's changed that the Cataclysm seems infantile compared to how much the game has changed since vanilla.
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85 Goblin Priest
Ha. I member heart of the wild being my first epic, was so pumped.
N woulda never gotten an epic riding mount if I didn't get it from the battleground ranks.
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85 Human Paladin
i came on board just after they stopped rogues from having to brew their own poisons, and when it took like 5 taps on a mining node to empty it. oh yeah, and fish getting away unless you really buffed that fishing pole or went to a lowbie start area

That...was not very long ago, was it?

I remember when I had to refresh seals every 30 seconds.

I would also like to remark on the fact that I spent about 4/5 of my BC experience with under 100g. I hated dailies.
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80 Troll Mage
Lol. How about before dailies Existed? Or before you earned extra gold for completing a quest at level cap? Yep. Imagine completing quests with almost no reward. XD
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
When drain life wasn't affected by Mortal Strike.

When Holy Paladins weren't overpowered(LOL.)

When Mages took more than two braincells to play.

When raiding was challenging outside of things like more health, boss/adds hit harder.

When Karazhan was considered "raiding."

When Yapper and Dirtywork/Wuu would go attacking Horde towns.

When Frenzy/Cataclysm were merged to form Retaliation and all servers were down for over 24 hours.

When the game wasn't as stale and all like zerg-zerg-zerg, faceroll this don't use strategy, YAY BADGE LOOOOOOOOT, etc.
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80 Night Elf Druid
When prot warriors were the only tanks.

When 40 Priests could kill Onyxia.
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85 Undead Priest
Getting the lock mount. Spending weeks getting everything together and getting people to run Scholomance and Dire Maul West for the event. Nobody ever wanted to do Scholo, and if nobody had a key for Scholo you'd have to hellfire yourself to death at the door so your ghost could rez on the other side and open it up.

AV matches that took hours. Summoning Lok and watching him wreck everybody whenever he finally left the field of strife.

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85 Tauren Druid
When we actually couldn't believe it's not butter.

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90 Gnome Warrior
I didn't get started playing until BC had been out a while, so the AHs were already linked; but I remember the 40/60 days of running/trotting/riding (and that is why I am not sure I am ever going adventuring in Darkshore again...). I remember "running the trapline" of ore nodes in Elwyn and Westfall, and hating the DK who could outride my toons gathering mithril in the Charred Vale.

and I remember the kindness of strangers showing Bankie the wonders of Outlands and Wyrmcrest. Thanks guys :)
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