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Not all of us Forsaken agree with the use of weapons of mass destruction being used against Alliance non-combatants.

I have seen the destruction around Hillsbrad, and it even makes my dead heart hurt. I know I shouldn't care, but I do. Maybe it's another clue as to who I was in life.

I also know though that I am not alone. Last night I had a lengthy conversation with another of my undead brethren. There are others out there like me who believe there is another way to deal with the Alliance without killing innocent civilians.

Please mail me if you're interested in signing my charter and seeing this protest guild become reality, as I'm never too far from a mailbox. Join the <Undercity Underground>!
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bump, and slight update

The Royal Apothecary Society has gotten out of control. After completing my investigations, I have come to the decision that the Forsaken cannot afford another Putress or Stillwater.

I need to try to get this guild off the ground. We need to make people aware of what the RAS is doing. Even Stillwater got past the Orcs watching over the RAS.
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Not all of us Forsaken agree with the use of weapons of mass destruction being used against Alliance non-combatants

That is for the plague right ? What about Goblins bombs of mass destruction ?

I am just messing hehe, good luck with your guild creation!
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Update, the guild charter has finally been filed and we are now active!!

After the events of the Wrathgate, and the atrocities at Hillsbrad, it seems obvious there are elements in the Royal Apothecary Society who still feel they do not answer to our Dark Lady, going over her head constantly, and those elements are high in rank and manipulating her with propaganda.

If you feel as I do, join us in the Undercity Underground!

Help us to spread the word and expose the R.A.S. for the traitors they are! Their actions threaten our reputation and threaten our standing in the Horde! We need to open up the Dark Lady's eyes to this travesty!

Our movement is just starting, since our charter was finally filed today, but even the largest of movements started with small grassroots efforts like this! Do not let the R.A.S. bring an end to the Forsaken! Protect the TRUE interests of the Dark Lady!

--Halcalya Dalan
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