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It really doesn't matter what you choose for unitframes. Any unitframe mod will do.
The popular choices are Pitbull, SUF, STUF, Xperl, and oUF+layouts.
I like oUF because it's very light and I just gotta pick which layout I like and don't have to fiddle with it to get it looking like this or like that. Downside is that you don't have much in terms of options/configurability unless you delve into lua.
Then I match my Vuhdo layout to have the same look as the unitframes and that works out well...
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I used to use X-Perl with VuhDo (just disabled the X-Perl raid frames and enabled the VuhDo ones). Disadvantage was that X-Perl was butt-fugly, especially in contrast with attractive VuhDo bars. Advantage was that there's practically no config time, and it was familiar (important for when I go DPS and info from my target window is critical).

Now I use PitBull for everything, with Clique and mouseover macros. Was a gigantic, enormous pain to set up the way I wanted it, but it now does literally exactly what I want and looks exactly how I want.

You can use PitBull player/target etc. and VuhDo raid for easier config, if you like. The advantage over X-Perl would be that you can get something closer to a visually-coherent look. The disadvantage would be the configuration time; Pitbull is virtually unusable "out of the box."

You can also use VuhDo for player/target etc. Disadvantage is that it's not really designed for that, so it's sort of unintuitive to set up and doesn't necessarily do things the way unit frams mods designed for player/target windows would, which can be an issue for dps specs. Advantage is using a single mod.
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Personally, I use VuhDo and SUF. VuhDo has a few features that I really like to take advantage of, namely Emergencies and Clustered Heals.

Emergencies will highlight player bars in varying shades of red as damage comes in. Someone who just lost 1/3 of their health is going to show up bright red, while someone taking damage at a more moderate rate will be a darker shade, and people just plain not topped off will be coloured according to their class. This is really helpful to me personally since most of my focus is on the stuff going on in the raid, rather than on my raid frames, and being able to quickly identify who needs heals now without having to watch bars drop is a definite asset.

Clustered heals can be set up to work with either chained or radial heals, and is one of the most useful features VuhDo has, in my opinion. Clustered will illuminate raid members that are good targets for spells like Wild Growth, Chain Heal, and Circle of Healing. If someone has enough people within range of chain heal jumps with low health, their health bar will be illuminated so that I can cast a chain heal without fear of wasting it, rather than using HW, HS, or RT. The goal again is to let me spend more time watching whats going on in the raid, and less time staring at my raid frames.

Oh yeah. VuhDo can also pop your on use trinkets with every spell cast, very handy if you use Sliver of Pure Ice (which I do).
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I have used VuhDo before - but now back to grid

I use them for 'raid frames' only

But I use xperl for player (myself) and my target and my targets target.
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I use both VuhDo and X-Perl. I keep Xperl up for myself and party and focus (my only way of tracking earth shields and other important things on my tank). I specifically use the party frames to check what buffs from my totems are hitting them and which ones aren't. That means that if the hunter has a cat, I won't pull out my strength of earth totem and will pull out my armor totem. If pally and hunter cat (or some combination of buff overlap) are in the group, I'll leave it on a buff I feel will drop off at points.

Vuhdo is specifically used to heal and debuff. I keep it as a minor point near a lot of my buttons and near my player frame. That way, I can keep track of Riptide CD (although I am so tuned into the CD, I don't really look at it anymore), NS CD, etc.

The two can work together. And everyone has their preference. The problem is that you just gotta keep working through the addons and standard UI until you find your happy place. Even then, you will need to play with one for quite some time for you to be natural with it.

Just pick one and go with it, none are "greater" than the other, if you keep groups alive all the same.
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85 Goblin Shaman

How so? Vuhdo at least shows incoming heals from other sources as well.

I will be sticking with Vuhdo as well. Haven't been disappointed yet. The support is also Impeccable.
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I have pitbull, but I really couldn't care less as long as I can move my player and target frames to wherever I want (seriously, bottom of the screen makes way more sense). I used x-perl for a bit, but didn't like how it looked. Had shadowed unit frames for quite a while, but switched it up with the latest patch. I didn't like how it was displaying threat and just wasn't digging it in general, and pitbull seems to have more features. I use these in combination with vuhdo, having recently switched from grid for funzies.

I think vuhdo is a little heavier on the cpu than grid is though. I seem to be finding myself doing tricks to reduce lag.
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I keep Xperl up for myself and party and focus (my only way of tracking earth shields and other important things on my tank).

Vuhdo default tracks earthshield unless you have buffs turned off, and even if it didn't you could add it to the tracking :P
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85 Goblin Priest
you uninstall vuhdo and xperl and get what the pros use.


Yep, cause using something functionally identical to vuhdo that requires 300x the configuration time and requires downloading several additional modules to get it up to the same level is superior.

Anyway, I still use xperl for player/target/focus frames and vuhdo for the actual raid frames.

Regardless of the initial post being a troll, grid does not take long to config at all, and the addon modules for it is what makes it so amazing and customizable... Grid also like never breaks from patches.

I've used x-perl uF and grid rF since T5 and don't plan to change anytime soon. Grid is very easy to make your own modules for if you have dabbled with it, but not many people play with addon scripting.
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