Low level healing

52 Night Elf Druid
I'm havin a hard time in the new lowbie dungeons on both my druid and my priest. Constant spamming heals, OOM and drinking after every encounter, and wipes even. Not Fun. Anyone else having trouble? Granted it may have been too easy before but I'm thinkin I don't want to heal anymore.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I agree 100%, I couldn't heal any of the starter instances on my shaman IE RFC, VC,SFK, till I was 20, because Healing Wave's cast was WAY too long, and it healed for nothing. Now I have Healing surge, and it's a mana eater. When everyone is taking damage from a boss fight, I can't heal 5 people without going oom, or everyone die while I try to cast the almost 3s crappy healing wave >.>

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52 Night Elf Druid
I just tried Deadmines with my lvl 15 troll druid a bit ago. Tank died on one encounter when I ran out of mana, and few minutes later on we wiped. This was before we even hit the ramp! I apologized to the group and left =(

Priest was 20 when I did Deadmines and we made it through without anyone dying but it was hard work and made me a nervous wreck lol.
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40 Tauren Druid
Tis true. My heirloomed Nelf Druid is ok, but my non-heirloomed Tauren Druid in his 30s has been having OOM nightmares. I had wiped twiced on landslide in Mauradon with a Bear Druid tank who was geared appropriately. I was healing only the tank and would go oom and I was just maintaining rejuv with periodic swiftmends and holding out for nourishes to get my mana to stretch. It's just sad.
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