Frost mages at level 80 are insane.

85 Worgen Druid
I remember when we all hit 80, you all thought deep freeze and dispersion were #%@#.
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The most messed up part about mages is they are getting more utility (time warp) and more control (ring of frost) in cata. If any class was less deserving of more utility and control in the xpac, it's mages. Complete joke.
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85 Night Elf Mage
To sum this thread up

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To sum this thread up


This is coming from a mage with 0 arena games played and 5k honor kills. This thread is about pvp and you have no place commenting. /bye
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The most messed up part about mages is they are getting more utility (time warp) and more control (ring of frost) in cata. If any class was less deserving of more utility and control in the xpac, it's mages. Complete joke.

Yes, because no other class in the game got new talents and abilities at lvl 85 but frost mages, right? Do you people even think before you post?
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Regardless of what "I" did, I still remember you dueling a warlock right after me named kazguy who has 1400 resil, within one deepfreeze you got him to 30% health and that is THROUGH nether protection.

Anyways though, what I am getting from your post is that I am supposed to play flawlessly or else I will just get blown up instantly, where you on the other hand can run around like a babbling idiot yet it won't make a difference because your damage out put, control, and survivability more than make up for any mistakes you make.

Yup, sounds fair.

If that's what you're getting from my post, you're an idiot. I explicitly stated Frost Mages are quite obviously overpowered at 80. Obviously they're not 'fair'. That has nothing to do with the fact that whether this was patch 4.0 or 3.X or 2.X or whatever, I'd beat you easily, because you play poorly. Your anecdote is worthless because had you not played poorly, that's not how the duel would have played out.

Just like I can gib you if you waste all of your defensive cooldowns (like you did), I can get gibbed by Moonkins if I play poorly too. If CS is down and I get frost locked by Solar Beam, I'm dead. Does this mean Moonkins are overpowered? No.

In addition to this, lets be clear that I duel you multiple times. The times in which I did not get polyed in the beginning, you just loldeepfroze me with your lolfingersoffrost and literally globaled me forcing me to desperatly run away and HoT up. There wasn't anything I could do because by the time I broke your ice barrier I was already dead. Has partially to do with my dots falling off almost instantly which is just plain dumb.

And lets make this clear, if I make a mistake, under no circumstance should I be punished by getting globaled, your entire arguement is void.

Either you don't know what literally means, or you don't know what globaled means. Until you expound, I can't really comment because your post makes no sense when you incorrectly use these terms. At no point, in any of our duels, did I feel like you knew what was going on at all. If you noticed, I dueled another Moonkin after you that got me to ~30%, it was a close duel. I shouldn't ever really lose to a Moonkin in 4.0 because of how overpowered Mages are. That doesn't change the fact that no matter what patch we duel in, the difference in skill between you and me is large enough that you'd never really come close to beating me.

I can't really take your anecdotes seriously, because no matter how evenly matched our classes are, the result will probably be the same. Sorry if that makes me sound cocky or rude, that's not my intent - it's just a fact. It is frustrating coming to the forums, and seeing players like you make the claims that you do, knowing that when you get outplayed you quite literally got 'beat by a mage, goin to the forums'.

"But guys, he played wrong, so its ok that I took out 35k health in 4 seconds."

Just to reiterate, because you seem to have some comprehension issues: Frost Mages are massively, massively overpowered at 80 in 4.0. The only spec that is even close to us is Feral. Even still, your anecdotes are meaningless because you might as well have been AFK during our duels, you played them so poorly. If I reacted to your DPS cooldowns in the same way that you reacted to mine, I'd die in a few seconds too. That wouldn't make Moonkins overpowered, it would just be an anecdote that showed that poor players perform poorly.
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