Best DPS for 5 man PvE dungeon runs?

The best DPS needed for 5man's can vary depending on your personal play style. However Ive had a 99.9% Success rate with Elemental as they can cc 2 different mobs with Bind and Hex as well as totems are always a huge advantage as well. Mages for Sheep and Slows, Locks for Fear if Glyphed for it as well, also Boomkins are great for Soothing Dragonkin, Cyclone and roots are always nice to have too. I usually go into a 5man as Elemental as heals right now are getting the poop end of the stick atm and heals are not scaleling properly with SP either. My Personal 5man Setup for Heroics are Pally Tank for added Extra DPS, Pally Heals as for now they seem to have decent mana regain, could be buffed a tad bit more, but still doable, Mage for the extra Lust incase shammys is on CD and sheep + Slows are a nice touch, Elemental Sham /Me/ for Lust, Hex-(Beasts, Humans) Bind-(Elementals) and Totems.And if your looking for more CC and good dps go with Boomy for Cyclone, Soothing, and roots
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85 Undead Rogue
Boomkin IS decent DPS but with a lot of caster mobs needing to be CC'd roots is almost worthless except for kiting, and cyclone is too short to really be worth much.

Hunters are also a nice choice.. good DPS, couple different kinds of CC, good utility.

DPS warriors, ret paladins, and DPS DKs, might as well respec and gear to tank because you are getting carried as DPS because of a massive lack of utility and Crowd control ability.

Mages are putting out higher single target DPS than Shaman but have no shackle and Hex > sheep for the most part unless your group is retarded. Mages would be an OK replacement for a shaman if you dont have one, but shaman are less squishy and can self heal as well as having the OG lust. Right now, i just dont see mages having any utility that other classes dont have and are better at.
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2 Dwarf Hunter
Warlock is the best dps, hands down.

1 VERY reliable CC (since fear doesn't break if the mob gets hit accidentally)
1 good CC (there are a good number of banishable targets)

good dps.

It's kinda OP.
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85 Worgen Hunter
Out of all the random regular and heroic instances I've done (and I've done plenty as you can see), I have yet to be outdpsed by anyone. I have encountered one person who can match my dps, and that was a guildie Ele Shaman.

Considering that I also bring 2 different CC options, (both of which affect almost every kind of mob), and a variety of buffs via the pet (5% crit, 8% spelldamage, Agi/Str, Sunder, etc), I think it's safe to say that Hunters make a very good addition to any 5man.
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