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85 Draenei Priest
So with the advent of cataclysm I've heard a lot of people in my own guild discussing what toon will be their main for cata and got a bit curious about the rest of Draka. So tell me people, what are you going to play for the 'clysm. I'll go first.

Priest all the way. Was my main for all of TBC, as holy and I loved it the entire time. I never really had a level capped alt either at that time until the 3.0 patch hit and I facerolled my pally to 70. Then I bought WoTLK, got to 72 in the first day and felt dismayed, so then I took a lengthy break. Came back, got my pally to 80 first and did some raiding in Uld 10. Holy was just really too easy for me to enjoy a lot so I went back to the priest, pretty much spending equal time as holy and shadow.

When I joined KoN I got a spot as shadow priest and I really enjoyed raiding, but the healing core was struggling because of lack of a consistent holy pally so I made the switch to help out. But in the end I just always find myself wishing I were a priest instead so here I am, back playing the class I started with. I just find playing a priest a lot more enjoyable than other classes, and I've come to the conclusion that if I do switch toons its pretty likely I'll always just end up back on a priest. Spec doesn't even matter to me much, I find all of them pretty fun.

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85 Gnome Priest
Hay Citador! It's Lotte, I miss talking with you and Cpops :P

My mage has been my main for four years now, and she will be my main in Cata. I remember raiding WotLK with CdM on my mage until the guild imploded and I left Draka.

I don't think any of the people I still talk to on Draka are planning to switch mains, but there are a handful of people in my current guild (mostly hunters, lol) who are pretty unhappy with their class changes and are looking to reroll. The most popular to-go classes that I've seen thus far are rogue and warlock. Personally, I've enjoyed playing my priest more than I enjoy my mage since I got her to 80 during Ulduar. Sometimes I think it would be fun to switch mains to my holy priest (probably as shadow now, since the Chakra nerf holy isn't fun anymore), but I never seriously considered it; I've put way too much time and effort into my mage to ever give up on her, I think.

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I am new to the realm, but this will be my 4th druid main. My very first character was a druid back in 2005 and I just keep coming back to them. As soon as the new race/class combos were announced I decided to make a troll druid. A troll priest was my main for quite some time (about 2 years) and I love the race, so the combination is perfect.

I am an altoholic though and plan on leveling a priest, paladin, and mage at the very least as well.
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90 Human Warrior
I'll always consider this guy my "main", but I'd imagine I'll level several folks at once. I've become rather alt-spoiled in the late stages of this expansion.

Kinda welcome a gear reset anyway... I let this dude fall waaaay behind.

As usual...


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100 Pandaren Shaman
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90 Human Paladin
Been playing Daz since pretty much the launch of the game, why would I stop now?
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85 Human Rogue
I've been told constantly that I reroll too much >.<

But I'll actually be going Human Hunter for The 'Clysm. Not really feelin' the Rogue changes and the direction they're going, though I will always love playin' my Rogue.

Over all the years that I've been playing I've gone from Mage to Holy Paladin to Fury Warrior to DK Tank to DK DPS to Rogue/SPriest.. so Hunter is the only logical next step!

But all of my mains must be Humans ('Cept my brief stint as an Orc when I played Horde on Laughing Skull), so now that Hunters can be Humans it's just a perfect fit.
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100 Troll Shaman

This. I love my shaman ^_^. Ele gets nerfed for sure but being a shaman is so fun! Being Blizz's little bastards makes me happy. Also, WoW wouldn't be WoW for my guild if I couldn't run up to the tank while he has a bunch of adds and KABOOOM THUNDASTORM @!!@*ES!

<3 shaman

PS: I'll play my pally too since I relearned how to do prot since the patch...but my shaman will continue to be my main ^_^
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85 Draenei Priest
I've rerolled more times than i wish to admit... Hunter -> Lock -> Mage -> Shaman (played this class the longest) -> Shadow priest... Now if my trend continues like it has I will play my shadow priest until the last 6 months or so of cataclysm then reroll to a new class for the following exp pack... I will be staying a face melter for the foreseeable future.
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85 Orc Shaman
I will never abandon my shaman.
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85 Worgen Druid
My druid will remain my main through Cataclysm. I really enjoy the playstyle of Resto druids, and having the capability to experiment with both Balance and Feral is rather amusing for me. Cae here's been my main since late in BC, and I just can't imagine playing anything else at this point.
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85 Worgen Death Knight
Hmm well my history for Mains has gone:

Warlock (Vanilla and BC), Death Knight (Wrath and forever more)

I love my warlock but I love tanking even more. Have played a Druid to 80 and through most raiding (Tank and Heals), a Pally to 80 (Tank), and am currently leveling a Warrior (Tank) and Shaman (Ele/heals). I have also leveled a hunter to 64 and a rogue to 56. Nothing compares to my love for my Death Knight. It has the warlocks love with my love of tanking. Nothing could be better!
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24 Draenei Shaman

This. I love my shaman ^_^. Ele gets nerfed for sure but being a shaman is so fun!

We haven't gotten nerfed once since 4.0 went live back in October. The only foreseeable nerf would be a nerf to Rolling Thunder, for obvious reasons.

On topic, I've been all over the map. In BC I played a Huntard till 3.0, then went rogue.

In Wrath, I went back to my Hunter for Naxx, then sat for Ulduar and I've been a Shaman since ToC. I've pushed to make my Protadin my main a few times and toyed with the idea of going back to my rogue or hunter.

My hunter is completely out of the question at the moment as I cannot stand the class right now. I don't think I've logged on my hunter more than 3 or 4 times since 4.0. My rogue is less of a possibility just because I'll always be a ranged at heart, which also kind of hurts my chances at re-rolling my Protadin, but I LOVE tanking, so we'll see.

I stilll love my Shaman and I always will, but a change of pace would be nice. My current plan is to do the first tier if Cataclysm with my shaman, then... I have no clue. Priest or Druid have been on my mind but like I said, we'll see I suppose.

Edit: Because I can't type.
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85 Human Mage
Been a mage since summer of 05, havnt thought twice about switching at any point since then.

What can I say? I'm addicted to setting things on fire.
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85 Night Elf Rogue

@Kouj: 'Bout time.

@Insidia: I vanished a blind and sat stealth. lol.
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85 Human Rogue
@Insidia: I vanished a blind and sat stealth. lol.

This, oh dear God, this.

Also the CS global DR nerf lol.

Just feels like they want Rogues to be Fury Warriors that wear Leather now >.<

I'd go into more detail and rage, but it'd be way too Tl;Dr haha.
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85 Gnome Priest
From human mage to the master race!

In most other games I've tended to play a healer type. I originally started out with a couple healers but washed out on them from boredom. Mage was a blast compared to them in Vanilla. The games a bit different now
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74 Night Elf Druid
You know I was all gung ho about going to a gnome priest but realistically the racials blow for a shadow priest, will be going back to hooman or draenei
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81 Tauren Warrior
Prolly sticking with the Warrior.

Amani War Bear is just too cool =/
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