New resto is a bit confusing...

85 Tauren Druid
Wasn't the point of the healing changes supposed to push us away from just rejuvenation spam?

My guild did RS and ICC last night, and after seeing my healing numbers, my rejuvenation was around 40%, wild growth 20%, lifebloom 15%, regrowth, 10%, everything else 15%.

Problem is I don't see this changing come cataclysm:

Lifebloom is one person only limiting the usage.
Regrowth is going to be our expensive heal, so I see its already lower usage going even lower.
Wild Growth now has a 10 second recharge.
Swiftmend is same situational spell.
And Nourish has had its cast time about doubled.

So besides lb on the tank, and wg for aoe, I just do not see another viable option except to just rejuv more.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
It seems all I need on my druid is rejuv. and glyphed swiftmend.

I hope it's better at 85.
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1 Human Rogue
From the beta heroics I have one on my resto druid I assure you you wont be rejuv spamming. It's just too expensive.

Lifebloom stays on the tank, wild growth used whenever raid wide damage is used, in heavy times rejuv is necessary but otherwise, as there is no real 'spike' damage you just nourish and regrowth and use efforvesence
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85 Night Elf Druid
I hope we are not expected to spam 2.5 sec nourish that needs a hot already on the target to at least heal for something (kinda).
I'm confused...don't spam hots but our spells and mastery depend on hots :-/
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