Spiritwalker's Grace Tweak?

85 Draenei Shaman
The issue most people seem to have with this spell, by a Shaman's view point is:
You're still able to be interrupted when casting, still able to be CC, etc.

For a 2 min CD that only lasts for 10 seconds, Shamans basically feel this is not a top end product for a so called 85. people already can cast on the run, best example is a Fire Mage. Spiritwalker's Grace needs a tweak, but not something that can make Shamans too powerful. AKA: don't make it an OP ability that the class is balanced around.

My idea:
1. Change this ability to a 45 second or 1 min CD.
2. Keep at 2 mins, but also puts a protective barrier around the Shaman to prevent all silence and interrupts through the 10 second duration and allow the Shaman to cast on the run.
3. Keep at 2 mins, but increases spell haste/casting by X% while under the effect of Spiritwalker's Grace and allow the Shaman to cast on the run.
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1 Draenei Hunter
I have to agree about Spiritwalker's Grace feeling a bit lackluster. It just feels like it should have something extra, like a speed boost. I don't think anything should be added that makes it a damage boost in stationary situations though, as that largely defeats the purpose of the ability being utility.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Thank You for your Input. I could see why that would be a concern, but if it stays at 10 sec and a 2 min CD, its not a huge boost or noticable dps alter.

I personally like my 2nd choice or 1st choice of my ideas. Granting Spell Interruption Immunity of both types is nice, this way stuns are still useful for Melee classes and they cant complain.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Also it need to not reset the swing timer on melee attacks I heard it did that in Beta.
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49 Human Warlock
I think 1 min cd is best too. For a 2 min cd, I'd rather have 2 insta casts with extended gcds then 3-4 that I can cast while "running".

I can understand an ability having a few counters.....but SWG has TONS:

-Snares, roots, daze
-interrupts, silence
-stun, fear, hex, poly, CC ect.

It does not let you run faster, or free you, or protect you.
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85 Draenei Shaman
People always bring up the fact that you're able to be:

dispelled, silenced, cc'd, snared, etc.

when using a long cooldown ability. That hasn't stopped them from being powerful and useful before, and it won't with this one.
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85 Draenei Shaman
This ability has to have more oomph to it.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Right now, most people like 45 sec or 1 min CD.
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