Prot PVP Pallies: your take pre-4.0 to 4.0

85 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm curious to hear the opinions of folks who spec'd Prot @ 80 for BG/Arena in 3.3.x and have tried Prot @ 80 in 4.0.3a, taking into account the relative changes of other classes as well.

Here are some of my thoughts:
- our burst damage has increased, but this is true for most classes as well. We get more frequent use out of AS and we have a new "Execute" ability in SotR. We are better finishers of opponents at low health than before. We have lost our mini-burst in HotR but the other changes make this is a net-positive change
- our sustained damage has gone down - in particular our DoT seal has taken a significant hit. In arenas in pre-4.0 we put out very high damage totals due to the SoC/SoV. I am now finding it harder to kill DPS classes that can off-heal compared to before, partly due to their ability to outheal our damage or at least extend a fight
- our healing has gone up significantly, via WoG (4200 per HoPo) and much-improved FoL throughput. My FoL pre-4.0 used to heal for 1600, now heals for 8200
- our damage mitigation has gone down: no Sacred Shield, AD is now on-use, no DP glyph, etc
- we are more vulnerable to kiting than before, because of the removal of Judgement of Justice (ranged movement limiter) and Cleanse no longer removes Magic effect

Overall, my impression in 4.0 BGs is that we're better team support than we were before, primarily due to improved healing capability. My total damage in BGs compared to other classes has taken a significant hit. We are a weaker 1v1 class against casters compared to pre-4.0, due to our vulnerability to kiting and some casters being able to outheal our damage. DKs are easier for us, Ferals are harder (their Mastery is nasty).

I am a bit concerned that Mastery stats are on 85 PVP gear but our Mastery isn't really good for PVP. We can reforge some but not all Mastery.
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85 Tauren Paladin

I am a bit concerned that Mastery stats are on 85 PVP gear but our Mastery isn't really good for PVP. We can reforge some but not all Mastery.

Against melee classes mastery provides much fun: higher block chance = better survivability and higher chance to proc reckoning.

Against caster classes... pray for a streak of GC procs.


That's how I see it all goin down.
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