Aspect of the Fox and Trap Launcher in PvE

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The fact that you dont think its ridiculous the level of complexity the planing and the sometimes precognitive ability you'll be required to have to pull off what your casually spouting off as "your just bad" because its something hunters are not interested in doing.

Boss timer mods take the guess work out of preplanning. Most of the time if a boss is going to perform a move that's going to require you to move, there's a timer associated with that move.

Also having fox delegated to pvp only is not something to be happy about considering the pathetic state of hunter pvp.

Hunters are in an extremely sad state in PvP. So sad that I truly believe that Hunters are broken in PvP. But having Fox relegated to a "PvP only" aspect may not be such a bad idea. Blizzard could tweak Fox in a way that would make it so that it would be the default aspect to use in PvP. Aspect twisting isn't good in PvE and it's not good in PvP.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
play a demo lock right now.

then come back and tell us hunters are hard.

just sayin'...
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What's the point of aspects if one is for PvE and one is for PvP? There's no interesting dynamic then; no choice or tension. They might as well just give hunters some AP and steady on the move and scrap aspects entirely.
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85 Orc Hunter

You're wrong. Top tiered Hunters (guys like Kripp) will never switch to Fox. I'm talking about the guys who currently never miss an auto shot.

Top hunters who knew how to PvP/Raid will be very familiar with Aspect Dancing and the new implementation of fox will guarantee that not only will a hunter NEVER miss an auto shot, but will also now NEVER EVER miss a cobra/steady which wasn't previously possible.

If there's a mechanic where you have to move for more than .5 secs when you have no focus to use an instant cast (yes there are) losing the 1k or so AP on AotH will be worth it. Stutter stepping is a hunter 101 tactic to allow you to move and never miss an auto shot in pvp or pve. Doing this will cause you to lose steadies/cobra. If you keep hawk up, you'll have roughly 600-1k extra damage on each auto shot. If you Aspect Dance for those 1-3 seconds (since it's off the GCD) you will lose 600-1k damage on that auto shot but be able to put a 10k cobra shot in its place, maybe more.

This is extra DPS alone while not even factoring in any procs, buffs, or utilities caused by these casted abilities on the move (only made possible with fox) like MMM, or Cobras extension of SS.

Fox will have an important role in any raiding hunters arsenal who knows how to properly keybind and aspect dance. It will be a part of hunter micro that will allow people to tell the difference from a hunter with a brain and one without. It will be used.
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