A BETTER strategy for nerfing, in hindsight

71 Tauren Paladin
Blizzard, it probably would have been a good idea to nerf every healer beyond all imaginable belief about a month ago, then you could have BUFFED everyone now-- Instead of a tidal wave of QQ you'd see happy people.

Oh well.

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1 Human Warrior
You forgot the part where disc priests were buffed through the roof and are now unstoppable healing machines who nom nom combat logs for lolz while the rest of us pick up their scraps

But on a serious note, blizzard knew what they were doing and as always they knew there would be complaining (some legitimate: Holy paladins being underpowered and disc priests being overpowered) so we can only hope that they take a look at these forums and make the right choices
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48 Night Elf Druid
What I saw in actual raids after the initial pre-CATA patch was disc priests spamming shields to total dominance in healing, followed by resto druids spamming HoTs to come in second.

Blizzard talked ad nauseum in WOTLK about stopping spamming.
So it stopped spamming by holy priests and called it a day.
It allowed everyone except holy priests to spam away for all of WOTLK and said it was against spell spam?

Now for CATA it has talked ad nauseum about restricting mana.
So at least initially it only socked it to already suffering holy priests.
But disc priests have continued through it all to spam shields and druids to spam hots.
The initial patch a month or so ago put holy priests out of the game on encounters like Heroic Lich King.
And just increased the dominance of disc priests and secondarily, resto druids.

So maybe yesterday maybe the nerfs to others finally started?
Did not raid last night so I do not know if other healers finally got hit

Just be glad you do not play a holy priest in this game.
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85 Tauren Priest
I think they're too busy designing the game to try and design ways to manipulate the playerbase into feeling like they're getting buffed all the time. Beta would have probably lasted longer if they'd taken the time to do that (and spent weeks getting useless data). =P
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85 Night Elf Priest
Wait till 85, when the pain of regen nerfs actually hits.
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