So why did you switch mains?

85 Orc Death Knight
My first main was a lock, got tired of being a clothy
my second was this DK, but our guild had more tanks than they knew what to do with and I never got the loot I wanted
My third main was a pally healer, but got bored of whack-a-mole
My fourth main was a bear tank, but I got tired of the SOBA (same old bear a__)

My cata main will be my DK again. I like the flow of UH, and how awesome the t11 looks.
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20 Tauren Shaman
Mage pve is terrible.

So why did you switch mains?

Because we're all switching to Mages. We all want to be entitled and allowed to operate outside and above the other classes and call it skill. For the same reason everyone switched to DK back when they were the 'hero' class.

Somebody is in for a very, very rude surprise in about a week and a half. lmao

As bad as mages make themselves out to be, they were still beating enh shamans at 85, who apparently are just dandy.
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85 Tauren Druid
My main throughout WotLK was a rogue, combat up until ToC, then switching to mutilate from there out. I still like the basic feel of the class, but even with rupture returning to the rotation, it still feels to simplified. This character I leveled fairly late in WotLK primarily as a tank (the only raids I ever got around to doing with it was ICC and the weeklies), but I'm leaning towards leveling it as feral DPS, due to the similar feel, but more interesting rotation and better raid utility.
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
I went to my DK(this DK) I really enjoy how the resource system for them works out it feels really interesting and fun, making it much more enjoyable to play both in PvE and PvP, and unlikely my rogue I never got that feeling that I'm unkillable with all my Cds up and completely gimp without them.

^Exactly this.

I stopped playing my rogue for this dk because I felt like no matter how hard I tried every class was always two steps ahead of me. Only way I'd ever switch mains from this death knight is if:

1.) Unholy pvp goes in the toilet

2.) They buff ret. Call me a faceroller but I like healing + being a melee class that uses two handers.
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1 Undead Warrior
I've got a warrior leveling, since it does seem an Arms Warrior is almost everything a Ret should be. I'll see how I like that, but unless titles, achieves, mounts become account-wide, I'll almost certainly stick with this Paladin. Been playing her for a while, and I don't really want to lose the now-unattainable Argent Champion title, so perfect for a Paladin.
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85 Undead Warlock
I was a shadow priest in TBC. I switched to a warlock main in WotLK because of the changes to VT and the addition of replenishment. I'm going to stick with my awesome warlock for Cata.
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85 Gnome Rogue
I was a hunter in TBC. I was trying to get good at arenas but healers back then didn't want to do arenas with hunters because of the high skill cap. The friends I had who PvP'd the most at that time were a mage and a priest, so rogue seemed like a good fit.
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90 Night Elf Druid
i used to be a rogue, but i just like how druids feel

wish i could move all my achievements over though =/
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90 Goblin Death Knight
Op - I remember the Mutilate rotation you're talking about. It was easily the best rotation Assassination ever had because it felt both fun and balanced (a good rogue could put out some really, really nice numbers with it, while a bad rogue would be middle of the pack or lower DPS).

Switched from that Rogue to a DK because I thought it looked neat. I've stuck with it all this time, and am not switching mains again. DKs tend to have at least one viable spec at all times, so I don't really have to worry much.
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I started out with a Pally, mix prot and ret (I mostly solo, so didn't need to tank/dps/heal). I LOVED it. It was a very good way to learn the game. Chain -> plate armor, very good melee damage and mitigation, "rotations" for solo play that were both (1) not overly complicated and (2) still interesting and forgiving, enough buttons to mash but not too many, and a couple of great "oh c2@p" buttons. In other words, perfect for a beginner solo-er.

Then I got bored.

I tried priest, and couldn't stand it (MUCH to hard to play solo, at least 1-20).

I tried feral, loved the concept, but still quit of boredom after level 30-some.

I tried mage, kinda enjoyed it, but didn't like being both glass AND opaque.

So I tried something glass but a bit more transparent. Do I dislike the multiple cool-downs, shared DRs, reliance on energy regeneration to place CPs on a target I'll never see again just to get below average damage? YES! But, I still like the utility of Rogues. Yes, I said it, the utility. Prowl might be better at the moment, and stealth/vanish still glitchy, movement is of course slow/limited, etc. etc., but I love pick lock (regrettably mostly useless) and distract and pick pocket and sap and all the things that make a rogue a Rogue.

I still play the others from time to time. I'm trying to get them to higher levels with better professions. Occasionally I like to switch it up and play something else. But when all else is said and done, as piss poor as we downtrodden overlooked thugs are at the moment, I still enjoy playing (soloing) a Rogue too much to quit now.
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85 Worgen Hunter
What no one changed their main to a hunter?
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Played my druid for years. I was feral in all of vanilla, feral till the last arena season of BC when I switched to resto for a change. I leveled as balance in wrath, and I stayed resto all through WOTLK raiding and pvping.

I am a PVPer, I don't prefer to raid if I can avoid it.

BC was the most fun, wotlk beginning was terrible because of DKs. As terrible as people claim that they were, they were the bane of any resto druid. I spent all of my time in naxx, no bgs, no arena. Second wrath arena season was the most fun I had on my druid in that expansion, seemed like everyone had a good balance going. The final wotlk arena season I spent being dispell spammed and mana burned in what I refer to as the priest era. When cata patch hit and the 10th round of changes to my spec came, I lost my interest in being a resto druid. The resto druid class/spec has changed up so many times in major ways, I just got tired of it.

I guarantee lifebloom has yet to see a final functionality revision.

I started to level this mage in the 2nd season of wrath when BG exp came out, and finished before the last arena season hit. I leveled almost entirely in battlegrounds as frost playing no other spec.

As much as healers have been homogenized, druids have been changed a billion times on their own, and healing is about the only thing I see being more difficult come cata, I think I will stick with the mage this expansion.
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85 Human Priest
I'm swapping to a worgen druid when Cata finally hits. I've always liked the druid class but didn't want to play a NE and all my friends play alliance. Now I'll finally have a non-elf alliance option for my druid.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
The first time, it was because I was switching realm, and I had a character on the other realm already.

Then, it was because not only I got bored with my main, but felt the devs were just messing with the playerbase and not taking my class seriously.

Then I switched back because I decided it looks three times more awesome when you succeed with a subpar class.
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86 Undead Hunter
My main is and will always be my shaman (enhance and elemental) and has been for nearly 6 years now.

I do have a few 80s for Super Alt Fun Time though!

Death Knight
Warrior - Soon to be two since I'm rolling a worgen as well
Hunter - Soon to be 80
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90 Tauren Paladin
Mage looked incredibly boring in pve (aside from frost spec), so I decided to try something I haven't played since BC. Pally healing is much more dynamic and fun now.
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87 Tauren Druid
I used to be a warlock and I switched to Druid for a few reasons. Mainly because lock has always been a rollercoaster ride of nerfs and buffs and constantly relearning how to play the class. And people really REALLY hate locks for some bizarre reason i've never been able to fathom. its like fear and dots are an affront to people's dignity or something.

So I switched to Druids for one simple reason: They can do anything, and at least one of their specs will be viable no matter how much Bliz nerfs or screws them up. I might not be doing the exact thing I want to be doing, but I'll be able to use the character for something.

Since then I've really fell in love with druids. I hear locks are big on the DPS right now, but I just can't bring myself to seriously play them anymore.
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15 Tauren Paladin
i haven't had a real main in a long time. i keep trying to find one though.
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90 Human Warlock
I'm moving in cata from this warlock (my main for all of vanilla and BC...took a break for two thirds of wrath) to my priest.


Because the rampant hybrid love-fest the devs have going on makes it pointless to bring non-mage/hunter pures to PvE. Shadow does dots better than affliction with less than a quarter of the annoyance, and I'll be able to heal at the push of a button between bosses on demand. I won't even need different gear barring my neck, ring, and trinket slots.

An overabundance of hit rating can be solved after everyone else has geared up their main spec (I want to heal) with off-spec pieces of mage loot to drop my overall spirit to the cap.
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