So no racial for humans?


85 Human Warlock
Human and undead were the pvp races of wrath.

Now it's all about goblin. If you want to have the absolute best chance of winning then reroll. If not then just accept you are going into a fight at a disadvantage.
85 Gnome Rogue
Human racial is actually still pretty good, it's just not terrifyingly overpowered anymore, particularly in any situation in which you wouldn't be using a PVP trinket, but might have to deal with the occasional trinketable effect. (PVE, unexpected world PVP, etc.)


Too bad. Forums are for both aspects of the game.

Also, as a self proclaimed PVP-only player, I think you'd see the benefit in wasting 10% less time grinding 'horrible pve content' for any enchants/gear you might happen to need.

(Hint, some of the best entry level weapons and trinkets come from a reputation vendor.)

Also, 3% spirit is pretty damned baller for any healer, be it PVE or PVP.
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85 Human Paladin
Humans just need EMFH to change to something else and it wouldn't be such a problem. Even a .0001% damage increase would be far more desireable in Rated PvP. Currently EMFH is useless in PvP as most races have a unique PvP ability Humans have something a trinket can do better plus added resil. Maybe simply change EMFH to a "Snares, Slows and roots are reduced by X (5-35%?)"... it would make Humans once again have a PvP racial that isn't completely nulled out.
85 Human Paladin
Well its overall better for the Human race to actually have something whether its passive or an activated ability that does something other than being in the shadow of a pvp trinket. Sure EMFH has it's benefits in PvE but, it isn't right for a racial to be completely outclassed by a trinket that share CDs. It would be just like an Orc having to chose from their AP gain racial or a better AP trinket... having to dump your racial for a trinket that overlaps is bull!@%*.
90 Night Elf Rogue
EMFH is potentially decent for BGs still. If organized BGs allow for gear swaps (not sure if they do or if the arena-like stuff just applies to consumables etc.) then it would be rather nice.

Still nowhere near horde racials, but then not much is.
85 Human Death Knight
Perception: Find the weak points in your opponent, increasing crit chance by 10-15% (for balance issues, see which is more balanced) for 6 seconds, 2 minute cooldown.

There, a useful, but offensive racial that doesnt seem too overpowered.
85 Gnome Rogue
Spirit is good for 3 specs of all the classes that can be human. @%*%ING AMAZING.

Does this mean I get to **%%! about how Dwarf/Troll weapon racials are only useful to one class/spec?

Choose a race appropriate to the class/spec you want to play if you want to min max that much.

For healers, Humans are pretty awesome.

For not healers, Humans have some convenient racials, a nice PVE ability to break stuns et al, and a bonus to Expertise for the melee types.

EMFH was overpowered as all hell, there was no reason to roll anything but human.

Now there are good reasons to roll Human, and good reasons to roll other races. Some of those good reasons are PVE-centric (1% Crit/Expertise/Haste etc., maybe weapon dependent, varies / Diplomacy / 2% Dodge). Some of them are pretty clearly PVP centric (WARSTOOOMP, etc.). Some are useful in both halves of the game.

Things get changed because they're unbalanced, not to make lots of people race change to make more money.
85 Worgen Rogue
What they need to do is at least re vamp The Human Spirit to a 3% increased "highest stat is chosen" thing. That way all specs can have something they want and every human won't feel the need to race change. I like being human and I don't want to race change, but I like having useful PvP abilities. Spirit doesn't help melee and weapon specialization is just dumb when your spec is pigeon held to certain weapons.
85 Dwarf Paladin
Feel free to enlighten me which race on alliance side would be worth switching a paladin to lol.

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