So no racial for humans?


80 Human Warlock
EMFH is a terrible racial. Either it's at 2 min or less and it's OP, or it's longer and it's all but useless. It *might* become valuable again at the very end of Cata, if they don't make any decent PvP trinkets.

From my PoV though, all I get from my race is the rep grind reduction. EMFH isn't worthwhile in any situation I wouldn't be better to use a PVP trinket instead, +spirit and expertise are both worthless to me.
82 Troll Druid
What do his achievements have to do with his point that Human racials are awful for pvp? The nerf was not justified. Humans need to be on an even footing with other races for pvp.

The point of what I was saying, was that he is not as accomplished as he says he is, not even reaching the brackets where something as insignificant as racials (besides the old EMFH) starts making a noticable difference.

AND, that even were there a large difference between racials, it will matter even less in Cata due to PvP being dramatically slower. No one is dying in stuns anymore.

I was telling him, and all the other Sky-is-falling humans in this thread, it's not as bad as you think it is, and the EMFH nerf was justified. There was no other racial that has ever been as overpowered as EMFH except WotF and that was nerfed as well.

TLDR Get over youselves. The nerf was justified and you're gonna have to learn to stand on your own two legs or find another crutch.
90 Tauren Druid
They have mentioned they have wanted to improve the racials of all the races eventually. THey just had too much on their plate at the time. As a consolation, they made it so class abilities have a much bigger impact on your character than racials.
88 Orc Warrior
Make racials null and void in BGs and arena and maybe the kids will shut up.
85 Blood Elf Mage
Make racials null and void in BGs and arena and maybe the kids will shut up.

Knowing how these forums works, some people qould QQ about ahving lost more than others... I had a good racial and lost them!!! All this guy lost was find treasure. I want compansation!!!

You all know this would happen at least once.
What was the gladiator = horde vs gladiator = alliance breakdown for S8 (when EMFH was arguably most powerful (except the tail end of S7 when you could get DBW)? How many of the alliance were human?

EMFH on a 3 minute timer may as well not even exist, nobody will use it. Trade off = too big. The trade off of a huge chunk of resil on the insignia of alliance already existed.

If you want to talk about OP racials then there's goblin jump & arcane torrent.

or it trinkets could scale like they did in wotlk and make it preferable to use a dps trinket and emfh at endgame or throughout depending on comp and prevalance of other comps.

and why does no one talk about how awesome this racial is in pve? it has saved me so many times.
Then all i can say is L2P and that you're terrible for doing the encounter wrong in the first place.

hey it makes certain things a lot easier as a healer to have a trinket to use in pve. Such as when you get hit with a stun when a player is about to die, can't predict everything afterall.
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