dps question..

85 Night Elf Druid
so im really stuck between a mage and hunter..

im gonna list the pros-cons i can think of.. let me know anything i missed please!


-best caster dps (apparently)
-not to familiar with a mage so i really dont know that many pros lol

-must stay still to cast most spells
-squishy (had to throw that in there again)
-again not to familiar..


-not as squishy
-can move and shoot

-everybody hates you
-way overpopulated.

please help me fill in the MANY MANY blanks. :)
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Don't pick based on the supposed 'best caster dps'. By the time you hit 80 (85) that will have changed to the new flavor of the month.

That said, the inherent transportation of a mage will be helpful to you and your friends, and a good way to make some quick cash now that portals are gone. Mages also bring a good amount of AoE, which hunters now lack.

Hunters have recently lost their primary AoE ability, and they're now more of a single-target class. They can still AoE, some specs are better at it than others, but they're nowhere near as effective as a mage. Where hunters really shine is versatility. The BM spec has traditionally allowed hunters to use their pets as tanks, which makes hunters pretty good at soloing things that most casters would need a group for. Hunter pets also now bring a wide variety of raid buffs, and if your stables are full you'll be able to bring whatever buff happens to be lacking. Hunters also have the ability to interrupt, silence, and remove enrage or magic effects, which is occasionally useful (TotC, northrend beasts, is a big one where that's useful). Hunters also have pretty decent survivability - iceblock is nice, but hunters get a full threat dump - feign death - an invulnerability - deterrence - and a threat transfer - misdirect - which was recently changed, but it's still valuable and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We also get guns.
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85 Night Elf Druid
ahh, tyvm.

can i get some more opinions though?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
go mage.. they never get nerfs
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85 Human Death Knight
PvP don't play a hunter period just don't evarrrrr! Hunters are just soooo bad at PvP at 85. Mages are very strong control wise in PvP atm and their damage is equal to anything else PvP wise at 85 in my exp in beta. In PvP mages are the least squishy thing I can think of.

PvE Hunters are ending up top 3-5 most raids. Mages are not. Things will change some but blizzard is in a tough spot trying to make mages do decent raid damage and not completely break them even worse than they already are in PvP. They will probably have to break their we want every spec to be viable in both PvP and PvE Cata philosophy if that to happen which will happen eventually imo.

Depends how serious u are/want to be. Those are my takes on both realms as things stand at 85.
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