I am talking about professions as they stand in cataclysm for people who profession switch solely for dps benefits. I think as it stands right now there are major imbalances, even worse then the original WotLK jewelcrafting, Lets take a look at the current professions shall we? This will be from the standpoint of dps boosts solely so I am not going to mention sta gains or gathering professions.

JC: 81int/81agi/81 str Alright this one is like it is now, that’s fine
Ins/Alch/BS/Ench 80 int/str/agi again, this is also just fine more or less balanced
Tailoring: 138 int/260 ap in the end but proc based and replaces crit/haste so debatable
Engineering: As it stands right now for casters they have a 96 int on use with the helm, but for melee they only have the helm, (Which as it stands is easily replaceable by 372 loot) and an on use 5k damage to gloves……(was no lesson learned from early WotLK tailoring?)
LW: As it stands for the first 2 teirs this will most likely be the most over powered profession, 130 int/str/agi over crit/haste enchant
[I am ignoring gathering professions]

The main question here is, why is blizzard intending for most people to switch from engineering if your goal is purely from a dps standpoint, and why is there no melee dps enchant for engineering? As it stands we are better off going herbalism once we are in 372 gear assuming they continue to not make the helm BiS through each raid teir. Just looking for a bit of blizzard input on this matter.