Bring back the tree!!

85 Undead Priest

For those of you who didnt like the tree there are others toons to play.

Not being a tree predates being a tree. It was an idea they experimented with in bc, and it ended up being stupid, so they removed it. For those of you who like shapeshifting, there are other specs to play.
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85 Tauren Druid
I'm fine with not being tree anymore, I remember when I first got it I loved it and i thought i would be upset when it was gone.. but really im not.

Make a glyph for it, make it so the glyph makes the old trent ToL is permanent and keep the CD as the new ToL.

I dunno with so many people upset about it I'm surprised bliz hasn't done this yet.

But this has all been said 100 times
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80 Tauren Shaman
I miss the tree. They replaced the ToL (Tree of LOL) with the ToS (Tree of Sadness). Running around in caster form as a druid healer is pretty the same as it was in vanilla WoW. I miss the distinctiveness of tree form.
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80 Night Elf Druid
Personally I'm not attracted to the cosmetics of the news ToL form. It's been compared by some to that of a 'Telly Tubby'. Something sleeker or with a more 'Ancient of War' feel would've pleased me more. If anything the old ToL was more pleasing.

That said the Minor Glyph for it does offer a choice, and could prove useful to those who are also aware of how Orbs of Deception play a role in PvP, to confuse attackers; though it may take some time for players to forget the appearance of the old ToL for it to prove useful in confusing attackers, even momentarily.

The loss of armor, and the ability to power-shift through snares while still healing from a permanent ToL will be missed. And despite what some have said, the change in armor values for leather, haven't made up for the loss of armor from a permanent tree form. Added to that the Polymorph vulnerability gives attackers another option to lock down Restoration Druids in PvP, along with the shortening of Cyclone's range to 20 yards, and the much longer cast time we have now, and can expect at 85 with Haste ratings being cut significantly.

None of these above things will prevent Restoration Druids from playing, being a matter of play-style, but the aesthetic reasons people give, are personal. They are something you can attribute to your personal feel of character.

The thing about druid forms, is there lack of customisability, and to an extent the same goes for armour sets too, since not wear enough of a set forgoes the bonus of that set. It'd be nice to seem more customisability in Druid forms in general, but maybe that's something that will come in future updates or expansions like the differentiation between male and female forms (and for that matter even female forms for Warlocks as well.)

Personally, I'm was not fond of the appearance of T10 amour set. Nor do I like the look of the upcoming T1 for Cataclysm. WotLK's Tier 8 however is something I will still keep to wear, along with Tier 9 (minus the helm) while wandering the ponds of Darnassus and streets of Alliance cities though as they're far more pleasing to my eyes.

At the very least, an 'orb of deception' style costume for the old Treant form, in addition to the Minor Glyph, could prove 'fun' compromise here. So as long as we remain in one form, it will persist; a small quest or other means of acquiring it could be made into a fun mini-quest too. As long as that 'costume' has a cool-down, it won't prove too much of a 'deception' in PvP, since on changing form or dying, the 'cloak' would be lost, with the cool-down preventing it's reuse for a time.

In the end aesthetics, what we wear when the statistics of our character aren't important, especially around town, are something that will differ for each individual. When we're fighting though, there's little choice anyway given the appearance of the latest armour set or druid form so to me this armour about what we wear in-combat seems moot, because it seems unlikely we'll ever have enough choice in the matter to please everyone.

<3 Ana
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