Mage armor. An Education

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Wow.. new forums and buglamp has already infected the place. Oh well.
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You guys are making me feel all infamous and special. xD
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85 Orc Mage
lol, apparently, I'm not going to link them seeing as you're too lazy to do your own research. Maybe someone else will, I'll just sit here and make fun of you.

This is beyond amusing. You can't link a frost mage nerf because it's never happened. If you believe they exist, then by all means provide the proof. I'm not going to prove a negative (logically impossible). But I can understand if this is the best you or any mage can come up with. Just don't hate because I want the free ride to high ratings like you have. :)

See you in S9!
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A lot of the complaints surrounding Mage Armor has to do with the reduction in duration of crowd control effects, which is a legitimate complaint. Although magic-based DoTs lasting for half their duration does indeed suck for the specs that rely on them (Shadow Priests, Affliction Warlocks, possibly Fire Mages too), I don't feel it's the aspect of the ability that makes it overpowered. It's very inconvenient, if anything.

If Mage Armor no longer reduced the duration of crowd control and silence effects, then I feel that would make the ability perfectly balanced again.

The complaints from that Venificus guy are always about "omg 50% dot duration not fair QQ"

I'm sure he'd love to see the CC duration reduction removed as well, but his main complaint appears to be about the DoT duration reduction aspect.

He even admits that DoTs are only roughly 50% of a warlock's damage, and that shadow bolt/drain life fillers are the other 50%. Mage armor does *nothing* to shadowbolt.

I wonder how many extra GCDs I have to use against a soul linked warlock as opposed to if they weren't using soul link. I bet you that it would be comparable to how many extra GCDs a warlock would use against a mage with mage armor as opposed to a mage without mage armor.

But somehow mage armor is OP and soul link isn't?


Soul link is at least equal is how it affects players. The class is balanced around it, it's why we don't have shields and %%%%loads of mobility options and you do -- mage armor doesn't, for the most part, even factor into that equation. I've played both a mage and a warlock -- I'm well aware of the glaring weakness of both classes.

What mages really need is a reliable dot wipe; mage armor is too powerful and any mage who runs frost armor over mage armor in a BG (let's be honest, you don't switch armors in BGs except for very rare occasions) is an idiot.

The reason locks complain about this ability -- and, imo, rightfully so -- is that it single-handedly %#%#s over any aff warlock that dares try to kill the mage. Not only is aff's biggest crutch basically castrated (fear), but the lion's share of PvP damage (DoTs) as well as two major debuffs (haunt and shadow's embrace) are given half uptime or not even allowed to stack properly. It doesn't help that DoT ticks are rounded down by this ability, meaning a significant damage loss even if the extra GCDs are spent.

And seriously -- those extra GCDs do matter. I spend double the GCDs getting those DoTs up -- that's less drain life damage, fewer opportunities to move because I have to refresh haunt and UA more often, far more opportunities to be hit by the longest school lockout in PvP (which, because aff is basically a single school spec, is basically an 8 second silence and is avoided at ALL costs), not to mention a huge pain in the ass.

I'm not saying some of the warlocks here aren't going overboard -- 50% DoT duration =/= 50% DoT damage as the GCDs we're losing are spent on lower DPCT filler spells and thus the damage loss is more around 25%. However, mage armor is not balanced, especially now that CC reductions have been nerfed and CC itself more difficult to cast. What it is good against, it is TOO good against.
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90 Tauren Druid

Don't even bother with him dude, he's one of the posters who will just constantly repeat the same argument even if you prove it wrong.

If he said cats were extinct and a tiger attacked him he'd call it a bear.

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85 Human Warlock

This doesn't seem broken to you?

Mages cast a spell while under the effect of an ability that is supposed to stop you from casting spells? How freaking lolfacerollezmode do they have to make mages????

Mage isn't the only class that can do this.

Fel hunter can spell lock while lock is silenced for example.
Paladins can bubble silences.
Shamans still can drop totems.
SPriests can disperse not only when silenced but even locked out of shadow.

Before trying to argue class balance maybe you should learn more about the classes. :/

Agreed the only one that makes any sense is for Warlock's Fel Hunter being able to Spell Lock while the Warlock is silenced, mainly because it's the Fel Hunter that is casting the Spell Lock and not the Warlock himself. Same goes for any Warlock minion though, that is the benefit to having a pet based class and the trade-off for having to micromanage said pet.
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85 Human Warlock

So if mage armor is only providing roughly a ~25% mitigation to the total damage output of the magic DoT using opponent, and that 25% *only* applies to their magic based DoTs, how is that any more overpowered than a warlock receiving 20% less damage from *everything*? Or a shadow priest taking 15% less damage from *everything* on top of their ability to heal small amounts over the course of a fight?

Not to mention that mage armor has a greater opportunity cost than both soul link and shadow form do in that our defensive as well as offensive power (proc'ing FoF off of frost armor) against melee classes are hindered while using mage armor. Soul link and shadow form provide equal benefits against magic and physical damage, mages have to choose one or the other.

Have you ever played a Warlock?

Currently Soul Link is horrible because our minions die with such ease it's pathetic. Even with Fel Synergy and Health Funnel they can easily be killed within 3 GCDs at most thus completely negating our 25% damage mitigation unless we either burn a shard to instantly re-summon them or if we spec into demonology and have the Demonic Rebirth talent since it is currently only available to Demo locks. SPriest's 15% mitigation I can't argue because it is completely passive and has no drawback. Not to mention SPriests receive Armor Bonus and Spell Power bonus from Inner Fire where as a Warlock has to choose one or the other.
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85 Worgen Warlock
Mage armor reduces by 50% every cc in the game that isn't a physical stun which the mage can just blink out of and sprint. Combine that reduction with every other similar type ability being taken out of the game and its like leaving one form of MS in the game at 50% while removing the others.

As for dots....they tick for full power but a dot that does 500dmg per tick and ticks 5 times normally ticks 2x for 500 damage on a mage. That is 60% damage reduction per gcd even IF its instant. Compare many of the mage spells are now instant vs most of the other casters still having to cast (a 1.5 cast is not the same as a gcd instant by a huge gap). That is a functional damage reduction and mana drain that can't be LoS'd all baseline. So when the s.priest or lock is trying to put up UA or VT (to keep spam dispel from lol'ing at us) the mage can keep dmg'ing and moving compared to having to stand and cast. Ooops, did shadow school just get shut down for full duration? Shame our non mage silences only stick for 1/3 to 1/2 as long. You wont catch the mage casting but the non mage has to cast.

Giving mages such CC reduction while giving them the crazy levels of CC they have is a bit much comparing to other classes that would fit in the same comps. Add in the power of instants vs casted spells for how much dmg can be put out and mages really don't have an equal coming into cata. MA is too good, instant dmg is too good, cc'able vs cc able to be done to others is too good when taken as a total package.

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80 Blood Elf Mage
Remove the -%50 Magic debuff/CC portion to MA and let me cast my Blink on teammates. Also let me use my self cast Frost Nova on friendly target locations... I want teammate peels to increase Arena and BG synergy with Mages...

Just a suggestion.
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