ret pally key bindings?

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Wow, this whole thread is full of fail keybindings. I have not seen one good list yet.

Let's see your layout!

Edit: Also ESDF instead of WASD is crucial. WASD sucks. ESDF opens up keys to the left and right of your hand. After that, it's just a matter of comfortably binding abilities to the surrounding keys and making liberal use of macros. If you're forced into a situation of uncomfortable keybindings, just make sure they're at least set to abilities with long cooldowns or are low priority.
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I use clique and bartender as well along with grid. I raided as a healadin in ICC so i just feel better supporting my teammates with clique and grid. So, FoL, DL, WoG, HoF, HoS, and HoP all go into clique/grid. For my offense and defense, I tried numbers and F-keys for a while but it just didn't feel intuitive. I'm a blazing speed typist so I decided to switch to the letter keys and it's made a world of difference for me. Here is my layout:

F-Crusader Strike/Judgement Castsequence macro with 2 sec reset
D-Templar's Verdict
A-Word of Glory
G-Judgement (I added this to have control of LAotL)
V-Holy Wrath
T-Avenging Wrath
R-Hammer of Wrath

Z-Divine Shield
X-Divine Protection

Crowd Control/Other
Q-Hammer of Justice
E-Lay on Hands

Mouse Buttons
Scroll Up-Rebuke
Scroll Down-Cleanse
Scroll Middle Button-Autorun
Mouse 1-Strafe Left
Mouse 2-Strafe Right

This forced me to solely navigate with mouse which felt a little awkward at first but becomes fairly natural with some practice. Also, get power auras. It will help you utilize those HP better.

I know the cast sequence may seem a little noobish but really, how much is going to hurt if you don't get a judgement off right on cooldown with how low it's damage is?
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