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85 Gnome Mage
Has anyone else noticed how fishing works now? Before, as you were channeling the spell, there were 3 definite spots where you would catch a fish. Now, there are still 3, but they shifted it to the left slightly. The last spot where you can catch is almost when it has run out. Throw in a bit of server lag, and you've missed your cast, wasting time. No, it's not that big of a deal to "pay attention" but c'mon, we are talking about leveling fishing here. Nothing in the game is more boring. Most people watch TV or talk to significant others while they are fishing, breaks up the boredom. Now that IHAVE to watch the timer, seems more drudgery to me.

Any chance you could shift the timers back Blizz?
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75 Troll Hunter
I had some significant latency today and missed quite a few fish on that third spot. In the end, since I knew the fish would be biting then, I started clicking the bobber before the fish bit.

Quite annoying.
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100 Troll Hunter
I've noticed this too. It seems the window of time available to click the bobber is clipped if it happens at the end of the channel. I've always leveled fishing with the sound louder than usual to hear the bobber splash and it's worked, but now I HAVE to have my finger on the mouse button and click immediately to catch it. Hopefully this gets fixed up during today's long maintenance.
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37 Troll Druid
I fish in real life now while I am in game fishing and I catch more fish in real life than I do in game because there is no lag in real life and you are more assured of getting a fish than in World of Warcraft.... I mean come on..... you increase the graphics so people will have more lag then you make it next to impossible to catch a fish if you have lag. Are you guys idiots or what. No you guys are not idiots, we are, for wasting our time fishing in game.
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90 Human Warrior
I noticed this issue right from the beginning of Patch 4.0.0

Combine this with the terrible drop rate of the Precious Locket from the Big Gulp fishing daily and you're about ready to throw your mouse across the room.
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85 Gnome Mage
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90 Human Warlock
Ya definitely. Makes fishing a whole lot longer over time.
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.... The last spot where you can catch is almost when it has run out. Throw in a bit of server lag, and you've missed your cast, wasting time. ...

Any chance you could shift the timers back Blizz?

I always have lag and fishing has become very frustrating since the patch. I usually always lose the catch if the line hits at this point, even when waiting with my hand resting on the mouse and staring at the screen.

Blizz, please change it back or at least make it so the line will always hit before reaching the final 2 seconds.
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94 Gnome Mage
I have a problem with the toons I've created post-4.0.3a not being able to fish at all; I train them in fishing and equip them with a pole and instead of casting they just stand there. Did something change about new fishermen? My old toons fish just fine.
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85 Troll Shaman
You can actually click on the bobber as the bar runs out and you catch a fish.
You don't have to wait for the sound or visual cue.
(due to the lag I guess)
Yeah it's annoying and I still lose some fish but I get 96% of them.
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