Holy Paladin PVP

90 Night Elf Druid
There really can be no complaints about Blessed Life. Really?

It's the *only* defensive proc that doesn't require either a hit being 10% of total health or being less than a certain % of health. On top of that, it's also the only proc that can be used on someone else.


3 is entirely untrue

4 is silly, you'd rather have the game be around maximizing pve rotations in pvp?
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
A Holy Paladin needs to be able to stand in one place and tank 3-4 people at once without the use of long-cast heals for at least 10-15 seconds at a time (until his team can arrange a peel).

Why? Because they have zero ways to escape. They have no Travel Form, no Roots, no Cyclone, no Ghost Wolf, no Earthbind, no Psychic Scream. They have a single-target stun on a 60-second cooldown that can be dispelled.

They NEED the tools to be able to tank 2 people indefinitely and 3-4 for short periods of time.

Having said that, every single healer in the game needs to be able to tank 2 people indefinitely. If this is not the case then you are better off just bringing another DPS class and racing your opponents down while using self-defense abilities.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I be pvp In the battleground and i could mean, Holy pally are become a mess. Let me explain.
First of all , the talent protector of the innocent should be far away in the holy tree because all spec of pally can use it after 31 points. But instead , blizzard have cut it from self casting . Holy shock is more Holy crap now , I heal myself about 2K with holy shock and 3K with cc, and when i cast it on a teamate , my protector of inocent heal me more than holy shock ( 4K and 5K cc ) so it could mean: cast holy shock on a teamate heal you more than cast holy shock on yourself. That is just ... glitch!. Protection spec are too overpower against an holy pally because they can silence , stun , silence again , boost while stun and spam exorcism and still pwn us , Word of glory not worth the 3 hp use for it and blessed life is a lost of talents points.
1 . Put protector of the innocent far away in the tree , remake it usable on selfcasting.
2. Holy shock should give more heal because Protector of the innocent give more heal on me when i cast HS on someone else...So its make it totally worthless because when you are fighting , i should not check for teamates for cast them holy shock,
3. Reduce the prot pally against holy pally in a way because they can silence us , and stun us OR make something like : HS unstun , HS Unsilence.
4. Put blessed life at a good rate 4-5 sec because its totaly worthless now , its suposse to be in the last talents of the tree but the protector of innocent is better and its the first one.
5. Put aura mastery at 1 min cooldown because its imune us to silence effect but for 6 sec , OR make it last longer ( 20 sec like all boost spell ). Because its totally useless in a BG when you have to wait 2 min for be imune to silence effect when you have a prot pally that spam you with scavenger shield PLUS hamemr of justice.

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100 Dwarf Paladin
Having 2 points in blessed life is worthless with the 8 second cooldown. I have one point. That is far more then enough, especially if you are getting focused in PVP
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86 Human Paladin
I don't think its unworkable, but 6 secs would be nice. Just put 1 point into Blessed life and get PoJ from the ret tree at 85.

I still have great survivability, I just have to pay attention to positioning now, which honestly, is probably how it should be. Being able to stand out in the open and just spam heals while 4 people beat on you is fun, but kinda stupid.
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85 Human Paladin
The moment I saw the nerf I thought to myself, "awesome, but 8-sec is probably too high." I haven't played Holy in 4.0 and I hear it is one of the better PvP healing specs at 85. I predict the right thing to do is make Blessed Life 6-sec and tone Holy down in other areas. For example, I have no idea why Holy has 40-sec cooldown Divine Protection. I know that will be overpowered with the glyph.

12/03/2010 8:39 PMPosted by Pastafarian
Having 2 points in blessed life is worthless with the 8 second cooldown. I have one point. That is far more then enough, especially if you are getting focused in PVP

Yea, wow, that's a stupid way for the talent to be designed. Even with a 6-sec cooldown it might be smarter to only put one point in it.
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